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Ovex Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Ovex is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy ovarian functioning in females. Designed by a renowned manufacturing company called Standard Process, the product contains bovine ovarian tissue to boost the function of these glands in users naturally and safely. Additional claims associated with this product use include menstrual regulation and hormonal balance for overall healthier sexual health.

This Ovex review will analyze the product in detail, focusing on its benefits, ingredients, price, and other important aspects.


1) What is Ovex?

The ovaries are undoubtedly the most important organ responsible for female reproductive health. This pair of organs directly plays a role in the maintenance and secretion of different hormones, regulation of the menstrual cycle, and conception. Unfortunately, ovarian health is at risk of various issues due to the increasing toxin exposure in addition to the current stressful lifestyles with little to no attention to diet and exercise. Standard Process has come up with a natural solution called Ovex for all women who require additional support to balance their ovarian health.

Standard Process currently makes two different versions of Ovex:

  • Ovex, containing Cytosol extracted from bovine
  • Ovex P, containing Cytosol extracted from porcine

Cytosol is also known as intercellular fluid (ICF) or cytoplasmic matrix, and it is the liquid found in cells. Almost half of the proteins in the cell are found in the cytosol when talking about mammals. Recent studies show that the majority of metabolic processes and metabolites are found to occur in the cytosol. Dr. Royal Lee has researched cytosol and PMGs and has demonstrated that these two ingredients can be a beneficial influence on almost every cell in the human body, depending on the organ they were extracted from. In the case of Ovex, these ingredients have been extracted from ovaries and are expected to produce benefits for these organs in users.

Ovex is available in the form of oral pills that are convenient to use daily. Both compositions of the supplement are promised to act similarly to deliver the same benefits with minimal side effects due to the absence of chemicals.

2) The Company Behind Ovex

Standard Process is a company that claims to be devoted to supplying high-quality natural supplements to consumers all around the world. The company was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee. Since then, this famous researcher has done everything in his power to create different products based on natural ingredients. His most appreciated research has been with PMG. The Protomorphogens or PMGs Dr. Royal Lee has been working with have been mostly extracted from bovine. Years of research later, Dr. Royal Lee has proven the beneficial effect these PMGs have on the human body and especially on maintaining the health of cells.

At Standard Process, the founders and the team of professionals go to great lengths to fulfill their mission of changing people’s lives. All products created under their banner include ingredients taken from certified organic farms to ensure that they are nutrient-dense. The company puts an unwavering focus on testing and quality, allowing them to close check on the safety, consistency, and purity of their supplements. It stands firmly by the quality of its products while ensuring that whatever goes into every supplement every step of the way is in accordance with the SOPs and highest standards of efficacy and safety.


3) Ovex Ingredients

According to the manufacturing company, Ovex includes the following ingredients in its composition:

  • Vitamin C: Proprietary Blend (Calcium lactate, bovine ovary Cytosol extract, magnesium citrate, and mixed tocopherols from soy)
  • Cellulose
  • Calcium stearate
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Gum acacia

4) Does Ovex Work?

Ovex (with bovine-extracted PMGs), as well as Ovex P (with porcine-extracted PMGs), is one of the solutions offered by Standard Process for a variety of female hormone-related issues. Cytosol, more commonly known as intercellular liquid, is the main ingredient in Ovex and Ovex P. The benefits of Cytosol have been proven by numerous tests. The ingredient is known to benefit the entire human body, depending on the organ it was extracted from. For example, as in the case of Ovex, the Cytosol it includes was obtained from the ovaries of bovine. Thus, its major advantage will be on the ovaries and include aiding cell growth, regeneration, and maintenance of a balanced hormonal level.

Additionally, Ovex also includes magnesium, calcium lactate, and vitamin C. Both calcium and magnesium are synergistic ingredients that, when taken together, trigger improvements throughout the entire body. Calcium lactate is the best choice because the body more easily absorbs it and aids a better absorption of magnesium as well.

Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins used by humans in the entire world. This vitamin has been proven to exert beneficial effects in people dealing with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and eye health. Vitamin C is also known for boosting the immune system to protect against common viral illnesses, in addition to aiding in skin health.

