Justine Hays, MS, RD, CDN

Medical Expert Contributor

Justine Hays is a Registered Dietitian and freelance writer with a unique background in business, medical research, clinical, and community nutrition. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Marketing from Niagara University and a Master’s degree in Dietetics from D’Youville College.

Justine is dedicated to community health and nutrition education. As a SNAP-Ed Senior Nutrition Educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension, she oversees a team of three regional nutritionists in Niagara County and is directly involved in developing and delivering nutrition and wellness educational programs to SNAP eligible community members and worksites.

Her passion for writing, education, and communication also led her to start her own business called Justine Hays Nutrition Writing. Justine loves sharing science and research based nutrition knowledge and is dedicated to helping people see beyond nutrition myths and understand the facts about foods and healthy eating choices.

She writes monthly columns on food and nutrition for a local paper, blogs for a fitness company, articles for an online magazine, copy for telehealth and travel websites, and has been featured as a nutrition expert in national publications and local television. She also co-authored several research papers.

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When not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family and being outdoors. 

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