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Seredyn Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Seredyn is a supplement designed to provide natural and quick relief to people constantly facing highly stressful situations one after the other. It contains a proprietary formula that relieves insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks by allowing the brain to relax naturally. BioNeurix, the company behind this brain supplement, is a U.S. producer and distributor of several dietary supplements and holds a distinguished place for giving consumers some of the best dietary products.

Can Seredyn deliver what it promises? Is it a natural product to add to everyday life? This Seredyn review will help you get answers to these queries.


1) What is Seredyn?

Looking for a safe and reliable formula to cut back on daily tensions and stressors? BioNeurix provides you with Seredyn Complete Calm Formula, which claims to deliver strong anti-stress relief using a proprietary formula that optimizes the emotional pathways in the brain to manage anxiety. The ingredients can quickly soothe a restless, worried mind and boost a confident and calm look. The Seredyn formula comprises standardized amino acids and plant extracts that enhance the overall potency and purity of the formula.

Although the manufacturer does not provide scientific proof for the claimed benefits, it has discussed the results of an informal privately-conducted survey. As a part o the study, the website visitors and consumers were asked to answer several questions. 133 Seredyn customers responded and participated in an online questionnaire-based survey. The study concluded that 93% of users suffering from occasional anxiety experienced positive results, whereas 85% of respondents with chronic anxiety said the product helps them relax. In the case of social anxiety, 82% of users reported positive results. However, these results should be treated with caution keeping in mind that it was not a controlled clinical trial.

The manufacturer claims the supplement works as fast as after a single dose. This is a rather bold statement for a product based on a mix of amino acids and plant extracts. The main ingredients in the formula are individually recognized as safe. FDA confirmed that L-theanine is “generally recognized as safe,” and Valerian and Passionflower are also likely safe when taken as recommended and for limited periods. Nonetheless, there are potential Seredyn side effects which may include drowsiness, stomach sensitivity, restlessness, headache, low blood pressure, and others.

Seredyn reviews from consumers are available in large numbers on the manufacturer’s website and other websites. While some further recommend Seredyn for anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep problems, there are others who report no effects. In light of this discussion, Seredyn can be a hit-or-miss substance, as results may vary from one person to another.


2) Seredyn Ingredients

Seredyn is a proprietary blend consisting of herbal ingredients, vitamins, and the amino-acid L-theanine. Let’s look at these ingredients one by one:

  • Niacinamide: This ingredient is a form of vitamin B3 or niacin and has been proven to carry anxiolytic effects without producing any side effects, such as liver stress or flushing, associated with regular forms of this vitamin.
  • Magnesium Taurinate: This compound involves a combination of magnesium and taurine, two ingredients that work simultaneously to improve overall well-being and calm the mind.
  • L-Theanine: The formula is completed by L-theanine, an amino-acid with psychoactive properties. It works to reduce stress by increasing the overall level of the brain neurotransmitter GABA. In response, the body will not experience feelings of anxiety, insecurity, panic, and depression, which are triggered by low levels of this neurotransmitter.
  • Valerian: Valerian is frequently used in formulas that tackle sleeplessness and other associated problems in addition to carrying beneficial effects against anxiety and stress (psychological particularly).
  • Passion Flower: Passion flower has been credited with anxiolytic benefits (generalized anxiety disorder and others), in addition to its proven effectiveness against ADHD and sleep problems.
Pros & Cons

3) Seredyn: Pros and Cons

Mentioned below are the pros and cons of choosing the Seredyn Complete Calm Formula


  • The ingredients in the product are individually recognized as safe
  • A 60-day return policy is available for the product with additional promotions, such as free shipping and discounts upon subscribing to the company
  • Seredyn has a dedicated webpage with complete information on benefits, side effects, usage, clinical evidence for effectiveness, etc.


  • The product is not clinically tested or scientifically proven as effective
  • The core formula of Seredyn contains a blend of ingredients commonly found in many other alternatives; hence, the formula does not offer anything new
  • The product is not FDA-approved, as most dietary supplements
  • There are mixed reviews from consumers regarding Seredyn’s efficacy
Where to Buy?

4) Where to Buy Seredyn

The best place to purchase a bottle of Seredyn without any risk of getting a scam product is its manufacturing company’s official website. Visit neurix.com to place your order today at the most competitive prices.


5) Seredyn Price

A bottle of Seredyn contains 60 capsules and is sold for a moderate price of $39.95. Although the manufacturer states a bottle can provide a month’s supply, this statement is valid only when the minimum dosage is administered. If the consumer decides to increase the daily consumption and use the maximum daily dose (6 capsules), a total of three bottles would be necessary to cover a full month’s supply, making Seredyn very expensive. However, occasional users can add it to their daily life without much hassle.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is available for unsatisfied clients. There are several conditions to be fulfilled upon returning a product, detailed by the manufacturer on the official site.

Final Thoughts

6) Final Thoughts on Seredyn

Considering the formulation, Seredyn seems like a formula that is likely to work, as most of its ingredients have been backed by science. However, its reviews are mixed, with some people swearing about its efficacy while others show a high level of dissatisfaction. The effectiveness of Seredyn – in what concerns anxiety and other similar conditions – and the extent of its impact is a subjective assessment and varies from one patient to another, so perhaps the best option would be to first see a healthcare provider before starting treatment. Even if you try it, the supplement is relatively safer, with no side effects reported so far.

Overall, Seredyn may not be an ideal first option for people suffering from anxiety and high-stress levels, but you may consider giving it a try if nothing else is working for you.

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I’ve tried Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil for anxiety and depression. They worsened my symptoms and sent my anxiety through the roof, so I didn’t want to continue. So glad I found this stuff. No sexual side effects. Maintain appropriate behaviors, like not hurting others’ feelings. No lobotomy type of feeling and no waiting weeks to calm down and be happy. It works within a couple of hours. It’s more expensive than prescriptions, but it’s worth it when looking at long-term health. You can also only take it as needed, which is NOT advisable with prescription depression and anxiety meds.

Title for your comment
Way better than prescriptions
Have you tried this product?

Amazing stuff. Calms anxiety within an hour and no weird side effects.

Title for your comment
Love it
Have you tried this product?

I just got to know abt Seredyn frm the internet a few days ago. I realized that Keppra(medication i take for epilepsy) is giving me anxiety as a side effect. But I nred it as it helps it controlling my seizures. Anyone out there has a similar prob. Like me & can share your views? Tks.


Seredyn is great. It has allowed me to stop taking Paxil.

Mavis Carey

Without Seredyn , I could not fly to other countries or keep my depression under control. I take Seredyn when I know I will be in a stressful situation. It works & I feel perfectly normal when taking it. Its great.


I started my mentally and verbally delayed son for this coz he had anxiety, panic attack and depression due to the abuse he had from his teacher. he’s been on prozac for 2 weeks but very slow the effect. but the seredyn after 40 minutes i’ve seen a change in his mood. relax and calm, smiling. he just sneezes but that went away when i sprayed his nose with his nasonex. i will continue using it but the prozac will still be there. i gave it to him in the afternoon and the prozac in mid-morning coz thats the time i started it. he didn’t have any side effects but its early to tell. i’ll give it for a week or even two weeks to know more about it. I asked questions to there consultants, so i’m happy for there service and that my question was not ignored. its a good guide for me as i’m observing it and if I have any question i have someone helping me.

Paul Lindon

Ever since I started taking this, my focus has improved significantly. As an accountant, I feel that I’m more efficient throughout the work that I have to do during a regular day. Another big plus is the price – products with similar ingredients seem to be completely out of my budget.