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Organic Maca Powder Review – 7 Things You Didn’t Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Organic Maca Powder is advertised as a whole food supplement designed to assist with stamina and energy, hormone balance and endocrine function, support virility and sexual ability and enhance mental focus and emotional balance. Herbs America, the manufacturing company, claims the Maca plants used to create formula are organically grown in their country of origin, Peru, on the Junin plateau located in the Andes Mountains.

Herbs America claims to be a reputable natural herbal supplements manufacturer and to distribute its products in more than 30 countries around the globe. The company markets their products under two brand names: Maca Magic and Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories. The Maca Magic product line is a trusted brand of organic raw Maca root and Peruvian Maca root formulations.

Organic Maca Powder is ideal for adults who wish to enhance their energy levels, sexual performance, mental performance, emotional well-being and maintain a hormonal balance which translates into normal functioning of numerous bodily organs and systems.


1) Quick Overview

Organic Maca Powder contains a powder extract of the Maca root, a plant native to Peru, where it was traditionally used as a tonic and as a food ingredient.

However, scientific research and clinical trials with conclusive results on humans are limited in number at this point. Among the speculated benefits of the plant we mention the following: osteoporosis, PMS associated symptoms, erectile dysfunction, stomach ulcers, depression symptoms, AIDS, mood swings, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.The plant has also been shown to enhance libido in men and increase semen quality. Because the plant has adaptogenic properties, it is able to assist the body with having a normal stress response, and may benefit people suffering from anxiety (especially in menopausal women) or nervous tension conditions. With no scientific back-up, Maca use is also claimed to promote mental alertness, better memory and concentration.


2) Details on Organic Maca Powder Ingredients and Uses

Organic Maca Powder contains the following ingredient: 100% organic full spectrum Maca Magic.

Pros & Cons

3) Organic Maca Powder: Pros and Cons

  • Organic Maca Powder contains organically grown Maca
  • The formula is vegetarian and Kosher, making it a viable alternative for specific categories of consumers
  • The formula can also be purchased in bulk as a money saving alternative
  • The product comes in the form of a powder, and can be used with beverages, as well as mixed with cereals, yogurts, or porridges


4) Organic Maca Powder Warnings and Precautions

  • The formula did not receive a large number of consumer reviews, making it hard for us to draw an objective conclusion regarding its effectiveness, potential side effects, etc
  • There is limited research based scientific evidence on the Maca Root, hence its potential side effects and interactions not systematically studied


5) Organic Maca Powder Cost

Organic Maca Powder is a powder formula available in bottles of 5.7 oz and 11 oz. An 11-ounce bottle should last for at least two months, while a minimum daily dosage should ensure a roughly four months maximum usage period. The price for an 11 oz bottle is rough $40, making a month’s supply cost between 9 and 17 dollars. The price is low to moderate and is similar to other Maca powders offered by competitor companies. Unopened bottles may be returned within seven days after purchase, for a refund on the purchase price less 15% restocking fee and shipping costs. The formula can also be purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturer, for a lower unit price. Details are available on the manufacturer’s website.


6) Directions For Taking Organic Maca Powder

The plant seems to be well tolerated by most people, with no known side effects. Organic Maca Powder received a few reviews from consumers, most of which claim the formula increased their energy levels, helped them achieve mental clarity and focus and enhanced libido.

Bottom Line

7) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

The Maca Root has been used for centuries for its beneficial effects against a variety of hormonal imbalances, as an energy booster and stress reliever. Although not scientifically researched, the plant enjoys a great popularity for numerous benefits emerging from its nutritionally dense content of vitamins and minerals. There are many products available on the market which base their advertising claims on the Maca Root benefits. Organic Maca Powder uses organically grown Maca in Peru, its origin country. The formula has received praise from consumers; however the number of reviews is limited and not representative for us to be able to draw a conclusion towards the formula’s actual effectiveness. We recommend hence that you talk to a physician prior to use.

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Dillan P. K.

Not expensive at all and so easy to take. I mix it with whatever I have for breakfast and my day starts with an energy boost and an optimistic state of mind.

Yvonne Swenson

This powder has had a surprising positive effect on me! I am energized, in a better mood and I’ve noticed increased mental clarity as well! I love it!