Alyssa Northrop, MPH, RD

Medical Expert Reviewer

Alyssa Northrop is a Registered Dietitian, nutrition and wellness writer, and nutrition consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has nearly 20 years of experience helping individuals feel their best through nutrition education, counseling, writing and research.  

After a lifetime of passion for food and wellness, Alyssa Northrop received her Masters of Public Health in Human Nutrition from the University of Michigan in 2008. Following completion of a dietetic internship through the University of Michigan Health System in 2009, Ms. Northrop became a Registered Dietitian and incorporated nutrition consulting into her practice at Kaizen Healing Arts Wellness Center. Ms. Northrop practices holistic nutrition with an emphasis on mindful eating. 

Additionally Alyssa is a nutrition adviser for local whole-foods businesses in the Minneapolis area, as well as an accomplished nutritional, writer having written or consulted for a variety of healthcare media outlets, blogs and magazines, including: 

Brain supplement articles reviewed by Alyssa for BrainReference include:

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  • Desoxyn (Methamphetamine Hydrochloride)