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Amoryn Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Due to the fast-paced lifestyles of today, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for natural supplements to boost mood and cognition. Amoryn is a similar product introduced into the market by BioNeurix that claims to keep a person confident, calm, and happy.

The supplement includes highly concentrated forms of some of the most potent nootropic ingredients like Rhodiola, 5-HTP, and Hyperforin that balance the neurotransmitters and balance the emotional and brain health. It is widely available on different online platforms at competitive prices, but is it something you should consider adding to your routine?

Read this Amoryn review below to understand more about how this product works and if it is worth giving a try.


1) Amoryn Quick Facts

Amoryn is a natural nootropic formula with a decade-long history of serving its pool of customers with its wide range of claimed benefits. The supplement combines the power of science with the wisdom of nature to chase your blues away while improving the brain’s natural capacity for happiness. With ingredients like Hyperforin, B vitamins, and Rhodiola, the product fights the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Manufactured by BioNeurix, it claims to be different and more effective than its competitors as it addresses the root causes to restore emotional vitality and encourage a positive outlook. The supplement is supported by an official survey conducted by the manufacturing company to track its benefits among the customers. The results published for it were impressive, with up to 80% of customers claiming to experience significant improvement in their mood and brain functioning within six weeks of use.

What’s more, the composition of this supplement is entirely natural and based on natural extracts to minimize the risk of side effects. This makes Amoryn not only an effective but a potentially safe supplement as well.

2) How Did Bioneurix Corporation Start?

Amoryn is manufactured by BioNeurix, a company founded in 2002 and operating from San Clemente, California that deals with the making of evidence-based Precision Nutraceuticals.

It released Amoryn as its first product in 2003 and has been formulating similar supplements ever since. According to the official website, BioNeurix produces supplements by using credible clinical research and quality-control manufacturing processes. It takes extra care to ensure that the therapeutic potential of its natural ingredients can be fully harnessed.

BioNeurix aims to enhance the emotional and physical well-being of its clients with the help of its superior-quality natural supplements. It has also committed itself to manufacturing and promoting highly effective and safe products in an honest and accurate manner.

They’re also the same company behind BioNeurix Seredyn.

What’s Inside?

3) What’s Inside Amoryn?

The list of primary active ingredients added to Amoryn includes the following:

  • Hyperforin: Extracted from St. John’s Wort, this ingredient boosts the levels of “feel good” neurotransmitters in the brain, which include serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and norepinephrine
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan: This ingredient is required by the body to manufacture serotonin. Serotonin, in turn, promotes a positive and happy mood while reducing the feelings of sadness and worry
  • Rhodiola: It is an adaptogen that enhances the activity and efficacy of serotonin in the brain. Using it daily can improve motivation, boost confidence, and manage anxiety levels
  • B Vitamins: These vitamins are extremely important to maintain nutritional support for pathways that regulate mood
  • Selenium: Selenium deficiency is closely connected to increased feelings of sadness, guilt, and a lack of energy
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D has been associated with improvement in mood in addition to fighting winter blues
  • Zinc: This nutrient is extremely important for emotional well-being
  • Vitamin C: It acts as an antioxidant to protect the nerve cells. It also acts as an important regulator of several metabolic processes that control mood.
Health Benefits

4) Amoryn Health Benefits

Adding Amoryn to the daily life can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved mood regulation due to Hyperforin and vitamin D3
  • A positive outlook on life and reduction in feelings of sadness and worry due to 5-HTP
  • Increased energy, confidence, and motivation due to Rhodiola
  • Better neural support due to B vitamins and selenium

The benefits are subject to variation.

Adverse Effects

5) Potential Amoryn Effects

Amoryn has been deemed safe by the manufacturing company, primarily because of its natural composition. It is also free from any habit-forming ingredient and is generally safe for the liver as well as other body organs.

The product may trigger mild side effects, like gastrointestinal upset and nausea, in some users. However, these adverse effects are likely to be temporary and will go away on their own.


6) Amoryn Warnings and Precautions

The following people must refrain from using Amoryn until a doctor recommends otherwise:

  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • Children under 12 years
  • Individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disease, epilepsy, or other life-threatening or dangerous medical condition
  • People taking any other medication, especially oral contraceptives, antihypertensives, blood thinners, and antidepressants
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Amoryn

Amoryn is available for purchase on its official website (bioneurix.com). Apart from the official platform, it is only available on Amazon at the moment.


