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Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend Review – 8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend was designed to be a dietary supplement that has the desired effect of increasing energy levels and sustaining health on a general basis.

The manufacturer is a company that aims to present its customers with premium dietary supplements from their base of operations located in Arizona, United States, and is called Jigsaw Health. Operating since 2005, this business claims to offer health products that are unique and effective.

Their confidence in their products’ effectiveness and potency is so high that all of the formulas purchased from their website come with a full money-back guarantee available for about three months from purchase.

The therapeutic effects of Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend are wide-ranged and tend to support many aspects of general health and well-being; some of them are maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, supporting healthy digestion, promoting the regeneration of cells, and many other including energy production and support for mental and emotional well-being.

All these therapeutic qualities come in the form of an easy to swallow capsules that are also said to be quickly absorbed. Thus Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend can be used as a general aid for health.


1) Quick Overview

Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend is a multi-mineral dietary supplement that has blended many minerals that are all used together to promote general health.

One of the active principles present in this product is a chemical called Iodine that cannot be naturally obtained in the body and must be ingested to maintain healthy levels.

A deficiency of this chemical is very dangerous because the thyroid gland needs it to produce its hormones. Low levels of Iodine in the body will manifest in low thyroid hormones, causing infertility in women, thyroid cancer, or autoimmune disease.

Zinc is also an ingredient present in this mix and is an essential trace element needed for good health. Its therapeutic uses include treating common colds and recurrent ear infections and can also be used by athletes to improve their performance.

This mineral also provides health benefits that regard the nervous system and helps with problems like Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.


2) Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend Ingredients

Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend contains the following ingredients: Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, and Trace mineral blend.

3) Does Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend Work?

This is a multimineral dietary supplement that mixes a range of minerals that promote health on specific levels.

One of the ingredients present in this blend is Zinc, an essential trace element mandatory for human health. Its most common effect in our days is in the treatment of the common cold and recurrent ear infections. This ingredient is also commonly used to improve athletic performance and strength by helping with the training’s energy levels.

This essential trace element also has a series of effects relevant to the nervous system, assisting with conditions like attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, or Down syndrome.

One other ingredient found in this formula is Iodine. This chemical cannot be naturally produced by the body and must come from dietary sources like foods rich in Iodine or health products such as this one.

This substance is essential for the thyroid to produce hormones. Iodine deficiency leads to low production of hormones by the Thyroid gland, resulting in severe problems like infertility in women, autoimmune disease, or even thyroid cancer.

Healthy hormone levels are mandatory for good health and proper energy levels.

There are online testimonials about Jigsaw Multi-Mineral Essential Blend. What is being said includes the following:

  • My favorite thing about this supplement is that it has helped me with controlling my blood sugar;
  • This blend contains NO heavy metals often found in other multi-mineral supplements.

4) What Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend Does?

  • This product is very affordable, about three dollars for a month’s supply;
  • There is a full money-back guarantee associated with this product;
  • The manufacturer uses premium manufacturing facilities.

5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend

  • There is no free trial available with this product;
  • Information regarding a long term use has not yet been provided.

6) Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend Price

This product comes with a highly affordable price and a container designed to provide a three-month supply. As with all the other products from this manufacturer, this one is also available for purchase from their website and comes with the money-back guarantee.

One bottle contains 90 capsules, and the daily dosage that is being recommended is one capsule per day that is to be taken with food. The manufacturer also offers free shipping in the United States if the purchase is over the threshold of $89.

How To Take

7) How to Take Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend

One container of Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend was created to provide a three month supply and hold 90 capsules, the recommended dosage being of one capsule per day, taken with food.


8) Our Final Take On Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend

Jigsaw Multi-Mineral – Essential Blend has a highly affordable price and comes with a money-back guarantee, but with no free trials. This formula is being presented to achieve normal blood sugar levels, healthy cholesterol levels, and healthy hormonal levels in the body.

It is recommended that one capsule should be taken per day with a meal, or as indicated by a medical doctor.

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This blend contains none of the heavy metals often found in other similar products.