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Zinc Picolinate Review – 8 Reasons Why

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Zinc Picolinate represents a natural remedy meant to enhance people’s immunity system. Moreover, the product manufactured by BioActive Nutrientsshould provide support for those who have zinc deficiencies or need a type of supplementation throughout growth. Also, the product may be able to fight macular degeneration as well as other common diseases.

The company that manufactures the supplement was founded in NIW Wisconsin by a biochemist called Guy Evans. Despite the fact that the start was difficult, they currently possess a product line with more than one hundred different remedies. The company history reveals dedication and years of work that finally paid off. They claim to be concerned with the people’s well-being and wish to help them achieve a better and healthier lifestyle by balancing amounts of nutrients that aren’t provided through food. The company target is represented by individuals whose stressful lives comes in the way of scheduled meals and proper exercising programs.

Although the formula features only one ingredient, Zinc is one of the most important minerals for the body. The manufacturer chose its delivery in a picolinate form which is better absorbed than citrate or glutamate. Unfortunately, pregnant or nursing women can’t benefit from this treatment unless recommended by a healthcare provider.


1) Zinc Picolinate at a Glance

Zinc Picolinate was designed as a way to balance the Zinc levels in the organism.The product is suggested both for those who suffer from zinc deficiencies as well as people that desire to enhance their immune system in order to avoid developing common diseases such as colds or flues.

The reason behind the importance of this ingredient is its influence on metabolism. However, Zinc absorption is a relatively complicated process that involves its passing-through intestinal membranes and blood stream and finalizes with individual cells absorption. Furthermore, this component is needed in the synthesis of more than three hundred different enzymes and possesses a vital role in a wide spectrum of biological processes. Up to date research revealed that Zinc is also a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme class called superoxide dismutase, which is essential to cell reparation process and reduction of cellular damage caused by the most common free radicals.

Additionally, Zinc is involved in sensory perceptions of vision, taste and smell which can be negatively influenced if the proper quantities don’t exist in the organism.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Zinc Picolinate?

Zinc Picolinate contains the following ingredients: Zinc Picolinate, vegetable cellulose, and rice flour.

3) Does Zinc Picolinate Work?

Based on one of the trace minerals needed by the organism to maintain proper health, Zinc Picolinate is a natural approach to prescribed medication for individuals who desire an immunity boost. On a particular note, studies showed that there is a large number of people that suffer from a Zinc deficiency, but wait until they feel awful to go check it up with a doctor. In these situations, the doctor recommends a zinc supplementation to support its absorption.

This supplement features an acid form of zinc that is easier to absorb by the organism. Thus its effects can be noticed faster and on a longer period. The absorption of Zinc is a complex process that involves its transportation through the intestinal membranes, blood stream and finally individual cells. This particular nutrient is that it is needed by the body to maintain a healthy metabolism.

A study published in June 1987 in Agents Action reveals that the picolinate form of zinc has better absorption rates than gluconate and citrate. This research was based on measuring zinc levels in the hair, urine, and skin of subjects because those are the bodily areas that feature the largest concentrations. Also, there was no noticeable side-effect to the treatment when a standard dose of the supplement was taken which was considered to be 11 mg per day.

There are online customer testimonials about Zinc Picolinate. What is being reported includes the following:

  • Never caught the flu since I started taking this.

  • It’s cheap and easy to use!


4) What Zinc Picolinate Does?

  • The supplement can be consumed by vegans and vegetarians
  • The product features an important mineral that has a part in a lot of bodily processes
  • The treatment is easy because it only involves taking one capsule per day


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Zinc Picolinate

  • The remedy wasn’t FDA tested
  • Women that are either pregnant or lactating are suggested to avoid this formula
  • Excesses of the daily recommended dosage can do more harm than good


6) How Much Does Zinc Picolinate Cost?

Available in bottles that feature one hundred and twenty capsules, Zinc Picolinate is included in the “affordable category” of prices and is even viewed as cheap by most people. The buyer has the option of ordering either directly from the manufacturer’s website or other online retailers. For those who are included in the “buyer’s club,” additional discounts and promotional offers are provided. Moreover, coupons may be provided through some offers or at higher purchases. Because the daily suggested dosage is one capsule, a bottle is enough to last four months. After usage, it should be stored in a dry place.

How To Use

7) How to Use Zinc Picolinate

It was discovered that the Picolinate form is safe to use on longer periods if the daily amounts are of approximately 11 milligrams.

Final Thoughts

8) Final Thoughts on Zinc Picolinate

As a product of an US company that is progressively gaining popularity, Zinc Picolinate seeks to offer proper daily amounts of this essential nutrient with the purpose of enhancing metabolism and immunity. The treatment is easy and involves taking one capsule per day. Individuals taking Zinc supplementation should notice an improvement in their immune system. Its core component is delivered within suggested daily intakes and any excess may lead to harmful side-effects. Furthermore, vegetarians and vegans are among those able to follow this treatment because the capsules feature no animal traces.

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shane hoare

is Zinc Picolinate better for you than Zinc Acetate

Title for your comment
which is the better zinc
Have you tried this product?
Jessica Kaleb

It’s a good product. I’ve been taking it for a year or so and still order my three bottles at the beginning of the year. As someone might say “You can never be healthy enough”. Well, I know I am!

Meredith P

I’ve been diagnosed with zinc deficiency and my doctor advised me to take some supplements.After I’ve browsed the internet for a while, I found this company which seemed quite good. I ordered the supplement and here I sit, two weeks later, knowing that I took a great decision. I’m feeling better by the day and still have like one hundred pills to take. Great offer at a great price!