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Hypothalamus PMG Review – 10 Facts to Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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The hypothalamus is one of the most crucial parts of the nervous system. Regulating various everyday activities like mood, sleep, blood pressure, and thirst, it is an important determinator of your overall cognitive function and the quality of life. So why not do something to ensure that it stays active and healthy?

With this in mind, Standard Process has created Hypothalamus PMG, a natural product that aims to improve the hypothalamic health in a simple and easy way. The supplement comes in the form of capsules, each loaded with a unique profile of nucleotides, peptides, and minerals, that truly support the hypothalamic function. But is this supplement really worth purchasing? Does it deliver what it promises and is it affordable to keep consuming in the long run?

In this article, we will discuss Hypothalamus PMG in detail, focusing on its key features, benefits, potential side effects, and pricing.


1) Quick Overview

Hypothalamus PMG by Standard Process is a natural supplement manufactured to target and improve the health of hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is a portion of the brain associated with maintaining the body’s internal balance. It also serves as a bridge that connects the nervous and endocrine systems, and regulates the levels of hormones that control various key processes. With regular consumption of Hypothalamus PMG, users can expect to improve the functioning of this crucial part of the brain which, in turn, may translate into improvement in various functions that it controls, such as body temperature, sleep cycle, and even appetite and weight.

Available in the form of easy-to-use pills, Hypothalamus PMG was first introduced to the world in 1986. Ever since its formal introduction, it has helped countless people improve their everyday hypothalamus-controlled functions to ultimately improve the life quality.

2) The Company Behind Hypothalamus PMG

Hypothalamus PMG is manufactured by Standard Process, a family-owned, multi-generational nutritional supplement company that has been operating for the past 90 years. It was initially established by Dr. Royal Lee and is currently operating under Charlie DuBois, the most recent CEO. From the company’s CEO to its employees, everyone has collaborative and purposeful relationships, mutually driven by their shared passion for changing others’ lives.

At Standard Process, the founders and the team of professionals go to great lengths to fulfill their mission of changing people’s lives. All products created under their banner include ingredients taken from their certified organic farms to ensure that they are nutrient-dense. The company puts an unwavering focus on testing and quality which allows them to keep a close check on the safety, consistency, and purity of their supplements. It stands firmly by the quality of its products while ensuring that whatever goes into every supplement every step of the way is in accordance with the SOPs and highest standards of efficacy and safety.

Standard Process first came into existence when Dr. Royal Lee, the founder, recognized the drastic impacts of the Standard American Diet on health. He firmly believed that overconsumption of fast food is depriving us of the nutrients we need to thrive and grow. Hence, he dedicated his entire life to manufacturing and perfecting whole-food supplements. Today, his efforts have bore fruit as Standard Process, his brainchild, continues to serve customers from all across the world with authentic and highly effective products.

Nutrition Info

3) Ingredients of Hypothalamus PMG

  • Calcium Lactate, a naturally bioavailable form of calcium that regulates the health of the nervous system while improving the nerve impulse transmission
  • Porcine Hypothalamus PMG Extractthat support hypothalamic function
  • Magnesium Citrate, which controls nerve impulses, nerve excitability, transfer of energy, and muscular activity
  • Protomorphogen Extract that offers cellular support and rehabilitation to the tissue forming hypothalamus

4) Does Hypothalamus PMG Work?

It is important to note that the hypothalamus represents one of the central elements contained by the brain and comprises the neuronal circuitry which controls emotional behavior as well as motivational drives. Because the hypothalamus allows communication between central and endocrine nervous system, it is the leading region for integration of parasympathetic and sympathetic activities. Without a proper hypothalamic functioning, both of the systems will fail to respond to each other’s signals appropriately. Additionally, the hypothalamic gland produces a secretion which is important for the management of lactation, cardiovascular function, and uterine contractility.

