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Vitamin C Plus Calcium Review – 8 Things You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Vitamin C Plus Calcium is promoted as a dietary remedy which focuses on providing daily suggested quantities of each component in order to help the organism in the fight free radical damage, thus possessing a positive effect on areas such as skeletal, cardiovascular, and muscular. Because its manufacturer is business specialized in sportive nutritional products, this is a nutritional addition for individuals undergoing intense training like athletes or bodybuilders.

The company was created by an ex-amateur lifter named Victor H. Rubino in 1979 and its foundation it proved worthy of being a member in nutritional field. Actually, it is viewed as one of the first distributor of protein powders, some types of Fat Burners and amino-acids tablets on the U. S. regions. An interesting characteristic found on their website is a tour through their manufacturing facilities and headquarters that is composed of pictures with the processes and workers that are behind the creations of their products.

Vitamin C Plus Calcium relies on two components that are regarded as essential for the normal functioning of the body on a regular basis, thus although people are too busy to maintain a healthy diet that can usually provide these amounts, they have to consume it in some other forms such as dietary supplements.


1) Quick Overview

Created by a business specialized in protection against radical damage, muscle-improvement as well as enhancement of some specific bodily parts, this formula relies on a combination between two essential components whose delivered quantities are found on the product’s labels. On the other hand, from its two ingredients, Vitamin C is the core one and Calcium comes as an addition that should improve its efficacy, but this balance is view as reliable by some scientific research.

Significant quantities of its core ingredient actually provide help against calcification of soft tissues, hence it also adds to its solubility. From a general point of view, this combination has a positive impact on bone density, keeps the teeth structure, and may actually repair connective tissue, therefore recovery after some intense training can be done in shorter periods.


2) What Are Vitamin C Plus Calcium Ingredients?

Vitamin C Plus Calcium contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C and Calcium.

3) Does Vitamin C Plus Calcium Work and it is Safe?

Designed by a company specialized in muscle-enhancement, protection against radical damage as well as improvement linked to some bodily parts, Vitamin C Plus Calcium has a formula based on a mixture between two essential ingredients whose delivered amounts are presented on the product’s labels. However, among its two components, vitamin C is the main ingredient and Calcium comes only as an addition which should increase its Effectiveness, but this balance is regarded as efficient by scientific studies.

Significant amounts of its core component actually help against calcification of soft tissues, thus adding to its solubility. From a general perspective, this mixture positively affects bone density, maintains the structure of the teeth and may repair connective tissues, thus recovery after series of intense training may be done in shorter times.
Moreover, it has a reliable effect on reinforcing the cellular walls as well as strengthening capillaries which means that it can also enhance immune and nervous system, although at some smaller values as compared to other ingredients. Although rare and usually occurring if the normal suggested intake is utterly exceeded, there are some side effects which may appear and include gas, belching, vomiting, and nausea.

There are online customer testimonials about this product. What is being reported includes the following:

  • I am a weight-lifter and have been taking this to lower my recovery and I must say I’m quite satisfied

  • There are days in which I believe this product has good effects and days in which I think it has none, but on average, I do think it’s a good product

Pros & Cons

4) Vitamin C Plus Calcium: Pros and Cons

  • Vitamin C Plus Calcium is reliable for people who are athletes, bodybuilders, weight-lifters, or practice sports based on intense physical exercise
  • The combination featured in this product has some scientific evidence to its effectiveness
  • The producers have an international shipment policy and distributor for most of the countries


5) Vitamin C Plus Calcium Warnings and Precautions

  • There are no statements about Vitamin C Plus Calcium side effects or people who can’t follow the treatment
  • None of their claims have been FDA approved
  • There is no free sample offered prior to the purchase


6) Vitamin C Plus Calcium Price

The remedy is generally sold by bottles that contain sixty capsules which on average means that a bottle is enough for approximately one month of treatment. The price is viewed as affordable, especially for people who earn above average salaries. Additionally, international shipment is offered by its manufacturer and there are distributors in a wide number of countries directly linked to the official website, which means that even though people can’t buy it directly from the manufacturer due to pretty high shipping costs, the next best thing is available, a national distributor. For those skeptical, they can try to find other local or online distributors.


7) Vitamin C Plus Calcium Serving Size

Furthermore, it possesses a reliable effect when it comes to the reinforcement the cellular walls and strengthening of the capillaries which means that it may also improve nervous and immune system, even though at some smaller scales as compared to other components. Despite the fact that they are rare and usually occur when the normal suggested intake is exceeded, side-effects may appear and include gas, vomiting, and belching.


8) Our Final Take On Vitamin C Plus Calcium

All in all, Vitamin C Plus Calcium is presented as a product meant for people who either lead stressful lives or want to start an intense training program because they’re athletes, power-lifters, and bodybuilders. This combination of ingredients has proved to be valuable according to some scientific studies that mostly accentuate the need of a proper amount balance between both of them in order to avoid appearance of side effects. There are no counter-actions or restrictions linked to prescribed medication found on the producer website, but people who are following a serious drug treatment, should seek the advice of a doctor prior to beginning it.

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Brandon J. Keene

I’ve been running daily for more than two months, but since I started taking this product, things are feeling better, my muscles stopped hurting and I do think I can run faster and for longer periods!