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PS IQ Memory Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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PS-IQ Memory is advertised as a solution to declining mental health and memory. By combining essential fatty acids with strong amino acids, these oral pills aim to optimize brain function naturally and safely. The pesticide- and solvent-free supplement has been making rounds on the internet, especially among the older communities struggling with memory retention. But does it really deliver what it claims?

Keep reading this PS-IQ Memory review to find out more about this supplement, its benefits, how it works, its ingredients, and pricing details.


1) What is PS IQ Memory?

The Brain is the most important part of your body as it plays a direct role in regulating all activities happening inside. Although this vital organ is somewhat protected from factors that invade its delicate tissue and cells, it still remains vulnerable to the build-up of heavy metals, toxins, and other harmful agents that we ingest every day from the surrounding environment. These build-ups can easily mess with brain power, leading to declining memory and overall cognition. PS-IQ Memory by Natural Factors has been designed to help all people fighting these issues on a daily basis and support their brain function naturally and safely.

According to the manufacturing company, PS-IQ Memory has a unique formulation, including some very important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids work with phosphatidylserine, another key ingredient, to regulate and optimize brain function. This product’s combination of DHA, EPA, phosphatidylserine, GLA, and PS can strongly support memory, improve concentration and vocabulary, and even prevent age-related brain decline. Each of these ingredients has been extensively tested for pesticides, peroxide, and heavy metals to provide safe results.

2) The Company Behind PS IQ Memory

The company manufacturing PS-IQ Memory is Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd. Currently located in Canada, the company offers a wide variety of natural remedies, multivitamin approaches, and amino acid supplementation to its customers. It uses potent analytical methods and tools along with the latest digital technologies to ensure that their quality assurance and control programs are always up to date. Natural Factors has also mentioned how they carefully source their ingredients from their own certified organic farms in British Columbia to further enhance the quality and efficacy.

All products created under the label of Natural Factors are tested by a third party called ISURA for 800 different contaminants, such as solvents, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and more. With the ISURA seal of approval, the company guarantees that its products, including PS-IQ Memory, are safe, potent, pure, and free from GMOs. Special attention is paid to the manufacturing units, and the onsite teams ensure that all processes take place in a safe environment with a clean water supply, innovative air filtration, and other processes to avoid cross-contamination.


3) Details on PS IQ Memory Ingredients and Uses

PS-IQ Memory contains the following ingredients as mentioned on its label:

  • Phosphatidylserine: This ingredient serves as the building block for the cell membranes lining the nerves and is responsible for revitalizing their cellular functions. Phosphatidylserine is highly concentrated in the brain cells; hence, supplementing it is likely to improve cognitive functions.
  • Phosphatidylcholine: Phosphatidylcholine acts as a nutrient precursor to an important brain chemical known as acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that directly regulates thinking and memory. Hence, supplementation with phosphatidylcholine can indirectly enhance mental function, improve nerve cell efficiency, build healthy cell membranes, and repair neurons.
  • DHA: DHA is a type of omega-3 long-chain fatty acid and is among one the most crucial building blocks of the brain tissue. Moreover, it is also found in the gray matter of the brain and helps with cognitive health regulation.
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid: Also known as EPA, eicosapentaenoic acid is another type of fatty acid that forms a significant part of the brain. Together with DHA, it optimizes communication between the brain cells, minimizes brain inflammation, and ensures adequate blood flow to neural tissues. All these effects, when combined, lead to a healthier brain.

4) Does PS IQ Memory Work?

PS-IQ Memory is a combination of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins, all of which claim to work as effective cognitive enhancers. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is one of the essential ingredients in this formulation. It is the building block for nerve cell membranes, and through that, it revitalizes all nerve cell functions. Though all body cells naturally contain PS, its highest concentration can be found in the brain.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC), another key ingredient, was added to PS-IQ Memory pills due to its properties in improving both memory and thinking. It is believed that in healthy people, this amino acid can enhance mental function and is needed to build cell membranes, repair neurons, and improve nerve cell efficiency.
In addition to the scientific evidence proving the ingredient efficacy in PS-IQ Memory, the product has received many positive testimonials online. Most users who have tried it consider it worth the price and have been generally satisfied with the results.

Health Benefits

5) PS IQ Memory Health Benefits

As claimed by the manufacturing company, using PS-IQ Memory can provide the following benefits to the users:

  • Decreased age-related memory loss
  • Enhanced concentration and learning
  • An increased ability to learn, think, and remember
  • Quicker results due to the presence of a highly absorbable form of phosphatidylserine

Note that the exact benefits of PS-IQ Memory may vary from one user to another depending on their current brain health, age, sex, and other personal factors.


6) PS IQ Memory Warnings and Precautions

As per Natural Sources, PS-IQ Memory does not have any known contraindications so far. The product has also been deemed safe for children who are old enough to swallow capsules. Most of its ingredients, such as phosphatidylserine, are naturally found in the human body; hence, they are presumed safe for long-term use. However, because their use in lactation and pregnancy has not been adequately evaluated, it is important to seek medical advice before using PS-IQ Memory during these periods.

Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy PS IQ Memory

The best platform to purchase PS-IQ Memory is naturalfactors.com. This is the manufacturing company’s official website, and ordering from it will guarantee the best prices and authentic products. Alternatively, you may find it on Amazon and Walmart.


8) How Much Does PS IQ Memory Cost?

Each bottle of PS-IQ Memory contains 60 soft gels and is priced at $17.95. As the recommended daily dosage may vary up to 6 soft gels per taking twice daily, one bottle may not be sufficient for a whole month. However, because of the low price, it is possible for most people to afford it from month to month on a long-term basis.


9) Conclusion

PS-IQ Memory appears to be a potent brain enhancer that primarily relies on a mixture of natural amino acids and fatty acids to improve cognitive health. It is relatively inexpensive and affordable for long-term use. The product has also received some positive reviews and testimonials, and its manufacturer provides a good amount of information regarding the overall formula.

Overall, PS-IQ Memory seems like a good product to try for brain health.

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Irene Bradley

This product is really great. I didn’t realize it until I stopped using it. I was only taking one to two a day for a bout two weeks. Then it was time for mother nature to appear that month. I tell you for the first time ever in my life I did not have to take advil for my cramps. I get them so bad that if I don’t take advil in time my symptoms from PMS get violent. I took one of these in the morning and two in the afternoon and I tell you I had NO Cramps. I was able to enjoy life outside that day.It was really amazing