8) How Much Does Amoryn Cost?

Amoryn pills are available in plastic bottles, each containing 60 capsules (2-month supply). The price for each bottle is $39.95; however, a 25% discount is available if you subscribe to the auto-shipping service.

Additional discounts are available if you purchase Amoryn in bulk.

Suggested Use

9) Suggested Use

According to the official website, the daily dose of Amoryn varies from one to four capsules, depending on the user.

  • One capsule: Primarily for people under 18 years
  • Two capsules: Standard dose for healthy adults
  • Three capsules: For people not responding to lower doses
  • Four capsules: The maximum dose for people not responding to any of the lower doses

Amoryn can be taken at any time of the day, with or without meals. Consistent use for 6-8 weeks is recommended to observe noticeable benefits.


10) Our Final Take On Amoryn

Amoryn is a mood-enhancing formula designed to help people fight feelings of sadness, despair, and worry. Formulated by a well-known company with more than a decade of experience in manufacturing brain supplements, it has a large pool of happy, satisfied customers, and its positive testimonials are widely available on the internet. The price per bottle is competitive and discounts are available to make the product affordable in the long run.

All in all, Amoryn seems like a good product to add to your daily routine for mood enhancement.

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I started taking Amoryn around 10 days ago 1 in morning 1 in afternoon, at first i was very alert at night and found it difficult to sleep, but after a week that has settled and i am sleeping well now, i do feel better i have noticed that i start a conversation now and don’t feel down all of the time, i have been on SSRI for around 20 years currently on Pristiq but it has side affects like making me feel like a Zombie and didn’t really care about my life, so i am hopeful of Amoryn. my question is has anyone gone completely of there prescribed anti depressant and has been able to survive on Amoryn only, I would love your feedback, Thank you

Flo Joan

I’ve been using Amoryn for 3 weeks now and no signs of improvement, not one worth mentioning at least. I slept better the first few nights, but I guess it was just coincidence of some kind. I am so sorry since I ve read all the great experiences others have had with the formula.

Reply to  Flo Joan

I can tell you three weeks isn’t enough time for a medicine to kick in. It normally takes about six weeks to kick in. The first few nights where your sleep problems seemed to ease was because of the placebo effect. Your mind was thinking it should be better so it started to get better until you subconsciously realized nothing had changed.


I started on Amoryn two weeks ago and I do feel just a little better.I do exercise 5 times a week
which it helps even more.My doctor told me to combine it with St.john’s’s 250 mg two times a day
with Amoryn or St.john’s’ 300 mg three times a day with Amoryn.Well I will wait more until amoryn
really kicks in 6 to 8 weeks ,if it does not work much I will combine it with St.John’s’ wort one tablet a day once a day.


I started on Amoryn today and I wrelly hope it will help me. I am so sick of all the medication and trips to the ER because of my depressions and panic attacks.

Lois Zimmerman

Amoryn helped with depression but my blood pressure skyrocketed. I have to go off of this right now because my blood pressure is through the roof .


After using Xanax and Prozac for a while, I decided to take matters into my own hands. The latter gave me side effects ranging from weight gain to nausea and vertigo, so I gave Amoryn a go. For the past three weeks, I can definitely say Amoryn reduced the number my mood swings.

Judy Wooten

Amoryn brightened up my mood and I have more energy to stay sharp when dealing with projects with a tight deadline. Now I can go without sleep for more than 24 hours without my thoughts getting cloudy, which reflects on my productivity at work. I recommend this highly!

Anne Branham

Although St. John’s Wort is a good alternative to antidepressants, I don’t recommend taking it if you have high blood pressure. In my case, Amoryn increased my blood pressure even more , so I had to discontinue taking it.

S. Adams

I have a question….can you take amoryn while taking other antidepressants, like Wellbutrin and Lexapro? Many medications have been tried, none seem to work.

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  S. Adams

Amoryn contains St. John’s Wort, an herbal ingredient that doesn’t mix with many kinds of prescription medications and can, in some cases, completely undo the good they’ve been doing. We strongly recommend consulting with your medical doctor before taking Amoryn or other similar dietary supplements.