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Ostrophin PMG Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Ostrophin PMG is advertised as a dietary supplement released to the public in 1955. According to the manufacturing company, it provides a blend of synergistic nutrients and supports the health of bones with other connective tissues. Enriched in calcium, magnesium, and a special PMG blend, this supplement comes in the form of oral pills that can be easily paired with meals to strengthen the body’s skeletal system. The company manufacturing this dietary supplement is well-reputed and has been operating for decades in the supplements industry, with dozens of products freely available to customers.

This review will take a closer look at Ostrophin PMG, its ingredients and its working mechanism and compare it with its cost to determine if it is worth investing in.


1) What is Ostrophin PMG?

The skeletal system is one of the most important systems in the body. Comprising hundreds of bones in all shapes and sizes, it supports us and allows us to freely move as we desire. In addition to supporting the movement, healthy bones are also critical for protecting the vital organs of the body, like the brain and heart, from securing direct impacts and injury. These bones also serve as a storage space for minerals like calcium and provide it to the body in case of a higher need. Keeping them in a fit and healthy form is critical for overall health and good quality of life. To improve bone health, Standard Process has released a dietary formula called Ostrophin PMG that allows individuals to take care of their bones in the best way possible.

Ostrophin PMG represents a product based on a mixture of calcium, manganese and a proprietary blend that promises to offer needed nutrients for maintaining a healthy bone system. The product features protomorphogen extracts which have been derived from organ and animal tissue cells using a certain manufacturing method to support and rehabilitate cells. The foundation of the supplement relies on the antigenic qualities of nucleoprotein-mineral determinants along with the strengthening properties of calcium and manganese.

By emphasizing cellular health and supporting stronger bones, Ostrophin PMG claims to improve the quality of life and fix mobility issues for adult users of all age groups. The product comes packed in plastic bottles, each containing a fixed number of oral pills that can be conveniently added to everyday life. It is dairy-free and safe for people with allergies to gluten or soy.

2) The Company Behind Ostrophin PMG

Ostrophin PMG is manufactured by Standard Process, a world-renowned company that
initially began in Texas, United States, but later expanded to other countries from the American territory. Their products are categorized into three major lines:
Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, Standard Process whole food Supplements and MedHerb. The company claims that each one of its products is based on wholefood formulae manufactured in accordance with FDA requirements. Their portfolio currently features more than three hundred products covering different niches, such as brain and cognition, children’s health, fitness, immune support, heart and circulation, men’s and women’s health, and many more.

Standard Process’s commitment to quality begins with people and is furthered through their investment in their processes and equipment to ensure the highest of standards. This commitment and dedication are what claim to make this company different from others. It also practices vertical integration, which allows Standard Process to manage its products’ safety, consistency, quality, purity, and potency every step of the way, including manufacturing, handling, packaging, and shipping. At the moment, Standard Process offers more than 300 nutritional supplements, including a separate range of vegetarian and gluten-free supplements.

What’s Inside?

3) What’s Inside Ostrophin PMG?

Ostrophin PMG contains a blend of different ingredients, which include:

  • Manganese: Research has revealed that manganese is necessary when it comes to proper bone development and growth. The mineral acts as a catalyst and a cofactor in many important and complicated enzymatic processes, like mucopolysaccharide synthesis. Mucopolysaccharide is an essential building block for the cartilage and bone structural matrix and helps maintain the good health of tendons and ligaments that attach bones.
  • Calcium: Calcium is a significant component of the human bone and is responsible for providing strength and structure to the core skeleton. It also gets stored in the bone, making it a metabolic reservoir that maintains the extra- and intra-cellular calcium pool.
  • Carrot: Carrots are a rich source of vitamin K and contain calcium and phosphorus in small amounts. All of these vitamins and nutrients contribute to good bone health and can even play a role in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes are a rich source of calcium and potassium, which are extremely important for maintaining good bone health. Magnesium from sweet potatoes helps maintain adequate vitamin D levels in the body, whereas potassium neutralizes the acid in the body, which may otherwise leach calcium from the bone, weakening them in the process. Due to these properties, sweet potatoes can also be an excellent way to prevent osteoporosis, particularly in postmenopausal women.
  • Veal Bone PMG: This patented formula provides adequate levels of calcium, manganese, and other peptides, minerals, and nucleotides that particularly play a good role in maintaining bone health.
Health Benefits

4) Ostrophin PMG Health Benefits

  • It contains ingredients which were carefully selected to fulfill its purpose, bone health maintenance and enhancement
  • The product was released on the market in 1955, thus it has more than fifty years of experience
  • There are no reported side-effects so far

5) Precautions of Ostrophin PMG Use

  • If you are nursing or pregnant, consult a healthcare professional before using Ostrophin PMG
  • The product is not safe for individuals under the age of 18 years
  • Keep the supplement out of the reach of children
  • If you start noticing side effects, stop using the supplement at once and consult a doctor
Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Ostrophin PMG

The best place to buy Ostrophin PMG is its official website (Standard Process). The supplement is also available at Walmart and Amazon at reasonable prices.


7) Ostrophin PMG Price

Ostrophin PMG is reasonably priced to make it easily accessible and affordable for most people. One bottle of this supplement with 90 tablets costs around $36.30 which is enough to last for one month. Keep in mind that there can be slight variations in the price depending on where you buy the supplement from.

How To Take

8) How to Take Ostrophin PMG

According to the official guidelines issued by Standard Process, the best way to use Ostrophin PMG is by combining one tablet per meal. The total dosage for a single day is three tablets which can be taken before or after having a meal. The tablets must only be taken orally with a glass of water.

Bottom Line

9) Our Bottom Line

Ostrophin PMG is a bone-strengthening supplement that has been on the market for decades. The product comes from a reputable supplement company with over three hundred products in the market which adds to its authenticity. The price is fairly reasonable and the product is affordable on a long-term basis. All in all, Ostrophin PMG can be tried out by people who are looking forward to strengthening their bones.

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Sara Thomas

I would like to know if the bovine bone in Ostrophin PMG is derived from grass fed beef. Thank you for your response.

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Sara Thomas

We’ve contacted Standard Process representatives on your behalf. According to them, there is no guarantee that the bovine bone powder used in Ostrophin PMG is derived from grass-fed beef. They use organic ingredients or ingredients derived from grass-fed animals when available, but this is not an established rule.