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Mind Boost Night Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Mind Boost Night boldly states that after taking it, you will sleep better while enhancing your memory and focus. That you will wake up with a healthier and more productive brain, ready to start your day.

It’s produced by Simple Smart Science (SSS), a company based out of Colorado. They present themselves as highly science-based and results-driven, promising to only use research that meets the highest of standards, such as a double-blind study. Doses are given at optimal levels based on proven clinical research. Simple Smart Science also claims to only use premium ingredients from trusted sources. They work with top rated manufacturers and use a third party facility to test products at each stage of development. SSS seems like a company who has an excellent reputation for good reasons.

SSS is also the company behind the “day version” of the supplement aptly called Mind Boost Day.


1) What is Mind Boost Night?

It doesn’t contain sedatives, muscle relaxants, or potentially dangerous ingredients. Mind Boost Night is an all-natural formula pared down to the very basics. You won’t find any junk as filler here. There’s folic acid and Simple Smart Science’s nighttime blend, which includes things like green tea extract and picamilon.

Nutrition Facts

2) Mind Boost Night Nutrition Facts

Mind Boost Night contains the following ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Picamilon, Olive Leaf Extract

3) Is Mind Boost Night Right for You?

Mind Boost doesn’t have many ingredients, which makes for an uncomplicated formula without any filler or artificial products. Capsules are vegetarian-safe and you’re meant to take one before sleeping. Each bottle has a full list of ingredients on the label.

While the Day version of Mind Boost aims at keeping your mind alert and running smoothly, Mind Boost Night will help calm your brain and support your natural sleep cycle. If you have trouble sleeping properly, or want something to take at night to improve your memory, this is a product that shows promise.

It includes ingredients like extracts from green tea and olive leaf.


4) Mind Boost Night Claims

  • Uncomplicated clinically-proven formula that lets you know exactly what you’re getting, and you only need to take one capsule before sleeping. It works well with Mind Boost Day and doesn’t contain anything that would interfere with your results. There aren’t even any known side effects for Mind Boost.
  • Improves memory and focus for when you’re awake. When you want to sleep, you’ll sleep well.
  • Simple Smart Science offers a 120-day money-back guarantee along with other things of interest.

5) Mind Boost Night Product Warnings

  • Slightly expensive considering how few ingredients are in the supplement. Results can take a while to show up, and when they do, they can be mild.

6) Mind Boost Night Price

This is a nootropic with a fairly average price, edging toward the higher end of the medium range. Simple Smart Science also has one of the best guarantees on the market. They start with a terrific 120-day money-back guarantee, and when you purchase through their website, they offer complimentary ID theft protection. They also mention price-matching, so if you can find Mind Boost cheaper elsewhere, SSS will refund you the difference. The company also bundles its versions of Mind Boost together. So if you want the complete experience, you can get a decent discount.


7) Mind Boost Night Serving Size

Picamilon is interesting because it’s a combination of niacin and GABA. It works like an amino acid to cross the blood-brain barrier and help deliver things straight to your brain. Some alarmists claim that the FDA has banned picamilon, and this is untrue. All the FDA did was say it doesn’t count as a dietary supplement by itself because of how it works. It’s regarded as safe and effective, and is used as a prescription medication in Russia.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Mind Boost Night works to relax you, improve focus, and help you get a better night’s sleep. It can also improve your memory retention rate, although some people report that it takes weeks for this product to be at its peak. This is definitely not a pill that gives instant results, but it does deliver as long as you keep up with taking it nightly.

Mind Boost Night appears to be a good supplement for beginner or intermediate users. If you’re an advanced user looking for something very strong to add to a nootropic stack, Mind Boost might not give you the strongest of results. You might also be interested in Mind Boost Day or Mind Boost Complete for the full experience.

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