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PhenTabz Review – 8 Reasons Why

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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PhenTabz is a non-prescription product that is not a dietary supplement and was designed to support people in their quest of losing weight and also helps with energy production.

Gentech Pharmaceutical is the company that is behind this product and is a United States business that also has a base of operations in the United Kingdom and has more than 25 years of experience in its domain. They presented themselves as being uniquely capable of manufacturing products that that have been designed to be therapeutically advanced and also pharmacological safe. The Research and Development part of this company is commonly known, this business having won some awards, Product of the Year as well as Best New Product.

This product is presented on the manufacturer’s web site as being designed to help suppress appetite, increase the rate of metabolism, accelerate the burning of fat, and also support higher energy levels. This formula is said to have two stages of effect: one is increasing the metabolic rate, the other is of reducing appetite as to ensure motivation and control. The manufacturer has also designed a very similar product to PhenTabz that is called PhenTabz RX, which is not available online and can only be purchased through a healthcare professional.


1) What is PhenTabz?

This product is a non-prescription formula that has been made using three active ingredients that support weight loss in several ways.

Trimethylxanthine T6 is one of the active ingredients present in this blend and is commonly known as pharmaceutical grade caffeine. This substance is a popular stimulant that also has an appetite suppressant effect. This ingredient is said to work in a synergistic manner with other ingredients as to enhance the effect of fat burning and release.

Ocatapamine is one of the other active principles found and is said to be a substance that is commonly uses in the weight loss industry because of its clean and long lasting effect of enhancing energy. Studies conducted on this ingredient have shown it to support the mobilization and release of fats from cells and has earned its place in a wide number of diet and weight loss products. This ingredient is also said to have a role to play in the influencing of the dopaminergic and adrenergic systems of the body.


2) PhenTabz Ingredients

PhenTabz contains the following ingredients: Octopamine, Methylhexaneamine, and 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine.

3) Is PhenTabz Right for You?

This formula is a non-prescription weight loss product that uses three active ingredients to achieve this goal.

One of the active ingredients is a compound called Octopamine and is uses in the weight loss industry to provide a clean and long lasting enhancement of energy. Research done on this ingredient has shown it to help the mobilization and release of fats from their cells and thus is uses in some effective diets and weight loss formulas. This substance is said to be naturally occurring and has been standardized as to get to its full potential in weight loss. This ingredient also plays a role in hormone balance, by influencing the adrenergic as well as the dopaminergic systems in the body.

One other active ingredient is called Trimethylxanthine T6 and is most commonly known as pharmaceutical grade caffeine, being a popular stimulant and also having appetite suppressant effects. It is also said to work in a synergistic fashion with other ingredients as to enhance fat burning and releasing results.

The third active principle presents in this product is Methylhexaneamine and is a substance that has been proven to have weight loss properties.

There are online testimonials about PhenTabz. What is being said includes the following:

  • I feel like I have taken every diet pill known to man (including prescription). Phentabz does not give me any weird side effects like the others. They do however give me trouble sleeping.

  • For me the best thing about Phentabz is the appetite suppression. You don’t want to eat that much. There are no side-effects, apart from a slightly dry mouth from time to time, and it gets you a little buzzy, but barely noticeable.


4) PhenTabz Claims

  • One container is enough for a month’s worth of use
  • There is no prescription needed to purchase this formula
  • The manufacturer is award winning


5) PhenTabz Product Warnings

  • There is no information available regarding a long-term use
  • There are no free trials or money back guarantees associated with this product


6) How Much Does PhenTabz Cost?

This formula comes in a container that holds 60 tablets and is said to provide a month’s supply. The Suggested use is one tablet on an empty stomach about half an hour before breakfast and then again half an hour before lunch because this formula might cause sleep problems it is recommended to avoid use late in the day. This formula is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website at a high price, but with free shipping. There is no free trials or money back guarantees available; there also are some online and physical retailers that hold this product as well.


7) PhenTabz Directions

Every container of formula is said to provide a one month supply, having 60 tablets and coming with the suggested use of two tablets per day, which are to be taken one half an hour before breakfast and the other half and hour before lunch.


8) Conclusion

PhenTabz is not a dietary supplement, but a non-prescription product that aims to provide support for people that wish to lose weight. The three active ingredients that have been used in this blend a relatively well research and have been found to possess effects that support weight loss as well as energy production. Every container of formula has been designed to supply a month’s worth of formula at the suggested dosage of two tablets per day. The manufacturer makes purchase available via their website, but a number of both physical and online retailers also commercialize this product as well.

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For me the best thing about this product is the appetite suppression effect