Emily Stuart

Emily Stuart, RD

Medical Expert Contributor

Emily is a Registered Dietitian based in Bristol, UK, where she is a dietician for Apetito, the UK’s leading food producer for the health & social care sector. 

Their focus is producing delicious, nutritious, and highly sustainable food that enables people to eat for health whatever their circumstances: at home, in the hospital or in care. This aligns perfectly with Emily’s passion for helping people make health-promoting changes to their lifestyles. She has a strong interest in public health nutrition, behavior change, and the holistic and whole diet approach to improving health.

Emily also has a strong working knowledge of clinical dietetics in the NHS, particularly in specialties such as critical care, acute stroke rehabilitation, weight management, cardiac care nutrition, and food service.

A graduate of London’s Metropolitan University where she received her BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Emily’s calling in life is to help people make the changes they need to gain optimal health.

When Emily is not working she enjoys creating recipes and cooking, she’s quite the chef, serving her latest takes on healthy dishes to friends and family. 

Emily is a member of The British Dietetic Association.

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