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Epimune Complex Review – 9 Things You Should Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Epimune Complex is promoted as a dietary supplement that aims to support specific aspects of immune functions. The primary claim of Epimune Complex is that it targets specifically the immune cells involved in natural immune responses, including B cells and macrophages, and offers comprehensive support to the entire structure.

This review discusses the ingredients in Epimune Complex, its claimed benefits, side effects, and price. If you are considering using Epimune Complex or you know someone who is, read this first.


1) What is Epimune Complex?

Epimune Complex is a dietary supplement that helps maintain the immune system by offering nutritional support to B cells, killer cells, antibodies, and macrophage cells. It contains naturally sourced ingredients like Maitake Mushroom and Yeast fermentate that have been used for their benefits in traditional Asian medicine.

2) Who Makes Epimune Complex

Standard Process makes Epimune Complex.

Standard Process is a family-owned company established in 1929 in the United States that prioritizes organic farming, innovation, and quality maintenance. They work with a team of microbiologists and chemists to ensure product purity and safety.

Standard Processes manufacture supplements that target several body systems, including digestive health, immune support, and cardiovascular health, among many others. Some of their well-known products include Okra Pepsin E3, Neuroplex, and Ashwagandha Complex.


3) Details on Epimune Complex Ingredients and Uses

Epimune Complex contains

  • Vitamin C from Organic acerola berry – Vitamin C is a critical player in immune support and function. It is involved in wound healing, antioxidation, tissue repair, and overall immune health. Vitamin C also supports healthy skin, blood vessels, and tissues via its role in collagen synthesis.

  • Calcium – Asides from helping build strong bones and teeth, Calcium also supports a healthy immune response, including cell signaling(an essential process in immune response) in white blood cells.

  • Zinc – Zinc is an antioxidant mineral that supports cell membranes and plays a vital role in a healthy immune response.

  • Dried yeast fermentate (EpiCor) – This fermentate comprises of proteins, fibers, vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that have been clinically proven to provide many immune health benefits

  • Maitake mushroom

  • Turkey tail mushroom
    These mushrooms are rich in Beta-glucans, which effectively lower harmful cholesterol levels and promote a healthy immune system.
Health Benefits

4) Epimune Complex Health Benefits

Epimune Complex can

  • Promote immune system activity
  • Support the formation of healthy immune cells
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system response
  • Provide antioxidant and immune support
Side Effects

5) Epimune Complex Side Effects

There are no known significant side effects directly linked to the use of Epimune Complex.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Epimune Complex?

You can buy Epimune Complex from Amazon and other online retailers


7) Epimune Complex Price

It costs $90.52 for 90 capsules of Epimune Complex

How To Take

8) How to Take Epimune Complex

Take two capsules of Epimune Complex daily

Bottom Line

9) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Epimune Complex works by providing nutritional support to the body so that antibodies, B cells, natural killer cells, as well as macrophage cells can function better, thus supporting the body’s natural responses to bacteria, viruses, or oxidative stress.

It contains Dried yeast fermentate, select mushroom powders and extracts, and other nutrients. Because of this potent combination of ingredients that are backed by scientific research, it is safe to say that Epimune Complex does work and can help you boost your immune system; however, Epimune Complex does not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Vernon S. Gilchrist

With only one weeks of usage I’ve noticed that my body is more powerful. I can even run faster and don’t get that tired. Totally content with this supplement.


This Epimune Complex from Standard Process has done wonders for my immunity, I used to catch colds all the time, but since I started taking it I forgot what it means to be sick with a cold or flu.