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Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray is marketed as a highly potent support against insomnia and other sleeping disorders. The formula is one of the dietary supplements offered by Tranquility Labs. This is an American manufacturer that seems to be recognized for its dedication the delivering high standard supplements (it is a BBB certified business). Unfortunately, the company’s official site does not provide information about the year of establishment, company background or its history so far.

This formulation is promoted as a complementary product to the Tranquilene day formula. These two supplements are currently the only formulations offered by the manufacturer. The formula is claimed to be helpful in a number of sleep related problems weather they are occasional or of chronic nature. Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray is suitable for individuals who suffer from nighttime waking, have problems falling asleep because of daily worries, or want to overcome a jet lag. All in all, this formula should help consumers to enjoy a full night sleep without the morning grogginess and prevent the daytime tiredness that results from such sleeping disturbances.

Unlike Tranquilene, Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray does not benefit of a very detailed description. The main active ingredients are indicated, but not described in terms of benefits. However, these ingredients are very popular substances and information regarding their benefits is available on numerous other sites and medical publications


1) Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Quick Facts

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray includes several active chemicals, including Melatonin. This is a naturally occurring substance in humans, classified as a hormone. This substance has been attributed with numerous beneficial properties, including in cancer prevention and protecting the immune system. This chemical is also responsible for the regulation of the sleep-awake sleeping cycles. It is produced by the pineal gland in the brain, which is inactive during the day. During nighttime, in the absence of light, this gland starts producing Melatonin which is further released into the blood. Melatonin acts as a sedative and helps the body to relax and become less alert preparing the individual for its nighttime sleep. Melatonin production is inhibited by light. Daytime levels of melatonin are almost undetectable. Melatonin levels also decrease by age, which is why elder people have more trouble sleeping than children and young adults.

Melatonin deficiency is one of the common causes of sleeping problems. Numerous supplements that offer supplements based on this substance promise to restore its levels, but the doses of active substance are sometimes much higher than those naturally produced by healthy adults. It is believed that supplemental doses of 1 to 3 mg may result in increased levels of Melatonin of up to 20 times more than normal values. This is why many physicians recommend supplements that contain lower doses (0.3-1 mg 90 minutes before bedtime). Improper dosages may result in unwanted side effects like increased fatigue, or depression symptoms. More so, some studies involving melatonin supplements did not show any improvement in the sleeping patterns of the subjects as compared to placebo.

The Chamomile flower extract is another commonly recommended herbal remedy against sleeping problems. It is mainly used as a tea, and has been recommended for centuries as a sleep aid and relaxing drink. The plant is also believed to possess good anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, and anti-allergenic properties. Its traditional uses include it in a broad spectrum of treatment for different health issues including asthma, stress relief, cold symptoms, colic in infants, insomnia, eye inflammation, mouth sores, skin problems, and many more. Chamomile based products are not recommended for pregnant women or those who suffer from allergies to plants (including daisy-like flowers).


2) Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Ingredients

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Chromium, Melatonin, proprietary blend (Valerian root, extract 4;1, Chamomile flower extract 4:1, Griffonia simplicifolia (5-HTP), lemon balm leaf extract), purified water, natural flavors, citric acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate, and Sucralose.

3) What Does Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Do?

Vitamin C and the B-complex of vitamins are two very popular ingredients included in nutritional supplements due to their broad spectrum benefits on the overall health. The benefits of Vitamin C on mood results from its connection with the adrenal function. During stressful times, the body uses a larger quantity of vitamin C. Large quantities of this chemical are found in the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands also produce one of the most important stress hormones called Cortisol. Prolonged stress increases the amounts of cortisol released by these organs, which results in numerous negative effects triggering symptoms like depression and anxiety, fatigue, impaired memory, and learning, etc. Studies have revealed that proper levels of vitamin C prevent an increase in the levels of cortisol, helping the body to remain in a balanced state. Vitamin C is not produced naturally by humans, but the van is assimilated from a large number of foods (fresh fruits and vegetables mainly). The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is between 75-120 g daily, depending on the age and gender of the patient.

The proprietary blend from Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray also includes a natural remedy used to treat sleeping disorders called Valerian. The root of this plant has been used for hundreds of years to cure insomnia, as a stand-alone product or in combination with other plant extracts such as lemon balm, or hops. The primary concern when using a Valerian based product (whatever the form: tincture, tea, herbal supplement) is its main side effect: the drowsiness. This may interfere with one’s ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. Clinical trials involving such extracts in reducing insomnia have shown positive results, but further research is considered still necessary.

There are some testimonials posted online about this formula. Consumers seem to support its claimed benefits, but because of the reduced number, these may not be considered as conclusive evidence for the formula’s potency.
The recommended serving size is six sprays before bedtime.

Pros & Cons

4) Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray: Pros and Cons

  • The active compounds of Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray are clinically tested for potency (with positive results about the benefits in promoting healthier sleeping patterns)
  • The monthly price is moderate (and several discounts are also available for online purchasing formula from the manufacturer’s site)
  • The formulation comes with 60-day money-back guarantee.

5) Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Warnings and Precautions

  • There is no information of the formula’s drug interactions and potential adverse reactions (which can result from those associated with its active ingredients)
  • Three is no free sample offered for this formula
  • The formulation is not clinically researched for potency (there is no evidence that the dosage of each ingredient and this specific combination has any of the benefits of the individual substances)

6) Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Cost

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray comes in 1 month’s supply sizes. A month’s supply is sold for a moderate price. The manufacturer also offers the possibility of purchasing the Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray and Tranquilene pack for a reduced price. Other offers are also available, including the possibility of ordering a three month’s supply in exchange for a significant discount and free shipping.
The formula is also available in the Auto-Ship Program, with the afferent discount. The 60 days money-back guarantee seems to also be available for this formula too, as it is not specified otherwise in the “Guarantee” section.
The producer also guarantees online security for purchasing from the official site.


7) Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray Serving Size

Side effects of Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray are not indicated. The suggested dose is 6 sprays per day.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray is designed as a solution for those who suffer from sleeping problems that affect their lives and ability to function within optimal parameters. It is advertised as a Melatonin support and features a high amount of this substance (4 mg per serving). However, it is very important to determine the exact cause of the sleeping disorder, because it the cause is not a Melatonin deficiency, the formula may prove to be completely ineffective. This is why it is very important for the consumer to always ask the advice of a healthcare professional. It is the only way to make sure that their problem was correctly diagnosed and that the nutritional supplement is suitable for their affection.

Reviews about Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray are reduced in number at the moment of this review. However, these are mostly positive. At this time we may conclude that there isn’t sufficient information to formulate an opinion about this product’s specific benefits and risks involved.

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Felicity L.

I love this formula because it helps me fall asleep in less than 10 minutes and I sleep all through the night (approximately nine hours). Before using this product I was only getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night which made me feel very tired during the day. But now I wake up fully rested, and I feel energized all day long. Very effective and affordable formula indeed!

Robert S.

I think this is a very effective and affordable sleep support. I prefer this to any of the sleeping pills I took before because it is more effective and I don’t feel any drowsiness the next day. So for me, this is the perfect solution for a full night rest.