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Procera AVH Review – 11 Things You Need to Know

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Procera AVH has been one of the most popular natural memory-boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs in 2005, the formula was promoted as an effective way to deal with the brain fog that keeps you from concentrating on everyday tasks. The product has been rebranded and released with new packaging; however, the core formula remains the same. With three natural ingredients with science-backed cognitive properties, it can improve memory, focus, mental alertness, and overall focus, ultimately leading to a more productive, creative, and better life.

Can Procera AVH really deliver what it promises? Does it really support your brain health the way it claims? This review will talk about this product in detail, focusing on its ingredients, benefits, rebranding, and pricing.


1) What is Procera AVH?

The ability to process, store and recall information is directly affected as you age. This can directly impact your day-to-day life, interfering with your activities and making them a lot more difficult than they are. To minimize these effects and support a healthy and well-functioning brain, using a nootropic supplement is highly recommended.

Procera AVH is a natural nootropic formula with three top brain performance enhancers to support your nervous system. These naturally-extracted ingredients have been combined into a patented formula that offers synergistic benefits for cognition and brain health. The claims of this product are supported by a research study conducted by Swinburne Institute, the results of which are accessible through the product’s official website (procerahealth.com).

Procera AVH has been in the market since 2005 and has been touted as a natural and side-effect-free formula for a healthier, sharper, and well-focused brain. It is; however, important to note that the product has been rebranded after a lawsuit was filed against false claims.

2) The Company Behind Procera AVH

Procera AVH was previously owned by Brain Research Labs and was recently rebranded and launched under the company, Procera Health. Operating from St. Tampa, Florida, the company claims to have multiple doctors and science partners who use their extensive knowledge and research experience in medicine to formulate effective products. Procera Health also denies compromising on the quality and chooses premium products to create highly effective formulas, even if it costs more.

Procera Health has several products on the market at the moment, related to memory and focus, immune health, mood and sleep, and general health.


3) Details on Procera AVH Ingredients and Uses

Procera AVH includes 1515mg of a patented formula which includes the following three ingredients:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This amino acid acts as a neurotransmitter to improve the neural connections in the brain. It also possesses antioxidant properties that protect the brain from age-related cognitive decline. It also increases the blood flow in the neural tissue, improves memory, and enhances physical and mental energy
  • Huperzine A: Derived from Huperzia serrata, this ingredient is a natural cognitive enhancer that stops the breakdown of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter found in the brain. This neurotransmitter has been associated with better learning and brainpower. Some studies also link its use with betterment in the symptoms of dementia
  • Vinpocetine: By opening up the blood vessels going to the brain, vinpocetine helps improve memory. It also supports good neural tissue health and functionality. Research suggests its role in improving various aspects of cognition while slowing down cognitive impairment in older individuals.

4) Procera AVH Claims

With the regular use of Procera AVH, customers can experience the following benefits:

  • A sharper mind with higher mental performance thanks to Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Huperzine A
  • Better working memory due to Vinpocetine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Protection of the brain from age-related cognitive decline due to Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Vinpocetine

Note that individual benefits may vary from one user to another.

Is it Safe?

5) Procera AVH – Is it Safe?

According to Procera Health, the purity of their products and the integrity of labels are the two most important factors for the company. Therefore, each supplement produced under its banner is tested for impurities and cross-checked with the ingredients label, both before and after manufacturing. What this implies is that the ingredients in their supplements, including Procera AVH, are free from any dangerous contaminants and exactly match their label ingredients claim.

Furthermore, all Procera Health products are manufactured using high-quality plant-based ingredients only. The manufacturing takes place in facilities certified by the NSF and USDA and audited by the FDA. Hence, the likelihood of acquiring side effects with the use of Procera AVH is very low.


