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Lean Dreams Review – 8 Things You May Not Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Lean Dreams is a multivitamin supplement advertised to help athletes and those looking to lose weight to recover through quality sleep. The company manufacturing the product is ALR Industries, a U.S. company based in Gwinnett County, GA. They focus on products that aid in weight loss and muscle gain, meant to help athletes and body builders.

Lean Dreams contains a multivitamin formulation that is claimed not only to aid recovery through sleep, but also increase growth hormone levels during the night while also supporting fat-burning processes during sleep. The product contains several ingredients known for their sedative and sleep-inducing effects and it’s a known fact that human growth hormone secretion happens mostly during the night. If the body doesn’t get enough sleep, HGH is released in lower quantities and the body will store more fat in order to cope with the higher energy demand.

Lean Dreams is an averaged price supplement available as a standalone product or alongside three other supplements from the same manufacturer, a pack advertised to offer full support for those looking to burn fat and gain muscle mass. The product is recommended for use in individuals over the age of 21 with no health problems. It is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women and if on prescription medication as some of its ingredients may interact with prescribed treatment.


1) Quick Overview

Lean Dream is a multivitamin supplement designed to improve sleep and aid in weight loss. Its unique formulation contains several herbs, amino-acids and other substances known for their positive effects as sedatives. The product contains Melatonin, a hormone naturally found in the human body which is believed to have an important role in the circadian cycle. Some believe that by augmenting the melatonin concentration in the body will lead to improved sleep and may even fight insomnia. Although it is true it plays a role in regulating sleep patterns, melatonin is not a sleep initiator and will probably not increase the need for sleep. Also, melatonin could cause some side effects more or less severe and can also interact with some prescription medications like immunosuppressants, anticoagulants or diabetes medication.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Lean Dreams?

Lean Dreams contains the following ingredients: Oleamide, L-Tryptophan, Jujube Extract, Valerian Root Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract, Kavalactones, Piperine, Melatonin.

3) What Does Lean Dreams Do?

Lean Dream is a multivitamin supplement designed to improve sleep and aid in weight loss. The supplement contains a blend of amino-acids, herbs and other substances that the manufacturer claims will ensure a resting sleep and promote growth hormone secretion. It contains Oleamide, a substance that naturally occurs in all animals and induces sleep when the organism is sleep deprived. The mechanism of action is not yet fully understood but it is thought it may interact with some neurotransmitter systems.

Jujube extract is made from the jujube tree, indigenous to Asia, but widely cultivated throughout the world due to its sweet tasting fruits. Jujube extract has several potential benefits that include improving weight and muscular strength and fighting off fatigue. It was also found that Jujube extract may have sedative effects that may even lead to an elevated mood. Another key ingredient in the formulation is Valerian Root extract. This remedy is widely used either as a standalone sedative or in more complex formulations due to its remarkable Effectiveness. The herb is as effective as prescription medication in raising gamma amino butyric acid levels in the brain thus inducing drowsiness, although its effects are not as strong as in synthetic medication. It is not recommended to take valerian supplements if on benzodiazepine sedatives.

Lean dreams is offered in the form of tablets and should be take only as recommended: one or two tablets one hour before sleep. The product addresses individuals over 21 years of age, with no major health risks or on prescription medication. Use during pregnancy and nursing should be avoided.

Some testimonials are available on the manufacturer’s website, where users state that

  • I sleep like a baby every single night

  • This stuff really puts you to sleep


4) What Lean Dreams Does?

  • Good price
  • Contains effective natural ingredients


5) Precautions of Lean Dreams Use

  • Not regulated by the FDA
  • May present side effects
  • No evidence to sustain product claims
  • May present drug interactions


6) How Much Does Lean Dreams Cost?

Lean Dreams comes in the form of tablets. One bottle contains 60 capsules and should last 30 to 60 days, depending on the amount taken. The product has an average price and is available for purchase from several authorized distributors and resellers that may offer discounts, free trials or other benefit’s when purchasing the product. Lean Dreams is also included in the “Too Lean Stack”, a group of products that sells as a package and is intended to offer a complete solution for weight loss and muscle gain.

ALR Industries does not sell its products directly and currently offers no guarantees or has no money-back policies in case the costumer is unsatisfied.

Suggested Use

7) Suggested Use

Lean Dreams also includes L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that has recently been suggested as a treatment for various illnesses, including insomnia, improving athletic performance or anxiety. The amino acid is not synthesize by the human body, so it has to be acquired from food. It is then converted to 5-HTP (5-hyrdoxytryptophan), and then to serotonin, a neurotransmitter with complex functions. In the case of L-Tryptophan supplementation, users should be aware that it may present several serious health risks, so a healthy diet is always the better alternative.


8) Conclusion

Lean Dreams is a multivitamin dietary supplement claimed to improve sleep and aid recovery and growth hormone secretion. It is an averaged priced supplement, developed for athletes over the age of 21. The formula contains several well-known ingredients, some with well documented effects on sleep quality and improvement. The manufacturer however offers no real evidence to support the claims for this particular product, neither those regarding sleep improvement and even less those regarding improved GH secretion. Also, potential users should further research the product and its effects on health, as many of its ingredients may have potentially severe side effects or interactions with prescription medication.

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Lean Dreams gave me the deepest sleep I’ve ever had. I took melatonin for a while and i can’t say it actually helped. But this is great.

Lil Mack

Well, as far as the sleeping part goes, i’m sold. I don’t take it regularly, only when i know i have a big day ahead and i really need a good sleep.


Like most guys my size, I really did have a problem sleeping. And I mean DID. I tried Lean Dreams and after 2 pills and 30 miinutes i was crawling to bed. And the best part is waking up in the morning fresh and revived. I liked it and it certainly did the trick for me.