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Protefood Review – 8 Facts You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Protefood is a dietary supplement created in order to support the functioning of the immune system, cardiovascular health, while also assisting with the production of proteins and maintaining healthy teeth, bones and muscles. The manufacturer of this supplement is Standard Process, a company which started activity in 1929. The manufacturer claims to manufacturer only high quality products, due to latest technology used to analyze the ingredients used to create their supplements. The company is known for conducting clinical trials and experiments to estimate their supplements’ efficiency. For this reason and many others, they have a very good reputation in the industry of dietary supplements.

Protefood features important enzymes that enhance amino-acid functioning, which in turn boos every amino-acid using process that takes place inside the body. Protefood addresses to all people who are interested in maintaining and enhancing their overall health with special emphasis on the immune and cardiovascular systems. Amino acids are the engine of energy production processes which is obtained after the synthesis of fats and carbohydrates.


1) Quick Overview

One of the amino-acids included in this blend is is Methionine, which can be obtained from dietary sources that include meat, fish, and dairy products. Methionineplays a significant role in many cellular functions. It is used for different conditions such as treating liver disorders, wound healing, treating depression, alcoholism, allergies, asthma, copper poisoning, radiation side effects, schizophrenia, drug withdrawal, and Parkinson’s disease. There are also some studies which suggest the fact that a diet rich in Methioninemight help prevent colon cancer.

Calcium and Potassium are involved in maintaining a healthy nervous system and a ideal cell function. Lysine is also an amino acid that supports production of proteins,hormones and enzymes and it is known for improving the immune system. Vitamin C positively impacts numerous benefits related to the immune system, thanks to its antioxidant properties.


2) Details on Protefood Ingredients and Uses

Protefood contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C, Calcium, Proprietary Blend (Defatted wheat (germ), bovine adrenal, choline bitrate, carrot (root), ribonucleic acid, DI-methionine, L-Lysine mono-hydrochloride, ride (bran) and glutamic acid), bovine bone, gelatin, veal bone, water, ascorbic acid, calcium stearate, and colors.

3) Does Protefood Work and it is Safe?

Lysine is a building block necessary for the human body to construct proteins. In addition, Lysine also assists in the production of hormones and enzymes as well. Calcium and Potassium also have their share of the support when dealing with a healthy nervous system and a proper cell function. RNA or ribonucleic acid activates amino acids in the body thus it supports a healthy protein metabolism. Methionine supports a healthy immune system response due to its ability as a powerful antioxidant and detox agent. In addition, it also prevents buildup in the arteries, thus taking care of the cardiovascular system as well.

When dealing with cardiovascular health, the ingredients previously mentioned, calcium, potassium, lysine and vitamin C also have their input. Vitamin C is also widely known for its input on a healthy immune system due to its antioxidant properties and Lysine and RNA have been discovered to also benefit the immune system.

There are several testimonials posted online about Protefood. Some of these testimonials include the following:

  • A couple of times per week, I make a small shake with Whey Pro Complete from Standard Process. I also, every day, take one Protefood by Standard Process. Protefood delivers the essential amino acids a body needs to function, repair and live. I have been feeling a lot better since then

  • I was suffering from chronic edema or fluid buildup. I asked my health care practitioner what should I do and he told me that I should start eating organic eggs (boiled or poached) daily, add some deep-water fish or organic meat to my diet, and try taking three tablets from Standard Process daily. If your edema improves, you will have confirmed you need the additional protein, he said to me. So I did exactly that and after just a few weeks I went to another check-up and my overall health had improved. I am satisfied with the results I got after using this product.


4) What Protefood Does?

  • There are many positive testimonials for the product.
  • The manufacturing company has a very good reputation on the market.
  • A detailed product sheet is provided for each of the company’s formulation, including this one


5) Precautions of Protefood Use

  • The price for the product is rather expensive.
  • The supplement has not been reviewed by the FDA
  • There are no side effects mentioned, however the ingredients may cause certain unwanted side effects in case of misuse.


6) How Much Does Protefood Cost?

Protefood is sold online by a various number of retailers and it can also be acquired from your healthcare professional. The manufacturing company does not offer a money-back guarantee and it does not have a free trial policy available yet. However, some other online retailers might offer discounts and promotions. The product is sold at a rather expensive price. Protefood can be purchased in bottles of 90 capsules. The recommended daily dosage is that of one tablet per meal and since the number of meals per day might vary, a bottle might last an individual from 1-3 months of use.


7) Directions For Taking Protefood

There are several testimonials for Protefood on the manufacturer’s website and it seems that the majority of consumers are satisfied with the results. The daily serving is one capsule per meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. The company does not mention any side-effects for the formula, but you should not exceed the recommended dosage.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

All in all, Protefood seems to be a good choice for people who want to improve certain aspects of their health, including teeth, bones, muscles, immune function, and the cardiovascular system. This supplement may support healthy protein metabolism and cellular function, through a blend of beneficial enzymes. The company offers all the needed information about the ingredient and the product itself, which is a real positive aspect, as most dietary supplements are scarcely characterized by manufacturers. There are many supplements with the same goals as this one on the market, but you should remember that a healthcare provider is the most appropriate person to hep you make a choice.

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My funcional medicine doctor gave me this to help me sleep. Two one hour before going to sleep. I don’t see anything about it helping with sleep in your description. It sounds like a great product, but I’m just wondering why this would help me sleep better. Going to take it for first time today.

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Tricia H. Santiago

A couple of times per week, I make a small shake with Whey Pro Complete from Standard Process. I also, every day, take one Protefood by Standard Process. Protefood delivers the essential amino acids a body needs to function, repair and live. Since I’ve started using it I feel less exhausted and have a faster working metabolism.