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Magnesium Advanced Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Magnesium Advanced is a supplement solution by a leading company, Fusion Health. Since magnesium intake is essential to the human body and many people fail to have a proper diet with magnesium, these tablets were introduced as a kickass alternative to maintaining your health.

These are introduced to help cure your muscle pain and cramps, period pain and improve your cardiovascular functionality. In short, this product promises to help you fix many problems ensuring a healthier life for you.

The recommended dosage for adults is only 1-2 tablets a day, while children under 12 years of age should only take “½ or a maximum of one per day.

For period cramps, take two tablets daily, one after having breakfast in the morning and the other after dinner at night, for exercise, take the tablets twice, once before and once after your workout routine, and for restless legs, take two tablets before going to sleep.

These recommendations are subject to change as per the age and health of any patient.


1) Magnesium Advanced Ingredients

Magnesium Advanced contains the following ingredients: Magnesium glycinate (491mg), Magnesium citrate (389mg), Magnesium amino acid chelate (300mg), Magnesium aspartate (150mg).

If you want a magnesium formula that also contains calcium and chloride, check out our Slow-Mag review.

2) Is Magnesium Advanced Right for You?

The improved formula which is created to benefit your health contains a total of four ingredients that have their beneficial effects.

The magnesium glycinate is involved at a larger ratio, an excellent ingredient to rest down muscle cramps and prevent your body from having more.

Other ingredients such as magnesium acids, citrate, and aspirate are included, which help to cure muscle pains, migraine attacks, killer headaches, and stomach gastric acids.

This is very effective if the capsule is used precisely for what it is meant. On the off chance that you notice any hard stool or unusual symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor and only continue the course is advised.

There are also natural side effects like vomiting and teeth staining, so only a reasonable amount should be consumed per day.

Health Benefits

3) Magnesium Advanced Health Benefits

  • Helps the treatment of exercise-induced muscle cramps;
  • Mild anxiety;
  • Controls the nervous system;
  • Strengthens the bones, muscles;
  • Improves cardiovascular function;
  • Helps control migraine attacks and timeless headaches.

4) Magnesium Advanced Product Warnings

  • Stomach or gases;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Electrotypes imbalance.

5) How Much Does Magnesium Advanced Cost?

Fusion heath has created this product with technical formulas and ingredients, which are all beneficial for the health and facilitate its customers in every way possible. Magnesium Advanced comes in two sizes; one bottle contains 60 tablets, which are for $29.95 and another bottle with 120 capsules, which is for $48.95.

Also, the Magnesium Advanced comes in powder form as well, again with the option of 2 sizes; one for 150g, which is for $35.95, and the other size, which is of 300g priced at $61.95.

This gives you the edge to choose whatever type suits your needs the best.

Suggested Use

6) Suggested Use

Magnesium Advanced functions on the effectiveness of a total number of four ingredients, among which the magnesium glycinate is used the most.

These ingredients’ main aim is to soothe the muscle pain and help you cure your cramps. Magnesium citrate is used to soften your stool and help prevent constipation, which is a likely side effect of this product if not used as advised.

Moreover, magnesium amino acids and aspartate are used to treat a low amount of magnesium in the body, benefitting your heart, cells, nerves, muscles, and bones. There are absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives used. No yeast, gluten, dairy, or animal products are used, making it safe to use for people having allergies to such ingredients.

Final Thoughts

7) Final Thoughts on Magnesium Advanced

To enhance your body functions and ensure muscle and bone strength, Magnesium Advanced by Fusion Health is all you need. By taking just a reasonable amount of capsules per day, you will soon realize the tremendous change in your health.

However, in case of any abnormal symptoms or unusual behavior of your skin, you should immediately consult professional help and continue the intake only if advised.

Many reviews of this product come from all around, most of them being happy and satisfied clients who love this supplement, but this supplement might still not be suitable for everyone, so keeping your doctor in the loop is very important and beneficial for you.

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