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Lobelia inflata Review – 7 Things You Didn’t Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Lobelia inflata is an oral supplement which has the capability to eliminate symptoms which are related to stress like impatience, nervousness, fear, restlessness, mood swings, irritability and minor anxiety. It is in a position to deliver results to adults and children 2 years of age and older. Lobelia inflata is manufactured by Boiron which is a vast manufacturer of homeopathic medicine in the pasta and is well known by the medical community. The supplements are made using natural ingredients and therefore there is no worry for the people when consuming this medicine. As a result, the medicine made from this American company is safe to use for all adults and children.


1) What is Lobelia inflata?

Lobelia inflata is an effective method designed to mitigate the problems that occur due to stress and anxiety. The problems related to stress and anxiety are minor mood swings, overwork, irritability, excitement, confusion, restlessness and fear. Even though the supplements results are temporary stress and anxiety are eliminated instantly. Since the supplement is made of natural ingredients there is no issue of it having an effect on the human processors. The active ingredient in lobelia inflata is lobelia inflata 3X to 30X – 3C to 30C HPUS which indicates that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacoplia of the United States. In addition to the active ingredients the inactive ingredients in this supplement are lactose and sucrose. Lobelia inflata has dilutions mainly 6c and 30c.


2) Details on Lobelia inflata Ingredients and Uses

Lobelia inflata contains the following ingredients: Lobelia inflata (30C).Inactive ingredients: Lactose, sucrose.


3) Lobelia inflata Benefits & Results

  • Lobelia inflata helps a person eliminated the stress, anxiety and nausea which occurs with tobacco withdrawal.
  • Since this is a natural process that include the use of homeopathy it is safe to use.
  • Adults and children 2 years and older can use this if they are feeling nausea from tobacco withdrawal.


4) Precautions of Lobelia inflata Use

  • Cannot be consumed by lactose intolerant consumers since lactose is present as an inactive ingredient.
  • The indications have not been reviewed by the FDA.
  • Although it is a homeopathic remedy there are a few side effects.
  • Must consult a health professional if the consumer is pregnant or breast feeding.


5) Lobelia inflata Price

A bottle of Lobelia inflata y can be purchased for just $8.99. The supplement is contained in a multi-dose tube which has approximately 80 pellets. As a result, it can be used for approximately 5 or 6 days. There are 2 types of dilutions available for the consumer to choose from. They are 6c and 30c. This says that your stress levels can be controlled effectively.


6) Lobelia inflata Directions

The supplement gives stress relief through a natural process. This process is called a vasomotor stimulation process. This process increases the activity of all vegetative processes and spends its force mainly upon the pneumogastric nerve which produces a depressed relaxed condition with oppression of the chest and epigastrium. The drug also helps in the impended respiration, nausea and vomiting which occurs from tobacco withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

7) Final Thoughts on Lobelia inflata

As you can see, this homeopathic remedy to overcome smoking will be an effective supplement. It controls the stress and nausea feeling that occurs due to tobacco withdrawal. By the use of this supplement the consumer is able to mitigate the stress induced symptoms of irritability, fear, mood swings, restlessness, impatience, nervousness and minor anxiety. Due to the cheap price compared to other supplements in the market it will prove the better option in order to help quit smoking. And the ability of the supplement to give quick results is very impressive.

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