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Wood Betony Review – 8 Things You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Wood Betony offered by Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies is a single ingredient supplement with a wide spectrum of therapeutic actions, among which we mention: antiseptic, astringent, anti-scorbutic, anti-venomous, carminative, cathartic, digestive, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, nervine, sedative, stomach calming effect, tonic, headaches, migraines.

The producer, Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies, is located in Albany, New York manufactures and markets various alternative herbal medicine and health remedies (dietary supplements, vitamins, etc).

Although there is not enough information about Betony to know if it is safe or not, the plant extract is considered relatively safe. Side effects include stomach upset and there is evidence that it might affect blood pressure.


1) Wood Betony at a Glance

Wood Betony is a single herb tincture of the Betonica Officinalis plant, a multiple benefit ingredient and an ingredient of many herbal and alternative medicine remedies. It has been used to relieve headaches and migraines, to relax the nervous system and, for its sedative effect (for both adults and children). Also, it is known as an efficient treatment for jaundice (or icterus), colic and other liver and gallbladder imbalances.


2) What Are Wood Betony Ingredients?

Wood Betony includes the following ingredients: Wood Betony Herb, Distilled Water, 20% Alcohol.

3) Does Wood Betony Work?

Wood Betony herbal products are very plentiful, and that is because they are marketed to help with many health problems. The main benefits that are often stated with it are calming effects so that a person can reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, and they get to sleep better than before.

Wood Betony tea is often promoted as a product that can help to reduce problems with diarrhea. Many people look for a remedy for it so that it doesn’t lead to dehydration. Diarrhea is a common side effect of the flu, viruses, and even various types of supplements or prescription medications.

Wood Betony benefits are very common for cleansing the mouth too due to the mint family it is part of. Individuals that have problems with their gums, teeth, or chronic bad breath often swish with Wood Betony several times a day to kill harmful bacteria. There are claims that the muscles of the body are relaxed by it and that the heart is also stimulated.

Some people take medications that cause them to lose their appetite, so they take Wood Betony to stimulate it. There are also products that use it and promote that it will aid in the natural digestion process. Others use it for anxiety and even PMS, so there seems to be an umbrella of claims that are linked to the benefits from it.

However, there isn’t any real information out there that shows how this product would be able to do all the things that are claimed. Some feel that the use of Wood Betony is nothing more than an old wives tale. Others do believe it can be beneficial but that there are tons of variables that have to be sifted through to find the answers. There are lots more testing and clinical analysis that must be done.

Some positive things said about this product include the following:

I haven’t had a migraine in weeks
Very easy to use
Tastes good
My blood pressure is better


4) Wood Betony Benefits & Results

  • The tincture formulation, known to be superior in terms of effectiveness to other forms
  • Proven effectiveness of the core ingredient Wood Betony


5) Wood Betony Product Warnings

  • The manufacturer mentions no side effects or interactions, however the Betony may decrease blood pressure
  • Lack of reviews for this product particularly


6) Wood Betony Price

Wood Betony supplements are offered as capsules or as a tonic. The cost of it depends on the product and the amount of it offered. Anyone interested in trying Wood Betony for various health concerns should carefully compare products regarding servings per container and cost.

It is possible that local retailers may carry Wood Betony products too. This would allow a consumer to get it without waiting and without the additional cost of shipping. On the flip side though the internet offers a wider selection of products and fast price comparisons on Wood Betony products.

How To Use

7) How to Use Wood Betony

Although the manufacturer mentions no side effects or interactions, you should be aware that Betony seems to decrease blood pressure, therefore it may interact with high blood pressure medication.The recommended dosage is 6 to 12 drops in juice, water, under the tongue or as desired, taken 3 times daily. The product should be well shaken before usage and stored in cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Bottom Line

8) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Wood Betony is a tincture of the herb with the same name, manufactured by Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies. The core ingredient is a potent plant, with a wide spectrum of therapeutic effects and health benefits, among which the most important are relieving headaches and migraines, lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure, relieve bladder pain, sedative properties and nervous system relaxing properties.

This product is a simple tincture with a singular ingredient. Given that Betony lowers blood pressure, therefore might interact with medication, it is our advice to get a healthcare professional’s advice prior to starting administration.

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