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Nerves Formula Review – 4 Reasons Why

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Nerves Formula is promoted as a way to reduce high levels of anxiety and stress. According to the manufacturer, this product works by stimulating the nerves and assisting with the repair of various nerve tissue locations around the joints. Since it can promote relaxation, it is often marketed as a habit forming sleep aid, as well as a way to reduce stress levels and anxiety.
Nerves Formula is manufactured by Dherbs which is located in the United States. The company has been around for many years and offers a variety of supplemental products. They seem to have a good overall reputation. This product is promoted as a means of reducing joint pain that can limit mobility. It can be used by those that have various forms of arthritis including gout.
Among other things, it claims to be able to improve blood circulation. As a result, it may help reduce the pain that is associated with mild to moderate types of arthritis. For best results, it should be taken every day, even when a person is feeling better. It can take several weeks of use before any improvements are noted. There is a 30 days refund policy offered. To obtain the refund, the consumer must contact the company to get an RMA. This is valid for ten days, and then it will be void. It can take up to 21 days from when the product is received for the credit to be issued.

Nutrition Facts

1) Nerves Formula Nutrition Facts

Nerves Formula includes the following ingredients:
Valerian Root, Jatamanski, Kava Kava, Passion Flower, Blue Vervain, Black Cohosh, Wood Betony, California Poppy, Gotu Kola, Codonopsis, Scullcap, Lobelia, and Chamomile.

2) What Does Nerves Formula Do?

Nerves Formula is a combination of various herbs that the manufacturer believes can offer relief from various types of joint pain often associated with arthritis that is mild or moderate in severity. This product is also promoted by the manufacturer as a product that can help with reducing anxiety and with reducing stress. As a result, a person can be calm, and they can sleep better than before.

Some of the ingredients found in Nerves Formula that can help to promote better mobility include Gotu Kola and Black Cohosh. Other components identified in this formula that is believed to help reduce stress and help calm the body as well as the mind are Valerian Root and Chamomile. This close look at the items that Nerves Formula contains only gives us a broad perspective on how and why the manufacturer believes the product works, but it does not, in any way, reflect any truth to its claims.

Though much information is not provided, many consumers do try it because they can get a low-cost item that may work for them. They like the fact that there aren’t side effects associated with the ingredients in this supplement. They would prefer not to use a prescription medication with various side effects if they don’t have to.


3) Nerves Formula Cost

A bottle of Nerves Formula contains 100 capsules, which is the equivalent of a month’s worth. It is considered to be very inexpensive due to the high number of capsules a bottle contains.

Shipping costs depend on the location you are placing your order from, but won’t be very costly either way. For orders outside of the US, an extra fee is required.

Bottom Line

4) Our Bottom Line

While there is plenty of information offered on the website about Nerves Formula and the herbs it includes, there is no scientific data. No information indicates testing has been done on this particular product. Since this is an affordable product and one that isn’t habit forming, it can be a better alternative to over the counter products and prescription products. An individual may need to use this product daily for a month to see if they get any improvements in their mobility if they experience less stress and anxiety, and if they can sleep better.

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