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Terra Phirma Review – 8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Terra Phirma is promoted as a remedy that targets a wide variety of human body areas and providesbeneficialeffects when it comes to: sleep quality, immune system, circulation, emotional abnormalities and unbalanced sugar levels. The company behind this product is called The pH Miracle and was founded on the US grounds by Shelley Redford Young and Dr. Robert O. Young.

The manufacturers claim that all their remedies are based on an alkaline approach as well as a nutritional microbiological work.
By being based on a mineral that is easily absorbed and negatively charged, positive charged toxins should be rapidly eliminated. In addition, it can be used to neutralize the acidity excess either externally (skin) or internally (digestive tracts). Digestion and weight loss may also be a result from Terra Phirma treatment.


1) Quick Overview

Terra Phirma represents a product that targets both external and internal use. It is claimed to offer multiplebeneficialeffects when it comes to different health areas, such as: digestion, immune system, cardiovascular system or emotional abnormalities. Some of the emotional abnormalities include: depressive disorders, personality disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
In fact, this supplement is actually a brand name for Montmorillonite Clay, a type of clay identified somewhere near France.

This formula is a naturalabsorbentof acid and is generally used in acidity neutralization processes. Therefore, people that have abused an acidic diet or exaggerated with acidic drinks can also benefit from this natural supplement. The clay possesses a series of essential minerals with individual known properties, like: calcium, manganese, magnesium or zinc.


2) Details on Terra Phirma Ingredients and Uses

Terra Phirma includes the following ingredients: 100% natural Sodium Montmorillonite Clay.

3) Does Terra Phirma Work?

Promoted as either internal or external usable remedy, Terra Phirma represents multiple beneficial approaches that should improve several health areas, including the cardiovascular, immune and digestion system as well as an emotional abnormality, mood, and balanced sugar levels. In actuality, this supplement represents the brand name for Montmorillonite Clay, which has been named after the identified location of the clay which was somewhere near France.

This particular formula should provide a combination of different alkaline minerals, such as magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, manganese, sulfur, calcium and silica that should be found in natural proportions which make them easily absorbable for the human body. Because Terra Phirma represents the natural acid absorber, it can be used in the process of acidity neutralization.

Within its components, there are some that possess widely known individual properties. Calcium, for example, represents an essential component of bone and teeth strength. Also, it promotes nerve transmission and healthy muscular functions. On the other hand, Magnesium help with the energy production from glucose and in the synthesis of more than three hundred enzymes that are essential for the proper cognitive functioning.
Zinc has antioxidant effects, thus proving positive results when it comes to prevention of cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as the management of ADHD symptoms.

Suggested daily use is one tsp/liter, three times per day.

Unfortunately, there are no online available customer testimonials. Thus the remedy’s efficacy hasn’t been stated.


4) What Terra Phirma Does?

  • Terra Pharma targets different health areas of the human body and can help enhance the immune, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous system
  • It can be used both for internal and external use
  • Official manufacturer website provides international shipping to Australia and Europe Union
  • There is a segment on the manufacturer website that explains how the products work and how the treatment should be followed in order to avoid potential side-effects


5) What You Need to Know Before Taking Terra Phirma

  • The efficacy of the product only relies on statements made by the manufacturers, since there are no online available client testimonials
  • No free trial is offered
  • This product has not been FDA approved and does not intend to prevent or treat any disease
  • The manufacturer doesn’t state the potential side-effects of the supplement


6) How Much Does Terra Phirma Cost?

Terra Phirma represents a reasonably priced product that can be regarded as expensive in comparison with similar supplements. However, this product can be easily purchased either from manufacturer website or other retailers. Also, if bought in larger amounts, promotions and discounts are usually offered.


7) Terra Phirma Directions

The lack of client testimonials doesn’t help potential customers determine the efficacy of this product and they can only base their purchase on manufacturer description.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

By being an alternative natural approach for a healthy lifestyle, Terra Phirma is claimed to be capable of providing essential minerals for the body. Though mainly suggested for people who want to improve their digestive, immune and circulatory systems, it can also be used for those who just want to maintain their current energy levels.It is found in two forms: for external and internal use.

Despite itsbeneficialeffects promoted by the manufacturers, there are no scientific studies to support their claims. The lack of online client testimonials doesn’t help either in proving the product’s efficacy.

People who want to follow this treatment should consult their personal healthcare provider.

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I am a huge fan of terra phirma and Montmorillonite clay in general. It is very effective against insect bites esp mosquito bites in malaria zones.The itching, redness and swelling dissipates soon after topical application. It is also a great preventative for food poisoning (drink with supergreens) in developing countries. Both both these reasons I find it a must have when travelling especially with kids. I also use it for a detox after a funny tummy or an indulgent night out. It is good enough for supermodels detoxing in health spas in Thailand, it is good enough for us. It works!