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Elite Omega-3 Gems Review – 8 Reasons Why

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Elite Omega-3 Gems is a premium fish oil product with vitamin E, promising to help promote health in your heart, brain, and more. It’s devised by Carlson Labs, a company founded more than fifty years ago in 1960s Chicago. Their slogan is “Choose quality. Choose Carlson.” Carlson Labs offers well over 250 products, including fish oils and various other supplements for anyone’s nutritional needs.

The company has 50-200 employees and is active on social media, so it’s easy to get in touch with someone with questions or comments. Carlson says they are very quality-centric, using only the freshest and purest of award-winning ingredients, and it’s hard to argue with that. Since they use a third-party verification method to ensure quality, it looks like Carlson Labs does exactly what they mean to: deliver results.


1) Elite Omega-3 Gems at a Glance

Fish oil has always been of great benefit to your cardiovascular health, as it helps to fight off heart disease and high triglyceride levels. The benefits rarely stop there. Fish oil can be taken to improve general mental function and behavior, reduce side effects from prescription medicine, reducing risk of heart failure, and more. It has the potential to even assist with depression. Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and cognitive function is always made easier when you’re taking fish oil supplements or eating fish occasionally. Fish is, after all, commonly referred to as a brain food.


2) Elite Omega-3 Gems Ingredients

Elite Omega-3 Gems contains the following ingredients: Vitamin E, Norwegian Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), Natural tocopherols, natural lemon flavor, Soft Gel Shell: Beef gelatin, glycerin, water, Contains fish (anchovy, sardine, mackerel).

3) Does Elite Omega-3 Gems Work and it is Safe?

Carlson Labs notes that this is a professional strength fish oil concentrate. It contains 1250 mg of fish oil, the majority of which is Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. The fish oil comes from anchovies, sardines, and mackerel. Each capsule is made from beef gelatin and lemon-flavored to provide a great not-fishy taste.

Fish oil is one of the undisputed kings of cardiovascular health, as it fights off heart disease and high triglyceride levels. It comes with a host of other possible benefits which appear in some people but not others. Each body is different so it’s common to see different results in certain cases. Fish oil can be taken to help with general mental function and behavior, warding off side effects from prescription medicines, reducing risk of heart failure, and more. Some people report that it helps with symptoms of depression. No matter who you are, fish oil can help to increase cognition and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.


4) Elite Omega-3 Gems Benefits & Results

  • Lemon flavored for a superior award-winning taste. The soft gel capsules are gelatin-based but small and easy-to-swallow.
  • High amount of Omega-3 fatty acids compared to other products.
  • Inexpensive, and easy to acquire, since bottles can be found online and in local stores.


5) Precautions of Elite Omega-3 Gems Use

  • Potential side effects like bad breath or nausea, although this is true of almost all fish oil-based products.


6) How Much Does Elite Omega-3 Gems Cost?

Each bottle lasts two months or more, depending on which size you pick up, making this rather inexpensive. It’s a good amount, and for a high quality product like this, people would definitely be willing to pay more. You take one capsule a day, with food if you want, and that’s it, so it’s a simple process as well. You don’t need to juggle multiple doses a day.

Elite Omega-3 Gems can be found in local stores, through Carlson Labs, and through Amazon.

How To Use

7) How to Use Elite Omega-3 Gems

As is common with fish oil, there’s a chance of side effects. If they appear at all, they tend to mild. And you can improve your chances of avoiding them, by taking fish oil with food or freezing capsules before consumption. Fish oil isn’t considered bad for you unless you’re taking more than 3000 mg a day, and Elite Omega-3 Gems has about a third of that amount. It also contains a third of your daily value for Vitamin E.


8) Our Final Take On Elite Omega-3 Gems

Elite Omega-3 Gems is one of Carlson Laboratories’ top products, even standing apart from many of their other fish oils. It’s a professional-grade product for people who want extra Omega-3s, perhaps for those who don’t tend to eat fish. In the long run, fish oil supplements can deliver better results than eating fish, sometimes for a lower price and lessened chance of side effects. Supplements also don’t have any traces of mercury, which can be a concern when eating fish on a regular basis.

Our conclusion for Elite Omega-3 Gems is that it’s a true premium product with powerful results. It’s a long-term solution for maintaining cardiovascular health and boosting brain power.

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