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Nardil Review – 8 Reasons To Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Nardil is a drug that is meant to alleviate the symptoms of severe depression. This product is prescription only; this means you can only acquire it if you have consulted a medical professional beforehand.

Depression is a condition that is affecting an increasing number of adults and teenagers each year, and can severely affect the quality of one’s life. There are many forms of treatment for depression, some trying to cure it, other simply treating the symptoms.

Nardil is produced by Pfizer, one of the largest producers of medical products worldwide. They are known for their investments in research and development and have acquired a very good reputation, ranking in the top 10 of international suppliers of medical supplies.


1) Nardil at a Glance

The active ingredient in Nardil is Phenelzine Sulfate, a Monoamine Oxidase inhibitor. This substance prevents the breakdown of serotonin melatonin norepinephrine dopamine and epinephrine, all of which are neurotransmitters.

This product is normally prescribed for people that suffer from atypical forms of depression, Nardil being considered a third-line treatment for major depressive disorder, panic disorder, bipolar depression and bulimia.

Taking this product can lead to a large amount of possible side effects, including blurry vision, insomnia, changes in weight, diarrhea, and sexual dysfunction. It is also possible to experience liver failure, in cases in which there is already damage caused to the liver by a pre-existing condition.

It is recommended avoiding foods containing tyramine during treatment with Nardil, as it may contribute towards a hypertensive crisis. You should also avoid anesthetics during the treatment period.


2) What Are Nardil Ingredients?

Nardil contains: Phenelzine Sulfate.

3) Is Nardil Right for You?

Nardil is claimed to be a very effective type of medication that can reduce symptoms of depression even when other forms of medication and herbal supplements weren’t able to do so. It falls into the category of medications called MAOIs. It is stated to help reduce problems with depression by balancing the production of certain chemicals in the brain. This process can be very complex though as each person may have a different chemical makeup.

With the use of Nardil various over the counter, products need to be avoided. They include cold medications, nasal spray, weight loss goods and/or appetite suppressants, and energy pills or drinks. Anyone that is taking forms of prescription drugs needs to discuss the combination of them with this medicine. Also, there are some side effects associated with the use of this product.

Nardil depression treatment has to be very carefully monitored. There is the risk that a patient will have increased suicidal thoughts initially with the use of it. Being prepared for that and knowing the symptoms is crucial for the patient and their support system. The risk of thoughts of suicide with the use of this medication seems to be higher for those under 24 years of age and those over 65 years old.

Pros & Cons

4) Nardil: Pros and Cons

  • The product has been intensively researched
  • A free trial might be possible, depending on your doctor
  • Costs might be covered by your insurance
  • Contains no artificial stimulants or caffeine
  • Contains no added flavors or colors

5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Nardil

  • Large list of possible adverse effects
  • Dangerous interactions with other medications and foods that contain a large amount of tyramine
  • If not insured, this product can be very expensive
  • It is only recommended for treatment-resistant or atypical forms of depression

6) How Much Does Nardil Cost?

Nardil is the name brand of this anti-depressant medication; Phenelzine is the generic version of it. For anyone who is paying out of pocket, it may be helpful to ask the doctor for a prescription for the generic version.

Most insurance plans and prescription programs do cover the cost of this medication. There may exist co-pays or deductibles that apply and will have to be paid by the patient. Those amounts will vary depending on the specifics of the coverage offered. Shipping cost is not included for online orders.


7) Nardil Serving Size

It is up to the doctor that prescribed Nardil to decide what the optimal dose is for you. Always inform your doctor of any other medication you are taking, to avoid interactions between drugs.


8) Conclusion

Nardil is a very potent drug, which explains why it is only available through a prescription. In some cases, the dangers of taking some forms of medication might outweigh the benefits, which makes it imperative that you ask for as much information as possible before agreeing to a course of treatment.

Pfizer does its best to keep its customers happy, which it why it also offers different programs that might aid customers in covering the costs of their products. They also offer various forms of making contact with them, and claim that they are always happy to provide any information you need when deciding which medication is best for you.

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Ethan Anderson

Severe social anxiety and treatment-resistant depression had become constant companions in my life, overshadowing any sense of joy or fulfillment. Despite years of trying different medications and therapies, I felt like I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of despair. That was until I discovered Nardil. From the moment I started taking it, I noticed a significant shift in my social anxiety. The racing thoughts and paralyzing fear began to subside, allowing me to engage in social situations with greater confidence and ease. Nardil gave me the ability to navigate social interactions without the constant worry of being judged or rejected. In addition to its impact on social anxiety, Nardil also proved to be a game-changer in my battle against treatment-resistant depression. It lifted the heavy fog of sadness and despair, replacing it with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Nardil has truly been a lifeline for me, offering a path towards healing and a brighter future.

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Life Saver
Have you tried this product?

I have used Nardil for 34 years. It literally saved my life. I had debilitating anxiety issues and tried various drugs and therapies. Nothing worked until I was prescribed Nardil. Within three weeks, I was my usual independent, hardworking, energetic self. I consider it a miracle drug! I also gained about 40 lbs., but had lost 20 lbs. due to the anxiety. Within a couple of years, I was back to my normal weight. I strongly believe many people are suffering needlessly as physicians are hesitant to prescribe this medication due to the interactions with other drugs, foods, etc.

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A Miracle Drug
Have you tried this product?

I used NARDIL in my forties. I went back to college with frontal lobe damage and severe depression not to mention many phobias and debilitating anxiety. Nardil swung my brain into place. All phobias, anxiety, and depression took a major hike. But, I gained 50 lbs in 4 months. Because NARDIL was the “magic bullet” I stayed on it until I finished college. I continued it for 8 years. Eventually, I built up a tolerance and then the docs put me on Adderall. I greatly preferred the effects of NARDIL.

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Have you tried this product?

Probably the most efficacious antidepressant there is in the psychiatrists’ pharmacological arsenal. Nothing compares. I used SSRIs, SNRIs, TCAs, atypicals, etc. Nothing worked.
However, within 6 to 7 weeks of initiating Nardil treatment, I was astounded- Nardil completely abolished my depression, and almost all of my anxiety symptoms (panic disorder, generalized anxiety, etc). I have been on Nardil for 20 years, I have had no bad reactions, have had no “poop-out” (tachyphylaxis), and the initial side-effects, which were a little annoying at first, have all waned, so much so that they are almost non-existent now.