The hypothalamus gland directly facilitates other metabolic activities like delicate maintenance of water balance, fat and sugar metabolism, appropriate sleep program, and body temperature control.

Because they’ve noticed the importance of hypothalamus gland on the overall health, nutritional companies have started developing products that enhance or maintain its health. One of these dietary supplements is Hypothalamus PMG which bases its effects on a combination of porcine hypothalamus extract, calcium, and magnesium citrate.

Calcium lactate represents a soluble calcium salt which is also naturally bioavailable. It is easier absorbed by the body compared to other calcium forms because it changes into calcium bicarbonate after following one chemical step. It is an essential ingredient when it comes to the healthy functioning of the nervous system as well transmission of nerve impulses. Consumption of supplements based on this component may lead to some unwanted side-effects like nausea, stomach cramps or diarrhea. Thus people shouldn’t exceed the daily recommended dosage.

There are online customer testimonials about Hypothalamus PMG. What is being reported includes the following:

  • Good product

  • It’s meant for trauma to the head

Health Benefits

5) Hypothalamus PMG Health Benefits

Hypothalamus PMG by Standard Process provides the following benefits upon regular consumption:

  • It supports the nutritional status of the hypothalamus by providing several key nutrients like cholesterol, calcium, and sodium
  • It improves the hypothalamic cellular health by providing uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts
  • It supports healthy hypothalamic function, including body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, sleep cycles, appetite and body weight, fluid and electrolyte balance, and glandular secretions in intestines

6) Hypothalamus PMG Product Warnings

Despite the high safety profile of Hypothalamus PMG, there are certain warnings that must be kept in mind before using it. These warnings include the following:

  • Do not use Hypothalamus PMG if you are pregnant or nursing
  • The product is not safe for usage for those under the age of 18 years
  • This product is processed in a facility that manufactures other products containing milk, eggs, tree nuts, fish, soy, and egg. Hence, it may not be safe for individuals allergic to these substances
  • Keep away from children’s reach and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

In case you feel like Hypothalamus PMG is causing any unusual side effects, stop using it immediately and contact a doctor right away.

Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Hypothalamus PMG

People within the United States can purchase Hypothalamus PMG directly from the official website of its manufacturing company (standardprocess.com). However, because the company does not offer international shipping, this may not be a reliable method of purchase for people outside the US. Such people can try ordering from other platforms like Amazon. Walmart, and eBay.


8) Hypothalamus PMG Price

The price for Hypothalamus PMG may vary depending on the platform you purchase it from. Some retailers are selling it for $62 per bottle whereas others are offering it at the rate of $51 per bottle. Since each bottle contains 60 capsules, it is enough to last for two months for a single user, making it a cheap supplement for everyday use.


9) Hypothalamus PMG Serving Size

Hypothalamus PMG by Standard Process comes in the form of easy-to-swallow tablets. The method of use is pretty simple as it involves swallowing one whole pill with a glass of water once a day. There is no restriction regarding the time of consumption. Try not to pair the tablets with alcohol or any alcoholic beverage as it may mess with the way the supplement works. Continue taking Hypothalamus PMG for at least a few weeks to notice any visible benefits.


10) Our Final Take On Hypothalamus PMG

Hypothalamus PMG is a cognitive supplement that targets and improves the health and functions of the hypothalamus. By improving sleep, blood pressure regulation, hormonal balance, and other important aspects of health, it can help people better their overall quality of life. The price per bottle is reasonable and the company manufacturing it seems genuine.

All in all, Hypothalamus PMG seems like a product worth trying.

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Earl M. Doe

Meant for trauma to the head and your memory got messed up or of course a healthier hypothalamus. I just took it because my pituitary gland was a little messed up and your hypothalamus controls your pituitary . I didnt want to just take pituitrophin pmg without taking this product too. Always take glandulars on a empty stomach or mildly empty for full benefits.

Reply to  Earl M. Doe

Thanks for that tip!

Maria A. Dolan

Good product…