Callie Hoebel

Callie Hoebel, MA

Medical Expert Contributor

Callie Hoebel is a Research Associate at The Reilly Group, with a focus on Neuroscience. Callie is a graduate of San Diego State University, where she obtained a BA in Psychology and an MA in Neuropsychology.

Callie’s scientific research background and a decade of experience in neuroscience enable her to research complex areas for diverse audiences. 

She has co-authored a book, “Hippocampus” which has been published in the award-winning journal, JNeurosci, The Journal of Neuroscience, along with being named a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and winning the SDSU Student Research Symposium Provost’s Award.

Samples of Callie’s publications include:

When she is not researching or writing, Callie Hoebel is a gifted violinist playing for the San Francisco Festival Orchestra and Golden Gate Philharmonic.

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