6) Precautions of Procera AVH Use

  • Do not use Procera AVH if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 18 years
  • Seek medical advice before using this supplement if you suffer from a medical condition or are under medical supervision due to an active health issue
  • Consult with a doctor before incorporating this supplement into your routine if you take any medication, especially blood thinners and anti-hypertensive medication
  • Stop using the product immediately if you develop any side effects

7) Any Procera AVH Lawsuits?

Procera AVH has been subjected to a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission on the account of deceiving the customers with false claims. As a part of this lawsuit in 2015, the company manufacturing this product had been marketing it as a solution to cognitive decline and memory loss. It was also charged with playing on the fears of older customers, forcing them to imagine lives with a terrible state of brain function and other similar scenarios followed by suggesting Procera AVH as a product to use to prevent it.

The claims made in the name of Procera AVH were deemed unsubstantiated, false, and misleading. Furthermore, the company was also called out for false claims of conducting a study that backs their claims. As a settlement for the lawsuit, the defendants were instructed to pay $1.4 million.

The lawsuit is potentially the reason that led to a complete rebranding of the company and the product.

Where to Buy?

8) Where to Buy Procera AVH?

For now, Procera AVH can only be purchased through its official website (procerahealth.com).


9) Procera AVH Price

One bottle of Procera AVH with 90 capsules (one-month supply) is available for $64.95. Subscribing to the company’s auto-shipping program can help you save 15% on your product, lowering the per bottle price to $55.21.

Suggested Use

10) Suggested Use

As per the official guidelines, the daily dose for Procera AVH is 3 capsules. Take these pills every morning with a glass of water, preferably with meals to avoid any gastrointestinal upset.

Benefits are likely to show up with consistent use of Procera AVH for at least 4 weeks.


11) Conclusion

Procera AVH is a rebranded product that claims to improve cognition, enhance mental performance and focus, and strengthen working memory. With a trio of natural, science-backed ingredients, it is meant for people who wish to keep a healthy, optimally-functioning brain as they age. However, due to a troubled history and mixed reviews from customers, along with a lawsuit on false claims and benefits, the product might not be the best option to use for good neural health.

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Procera AVH worked for me in small ways that I noticed. I could tell the difference after using it for a few months, but it didn’t seem like it made enough difference for me to justify the ridiculous price tag.


This product is so good! I can tell a major difference if I don’t take it for a few days. I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive. $55 + shipping for a month is about the average for Procera and thats quite expensive. It’s definitely worth the money, I just wish they had better discounts other than buy 6 bottles at a time type deals.


This product works for me. In about 9 days i saw i was able to read much more. the mental concentration , focus returned giving me confidence. I am not a smoker, non-drug user, overall healthy, not over weight, not taking any prescription.. and 45 yrs old female. I took only 1 tablet per day not 3..just to see. I will monitor and keep you informed. So far no side effects, am able to sleep as usual, no head aches, nothing


There seems to be more negatives than positives with concerns of affectiveness, delivery of product and pricing/refunding. I have family members that suffer from Biopolar disoder something like this type of product would be better because of the natural ingredients. Unfortunately supplements like this will not be approve by the FDA because of politics between the Government and Pharmaceutical corporations.

Karl O.

I decided to try Procera AVH because of its incredible TV publicity and countless websites that claimed such great things about it, so I suppose it was skepticism more than anything else. I don’t know if my memory is better, but my wife is adamant about the overall mood improvement since I’ve started taking them.

Marsha Benitez

I really like this product. It did take about 2 weeks before I started to really notice any changes but when I did it was great… I’m less forgetful and I’m able to get things done without losing focus or becoming stressed-out.

Mary Hawkins

This is a really good product. I was forgetting things all the time and I was in a very bad mood. Since I started taking this product, I feel more motivated and relaxed and my memory has improved visibly.


I have used Procera for a couple years but one tablet a day. Definitely positive memory enhancement results if not just plain amazing. A few years ago I was scared as all get-out I was getting Alzheimer’s. The change is jaw dropping. My work life is 100% better. I can go to meetings now and remember sophisticated details where before, well it was not pretty.