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Our Mission

BrainReference was founded in 2012, with a simple premise, to create a globally trusted, evidence-based source of comprehensive data resulting in a reference library of brain supplement reviews with the intent of educating consumers on the safest, most effective brain supplements for well-informed purchasing decisions.

Our goal is to remove the advertising hype, confusion, and ambiguity from the brain supplement industry. When researching brain supplements, there should be zero tolerance for misinformation. Whatever the supplement is, only one thing matters: the truth. You need to know: Does it work? What are the effects? To date, BrainReference has had over two million unique visitors to our website, because in the murky world of supplements, people know that we are a source that values the truth above all else.

The science behind brain supplementation is fast moving and ever evolving, but it all comes down to key ingredients that researchers have found to positively impact cognitive health. The problem is, manufacturers create so much hype around products and ingredients that it’s beyond confusing to know which product is best. Think about that, you are choosing to ingest something that is meant to play a role in brain function, and everywhere you look, you see conflicting information. It’s hard to know where to begin. We are here to simplify the process. There are six ingredient categories in brain supplementation. That’s it, six. In fact, we are the only resource that breaks products up by those six ingredients to simplify the madness for our readers.

Unsure where to start, which of the six categories you should be looking at? BrainReference has worked with our health experts to put together factual, clear, and concise training teleseminars for each category. In these six training teleseminars our medical experts break down the best uses, pros and cons, possible side effects, and the scientific studies that support (or refute) the claims that you often see made about products within each category. People pay hundreds of dollars for training teleseminars of this caliber. But BrainReference is here to break down the hype, disseminate facts, and educate consumers, so we bring you these exceptionally informative teleseminars at no charge.

Once you identify which ingredients may work best for you, we have a team of nutritionists and dieticians dedicated to your health and wellness, bringing you in depth reviews on brain supplements within each ingredient category. We feature over 3,000 thoroughly researched and expert analyzed product reviews, a more comprehensive list than you’ll find anywhere.

In addition to our extensive library of reviews, over the years we’ve built a community so you can harness the wisdom of other people’s experiences. Consumers have contributed thousands of their own reviews about how different supplements have worked for them. We’ve collected this data and their ratings and present them in an easy to understand manner, hoping this invaluable information will help in your decision-making process. We do moderate, and occasionally edit the comments we receive to remain compliant with regulators. Please see our Review Guidelines, which includes information about how we edit comments, for more information. It should be noted the content on our site is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Please see our Medical Disclaimer for more information.

Throughout the site, we clearly disclose the Amazon affiliate connection between BrainReference and many of the products we review. See our Advertising Disclosure page for more information.