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Sleep Nice Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Sleep Nice is a dietary supplement offered to assist with a restful sleep and to promote healthy sleeping cycles.

The company that created the supplement is Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, an American manufacturer of health food supplements since 1994. The Company enjoys an international activity with more than 1600 active retailers all over the world. Their manufacturing facilities lay on approximately 150,000 square feet that also include administrative offices, manufacturing buildings and warehouses. Alfa The company claims to use the latest technologies and to follow current manufacturing practices that ensure a high quality and increased potency of their products.

The features and benefits of Sleep Nice are not thoroughly detailed on the official webpage. Actually, there is little information available of the formula on the official site or elsewhere online. The data about the main active ingredients is, however, extensive and has been used to evaluate the formula being reviewed.

The formula is a mixture of St. John’s Wort, Valerian root, Passion Flower, and Chamomile flower. These compounds are commonly used substances to treat mental disturbing conditions and in general disorders that affect the nervous system. The benefits extend to other systems and organs as well. The formula is designed for the use of adults.


1) Sleep Nice Quick Facts

Sleep Nice is an herbal-based dietary supplement.

The valerian is a medicinal plant commonly used to treat sleep disorders due to its capability to increase GABA levels. The root is believed to be most effective, but it is not known which of its constituents are responsible for the plant’s benefits. Valerian is also used to reduce ADHD, anxiety, psychological stress, depression, migraines, and stomach upset. However, most of its benefits are sometimes exaggerated and it is very important to remember that plant extracts may sometimes be toxic. Valerian was shown effective in treating insomnia with noticeable benefits after approximately a month of use. Safety on long term and in children is unknown. The plant is not recommended for people who are operating heavy machinery or while driving.

Chamomile is an herb used for centuries to treat insomnia, anxiety, slow-healing wounds, eczema, gum inflammation, and upset stomach. The plant owes its benefits to bisabolol and couramin, the active compounds that give chamomile the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-anxiety effects. While bisabolol seems to lack side effects, couramin may interact with anticoagulants increasing the risk of hemorrhage. However, adverse reactions occur when higher amounts of the constituent are consumed. The most potent part of chamomile is the flower which is most commonly dried and used to make tea. Other forms of chamomile remedies are tinctures, liquid extracts, creams, and ointments.

The recommended dose of Sleep Nice is 1-2 capsules daily at bedtime.

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2) What Are Sleep Nice Ingredients?

Sleep Nice contains the following ingredients: St. John’s Wort, Valerian root, Passion Flower, Chamomile flower, White Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, and Gelatin from capsule.

3) What Does Sleep Nice Do?

Sleep Nice formula is an herbal based dietary supplement.

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) has been used in traditional medicine to treat mental health conditions and heal wounds. It is believed to be very effective in alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms, as well as a variety of sleep disorders. It is not uncommon for the plant to be recommended to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, usually associated with the aforementioned conditions. The advantage of St. John’s Wort over prescription drugs (antidepressants) is that it promotes a quality sleep without the drowsiness caused by the latter. The way it does so is by allowing the patient to enter the REM sleeping phase, essential for mental health. Scientists have agreed also that a certain dose used regularly reduces the symptoms of mild depression. Some of the potential side effects are skin rash, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and confusion. The plant may interact with other antidepressants, anticoagulants, and contraception pills.

Passion Flower is also used in the treatment of insomnia, spasms, hypertension, asthma, burns, high blood pressure, and seizures. Scientific evidence supports the use of passion flower in the treatment of anxiety and the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal, but evidence is controversial as regards to all the other uses. Side effects include dizziness, confusion, and poor coordination of muscles. It is not recommended when operating machinery or in the cases of pregnant or nursing women (it may cause contractions in the uterus). The extracts may also interact with anticoagulant medication other sedative drugs.

There are no testimonials to support the Effectiveness of the formula. This is not a well-researched dietary supplement.The recommended dose of this product is 1-2 capsules daily before bedtime.

Pros & Cons

4) Sleep Nice: Pros and Cons

  • Experienced manufacturer
  • Secured online purchasing
  • Researched ingredients
  • Full or partial refund offered
  • Herbal formulation

5) Sleep Nice Product Warnings

  • No clinical trial involving the formula
  • Lack of testimonials
  • No money back guarantee

6) Sleep Nice Cost

This product is available for online purchasing for a low-to-moderate price. On bottle contains a month’s supply (60 capsules). Online purchasing is only available on the official website. Additional taxes are added depending on the country of delivery. The value of shipping charges is disclosed only after completing the ordering form. Online transactions are secured by the manufacturer with Secure Sockets Layer technology. The manufacturer offers no money back guarantee or a free trial period. A 100% quality assurance guarantee is provided instead, which states that the manufacturer fully refunds buyers that return the products sealed and only partially refunds customers that return the bottles opened or used. The refund does not include the shipping charges which supported by the client.

How To Use

7) How to Use Sleep Nice

The effectiveness of this formula is measurable judging by the effectiveness of the active ingredients and the reputation of the manufacturer. There are no studies involving this specific formula or any other evidence (including testimonials) to prove the formula actually brings benefits to its users.


8) Our Final Take On Sleep Nice

This relaxation formula is based on a blend of 4 natural remedies commonly used to treat sleeping problems. The daily value for the active ingredients is not established in the USA and no evidence of a clinical trial involving the formula is available. Also, the manufacturer does not mention the concentrations from each ingredient used to create the formula.

It is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of Sleep Nice given the fact that it is unknown if the beneficial compounds are used in potent amounts and there are no testimonials to support the health claims.

It is therefore best to consult a healthcare professional before deciding to use the formula, especially because it is known that the active substances may interact with certain drugs.

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I decided to buy this product after reading about the potency of its ingredients. It helped me with my depression and also makes me feel more energized as I sleep better and wake up rested.


This formula seems to be all natural and has helped me to get a full night rest which is more than I can ask for!