There are plenty of customer reviews, and user testimonials posted online about Ovex by people who have personally tried it. Most of them are positive and recommend it to others for balancing out cycles, maintaining and sustaining pregnancies, controlling menopausal symptoms, and balancing mood and sex drive. Some women have claimed that using Ovex has helped them balance their reproductive issues while minimizing the need for hormone replacement therapy, indicating its efficacy and safety

Health Benefits

5) Ovex Health Benefits

As claimed by the official website, Ovex can deliver the following benefits to users:

  • It regulates hormone levels in females
  • It provides protection for the ovaries
  • It can be beneficial to the immune system
  • It promotes the overall health and good functioning of the cells
  • It regulates the menstrual cycle
  • It is available at an affordable price
  • It is sold in bottles designed to last for1-3 months, depending on the daily dosage

6) Ovex Product Warnings

While Ovex is promoted as a safe and effective supplement, certain people must be cautious while including it in their routine. These include pregnant females and nursing mothers who must always seek professional advice first. Moreover, women with pre-existing health issues, especially those involving ovarian health, must also confirm the safety of using Ovex from a doctor.

Keep in mind that:

  • Ovex may take some time to produce noticeable results
  • There is no money-back guarantee on orders
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Ovex

The manufacturing company does not sell Ovex directly but includes a list of third-party retailers and practitioners dealing with sales and purchases. For more information on these sellers, visit standardprocess.com


8) How Much Does Ovex Cost?

Both Ovex is currently being sold at a low price. Some online retailers might offer additional discounts and promotions depending on where you buy them from. Following is the price breakdown for this supplement:

  • One bottle of Ovex with 90 capsules is available for $42.90
  • One bottle of Ovex P with 90 capsules is available for $29.70

One bottle of Ovex contains 90 capsules. The recommended daily dosage is one tablet per meal or as directed. Assuming three dosages per day as average, one bottle of Ovex should last for about one month of use. The manufacturing company does not offer a money-back guarantee policy or a free trial period.

Final Thoughts

9) Final Thoughts on Ovex

Ovex is a dietary supplement designed for women to regulate hormone levels in and protect their ovaries while improving their chances of conception. It is manufactured by Standard Process, a company with years of fame, experience, and reliability, in addition to positive customer reviews. In addition to targeting and improving the ovaries, Ovex also includes certain ingredients, like vitamin C, to improve cellular health and strengthen immunity. Online customer testimonials for Ovex are positive, and most people have rated it as a good alternative for everyday use.

Overall, Ovex seems like a good solution for women with menstrual irregularities and imbalances.

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Julia M. Wade

I have been taking Standard Process Products for over ten years. They are superior products. They are only available through Healthcare Professionals, like myself. I am a Chiropractor and recommend these products to patients. I have seen remarkable results for balancing out cycles, becoming pregnant and sustaining pregnancy. They are natural organic supplements that work with the body and do not produce side effects.

Patricia Conroy
Reply to  Julia M. Wade

Good morning. Thank you for your review of this product. I have been suffering from significant PMS for many years. My MD is prescribing Prozac for me during the last part of my cycle. Is this contraindicated if I am beginning this product as well?

Mandy proffitt

Not answer to your question but hopefully some helpful info . im experiencing anxiety only in late luteal phase myself. I think I’ve gotten mine figured out . Thought I’d mention in case this is your scenario. While I’m overweight I tend to under eat and unintentionally fast . Aside from anxiety I also get constipated during luteal blocking the absorption of nutrients I have tested low on low potassium before despite eating potatoes for days . I’ve kept a written journal a few times and later plugged them into an app some days I’m at 600 calories others at 2000 but mostly around the 1200 range. I’ve eaten more this luteal phase than normal and also I avoid sugar and wheat and corn ( I found out they make me swell ) I focused on getting my 4700 mg of potassium a day with potatoes and avocado and other rich foods . so far it’s making a big difference though it’s only been one luteal free of migraines and anxiety it’s the first one in 30 years .


I was wondering if Ovex 6600 Standard Process with bovine extract is safe to take during pregnancy? I am 4 weeks along but I have endometriosis and it was recommended by my acupuncturist. I am taking 1 pill (358 mg) twice a day combined with a prenatal multivitamin. Please get back soon. Thanks!

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Hannah


According to Standard Process, Ovex is suitable for pregnant or nursing women.