Robert James Rivera

Health Writer

Robert James Rivera is a full-time health writer who specializes in health and nutrition. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, Robert knows where to find the resources needed to verify claims as well as determine whether a study’s interpretation is grossly exaggerated or if a “health guru” is overexaggerating claims. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Food Science and Technology and has served as a food scientist at multiple companies before becoming a full-time health writer. Robert’s skills and experience make him well-qualified to analyze supplements to determine which ones live up to their claims and which ones don’t.

Robert doesn’t just write about health – he practices what he preaches and does his best to apply the healthy principles in his writing to his lifestyle. Robert is dedicated to eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and supplementing with top-quality nutritional supplements. He enjoys studying new ways to “biohack” and improve health for both himself and his readers.

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