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Memory Essentials Review – 8 Facts You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Memory Essentials is advertised as a 10 nutrients combination formula designed to sharpen memory and to enhance overall mental performance, as well as to provide long-term brain functions support during the aging processes. The manufacturer of the formula is Whitaker Wellness Institute, a company founded by Dr. Julian Whitaker more than 30 years ago.

Dr. Whitaker is the author of 14 books on healthy life practices and specific health conditions and has founded the Whitaker Wellness Institute (an alternative medicine clinic) in 1979. The company also manufactures and markets a variety of vitamins and supplements under the “Dr. Whitaker” brand.

The formula is recommended for adults only. People taking Warfarin or other blood thinning medication, as well as pregnant and nursing women are advised to consult a health care professional before taking this product. Memory Essentials also contains soy and caffeine, so people with history of allergies or caffeine sensitivity should be cautious.


1) Memory Essentials Quick Facts

Memory Essentials is a blend of herbal ingredients, vitamins and other nutrients designed to provide healthy memory function support during aging processes, similar to what DSM BrainStrong Adult offers for memory decline.

Vinpocetine is a laboratory processed chemical resembling a substance found in the periwinkle plant Vinca minor. Research so far has revealed that Vinpocetine might improve blood flow to the brain therefore it is commonly used for enhancing memory and preventing cognitive performance decline such as Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions that harm learning, memory and information processing skills caused by age.

Phosphatidylserine has been shown by numerous human clinical studies to assist with symptoms of dementia and even to help reduce the risk of dementia and other cognitive dysfunction related conditions (Alzheimer’s). Phosphatidylserine works by enabling brain cells to metabolize glucose and has been related in one way or another to the synthesis of key neurotransmitters (acetylcholine and dopamine). Although generally safe, it can cause insomnia and stomach upset.


2) Memory Essentials Ingredients

Memory Essentials includes the following ingredients: Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin), Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate), Alpha- Glycerylphosphorylcholine (from soy), Phosphatidylserine Complex (from soy), Green Tea Extract (leaf), Blueberry Powder (fruit), DMAE (as bitartrate), Vinpocetine (from periwinkle), Microcrystalline cellulose, Gelatin, Silicon dioxide, and Magnesium stearate.

3) What Does Memory Essentials Do?

Representing a blend of vitamins, herbal extracts, and other nutrients, Memory Essentials has been created to provide memory function support throughout the aging processes. One of these ingredients is Vinpocetine. Evidence has shown that this component is a chemical processed in laboratories that resemble a substance usually found in the periwinkle herb Vinca minor.

Among its benefits, the most important are the fact that it improves blood flow to the brain, thus being commonly used as a memory enhancer. Also, it may help prevent memory decline, like Alzheimer’s, ADD, ADHD or learning decline caused by age. Although considered likely safe, Vinpocetine may cause some unwanted side-effects, such as nervousness, headaches, and dizziness.

On the other hand, Phosphatidylserine has been shown to assist with dementia symptoms and even reduce other dysfunction related symptoms. They work by enabling brain cells to metabolize glucose properly and have been related to synthesis of essential neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine. Some clinical studies and trials attest the above-mentioned benefits. Even though regarded as generally safe, this ingredient may lead to stomach upset and insomnia.

Unfortunately, there are no online client testimonials for people to base their order on an opinion of an individual who has already tried this treatment. Suggested daily dosage is two capsules, two times per day, with water after eating a meal. No side-effects are associated with this particular combination of ingredients.

Health Benefits

4) Memory Essentials Health Benefits

  • Balanced content of vitamins, anti-oxidants and herbal ingredients which promote optimum memory health
  • The formula is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Produced under Standard operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Processes regulations

5) Memory Essentials Warnings and Precautions

  • Contains caffeine and soy
  • Pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to use the formula
  • Potential interaction with blood thinning medication
  • Lack of consumer reviews

6) Memory Essentials Price

People may purchase this remedy by bottles that have 60 capsules, either from manufacturer website or another online retailer. The product’s price is affordable, especially compared with similar supplements. However, due to the lack of client testimonials, we cannot state that it may be a better option. When purchased in larger quantities, retailers offer discounts and promotions.


7) Memory Essentials Directions

Consumer reviews are not available online. The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules twice daily with a meal. No side effects are associated to the formula.

Final Thoughts

8) Final Thoughts on Memory Essentials

Memory Essentials is marketed as mental performance enhancer and as a support for healthy brain function during aging processes. The formula contains a balanced blend of popular ingredients commonly associated to promoting memory and mental function health such as Vinpocetine, DMAE, Phosphatidylserine or Vitamin B6 and B 12. The formula is therefore probably going to produce some effects in the benefit areas described by the manufacturer. However, to what extent the product will accomplish its purpose cannot be established, particularly since there are no consumer reviews to validate its effectiveness.

Given that the product contains soy and caffeine and that it may interact with certain types of medication, we recommend caution.

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Samantha F. Tibbetts

This was my parents gift for when I left home, I am very grateful for this, my memory was never better than now.


After a month of use, I feel some improvements in my focus, but I’m still waiting for the memory boost.