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Source Of Life Liquid Red Review – 11 Things To Look For

By Robert Rivera

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Source of Life Liquid RED is advertised as a potent liquid anti-aging formulation based on the powerful effects of several exotic red super-fruits, including Noni, Acai berries, and pomegranate among others.

Source of Life Liquid RED positions itself as a multivitamin and minerals supplement powered by a wide variety of whole food sources of phytonutrients with the intent of being an all-around food supplement.

But, is Source of Life Liquid RED worth buying? Read our Source of Life Liquid RED review to find out.


1) Source Of Life Liquid Red at a Glance

  • Contains plenty of phytonutrient sources
  • Liquid medium unlike most that come in capsules or tablets
  • Quality sources of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains pro-digestion and gut health ingredients

2) Who Makes Source Of Life Liquid Red

Nature’s Plus is a company with a market experience of more than 40 years.

Source of Life is the company’s premium natural vitamins and supplements brand under which a large number of mega-potency whole food-based multivitamins are being distributed internationally.

More than 100 such proprietary blends of natural vitamins, protein shakes, dietary supplements, and energy drinks for men and women are currently being sold under the Source of Life brand.

Contact Information:

  • Contact Form: https://naturesplus.com/pages/contact-us

3) Source Of Life Liquid Red Ingredients

Source Of Life Liquid Red positions itself as an all-around food supplement, and it’s clearly displayed by its all, but the kitchen sink approach to its formula.

The formula contains high quality sources of vitamins and minerals such as vegan cholecalciferol (D3), methycobalamin (B12), Zinc gluconate, and Magnesium citrate.

As for the phytonutrients, the Red Whole Food Blend is definitely the main carry of the supplement, with 2500 mg divided across multiple herbs and extracts.

The blend also contains digestive enzymes, which can help with proper nutrient absorption.

The other ingredients serve to accentuate the main blend with various health-food sources such as inositol, lycopene, bioflavonoids, and even spirulina.

4) Does Source Of Life Liquid Red Work and it is Safe?

If we’re to describe exactly what Source of Life Liquid RED is all about, it would be as an all-around multi-nutrient antioxidant powerhouse.

The ingredient sources are mostly high quality, the doses are decent for the most part, and there is clear synergy between blends, despite the total number of ingredients.

With that said, we definitely think the formula could cut some of the fat out and just focus the rest of the dose on ingredients with plenty of research behind them.

As it is, there’s just too many going on all at once, and we think only half of the phytonutrients and other extracts will actually survive our stomach acids, rendering 50% of the formula as mostly dead weight.

5) Source Of Life Liquid Red Benefits & Results

  • Source of Life is a very popular brand of multi-vitamins and whole foods, with products generally appreciated by the public
  • The formula comes in liquid form, which makes it very easy to use
  • The formula features a large number of essential vitamins and minerals, many of which can help the day-to-day optimal functioning of the body
Side Effects

6) Source Of Life Liquid Red Side Effects

The label states its free from artificial colors, free from all of the major allergens identifieds in the US Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act.

That said, there are just too many ingredients in the formula. If you experience something negative and you think the product is what causes it, cease intake and seek professional help.


7) Precautions of Source Of Life Liquid Red Use

  • This is a rather expensive supplement, at roughly $46.90 per month
  • Too many ingredients in one formula might cause unexpected side effects
Where to Buy?

8) Where to Buy Source Of Life Liquid Red?

You can buy Source of Life Liquid RED from their website or from various online supplement stores.


9) Source Of Life Liquid Red Price

One bottle (30 servings) costs $46.90.


10) Directions For Taking Source Of Life Liquid Red

As a dietary supplement, two tablespoons or one capful (29.57 ml) once daily.

Final Thoughts

11) Final Thoughts on Source Of Life Liquid Red

Source of Life Liquid RED is a premium food supplement that justifies its price with high quality ingredients.

It contains high quality sources of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzyymes, and a wide variety of herbs and extracts that may supply critical antioxidants and other compounds necessary for optimal health.

It comes in a rare liquid form, making it a bit unique compared to its capsules and tablets contemporaries.

Even though the product is definitely premium from the inside and out, we think it contains too many ingredients for its own good, some of which may be unnecessarily bumping up the price.

It’s a great product, but if your budget is on the tighter end, there are many options available at a lower price range.

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