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Min-Tran Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Over 15 million Americans are affected every year by some degree of mood change[1], and the numbers continue to rise. Emotional turmoil, anxiety, or feelings of sadness can occur when the brain’s mechanism meant to adjust the mood in response to various stress levels fails to react.

Since the brain is a complicated and intricate organ that needs many nutrients to function correctly, diet dramatically impacts the brain’s ability to function at optimal capacity.

Min-Tran is one of the many dietary supplements that claim to help people who suffer from mood swings. But can this relatively basic formula deliver on this promise? Does Min-Tran work?

Keep reading this article to find out.


1) Quick Overview

The mineral complexes found in Min-Tran are claimed to support the nervous system and help stabilize levels of essential neurotransmitters linked to mood.

According to the manufacturer[2], Min-Tran is a natural calmative designed to help create and sustain a better overall mood and help keep reactions to life’s challenges in greater balance.

2) How Did Standard Process Start?

Min-Tran is made by the American company Standard Process, a business with a long and eventful history as a visionary leader in the dietary supplements industry.

Founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process is guided by the idea of providing wholesome supplements closest to their natural form.

All Standard Process supplements are made from whole foods found in nature (animal tissue extracts, whole food extracts, whole food isolates, botanicals, and concentrates) and are prepared to conserve their nutritional value.

Out of the 300+ Standard Process dietary supplements, some well-known products include:

  • Magnesium Lactate
  • Immuplex
  • Congaplex – Whole Food RNA Supplement
  • SP Complete
  • Livaplex
  • Ligaplex II
  • ProSynbiotic
  • Catalyn
  • Cardio-Plus
  • Neurotrophin PMG

3) Min-Tran Ingredients

Min-Tran includes the following active ingredients:

  • Calcium 120 mg
  • Iodine 200 mcg
  • Magnesium 19 mg

Calcium is a nutrient needed by all living organisms, including humans. It is the most abundant mineral in the body, and it is especially vital for bone health. In fact, 99%[4] of the body’s Calcium is in the teeth and bones.

But Calcium is not easily absorbed[5][6], and people also need Vitamin D[7], as this vitamin helps the body absorb Calcium.

Besides supporting healthy bones and teeth, Calcium is an essential mineral that aids[8][9][10] your body by:

  • Playing a pivotal role in the movement of muscles
  • Helping to maintain strength
  • Helping blood vessels constrict and relax (which moves blood throughout the body)
  • Helping nerves carry messages between the brain and other parts of the body
  • Regulating the release of enzymes and hormones that help with many functions in the human body

Some of the best sources of Calcium include:

  • Dairy (Milk, yogurt, cheese)
  • Salmon and sardines
  • Fortified dairy alternatives, such as soy milk
  • Tofu
  • Many fortified breakfast cereals
  • Cheese
  • Green leafy vegetables, such as turnip leaves, broccoli, and watercress
  • Seeds and nuts, such as sesame, almonds, and chia

Iodine is a mineral needed in the diet to ensure that the thyroid works properly.

Thyroid hormones play an essential role in a wide range of bodily functions, including the development of the central nervous system (CNS), bone health, metabolism, and immune response[11].

An estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from thyroid gland dysfunction, and more than 2 billion[12] people worldwide remain at risk for iodine deficiency.

Supplements containing kelp are a good source of Iodine, as well as multivitamin supplements containing sodium or potassium iodide.

Magnesium is an essential mineral, playing a role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. Its many functions include regulating blood pressure, helping with muscle and nerve function, and supporting the immune system[13].

Magnesium is significantly linked to the regulation of mood, anxiety, and depression.

According to a systematic review[14] from 2017, people with low magnesium levels may have higher anxiety levels. This is partly due to activity in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is a set of three glands that control a person’s reaction to stress.

According to Standard Process, these three minerals, Iodine, Calcium, and Magnesium, work together to promote tranquility and relieve tension.

4) What Does Min-Tran Do?

Specific minerals, vitamins, and trace elements directly impact particular components of the central nervous system.

Interestingly enough, Min-Tran contains three minerals (Calcium, Iodine, and Magnesium) that can benefit mood.

Some of Min-Tran’s acclaimed benefits include:

  • Supports emotional balance


  • Helps ease the effects of temporary stress

  • Promotes a more tranquil mood

  • Supports a healthy nervous system

  • Supports the healthy functioning of the central nervous system

  • Boosts Iodine, Calcium, and Magnesium levels

  • Supports the production and release of neurotransmitters that regulate mood.

Side Effects

5) Min-Tran Side Effects

Min-Tran is generally safe to use when taken as recommended. However, as with all dietary supplements, some users may experience mild side effects after taking Min-Tran.

Some of these adverse effects[15][16][17] may include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Disturbance in heart rhythm
  • Slow heart rate
  • Gas or bloating
  • Flushing
  • Skin rash
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset
  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Min-Tran

Min-Tran is available for purchase via consultations with qualified practitioners accessible through the company website; however, you can purchase it from select online stores like Amazon.


7) How Much Does Min-Tran Cost?

Min-Tran costs $28.20 for a 330-count bottle and $56.40 for an 800-count bottle.

Keep in mind that the recommended serving size is four (4) tablets per meal and 12 tablets per day.



8) Directions For Taking Min-Tran

As a dietary supplement, take four (4) tablets per meal or as directed by a healthcare provider.

9) What Users Are Saying

"Give this to all family members for stress and anxiety, even my dog (yes, my vet approved it). Fantastic brand. Highly recommended." [Read full review]

---J. Phillips

"This is a great company. Use this product for two purposes. One for menopause other for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Works for both." [Read full review]


"I’ve been on medication for depression for over 20years on/off. I’ve been taking Min-Tran for 3 or more months now, and I hadn’t even realized that I was off the meds, it was not a difficult transition for me. However, I know this is not the case for most people. I’m also very big into self healing and alternative therapies, which have greatly helped me achieve this goal." [Read full review]

---Scot N. Marcia


10) Our Verdict on Min-Tran

Min-Tran claims to support better functioning of the nervous system, promote a balanced mood, and ease stress. The product was first introduced to the market by Standard Process in the 1960s and has maintained its effectiveness and use of natural ingredients to date.

The three minerals in Min-Tran, Iodine, Calcium, and Magnesium, may work together to promote tranquility and relieve tension. This is backed by the many positive reviews and testimonials available online.

Overall, Min-Tran is one of the highest-rated natural mineral-based dietary supplements on Amazon and can benefit users in many ways, especially for relaxation and stress relief.

3.9/5 - (21 votes)

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Contact Standard Process with any concerns you may have. Their team is very helpful. They have the scientific evidence regarding any cautionary/contraindications of taking Min-Tran. As a practitioner of 20 years, I would not recommend this product for persons with Iodine sensitivities and would use with caution in cases of thyroid disease. I have seen no adverse reactions in 20 years. Experienced practitioners conduct thorough intakes and recommend products based on the individual’s needs.

Title for your comment
Love Min-Tran
Have you tried this product?

Does this product have shellfish? I have a shellfish allergy and want to take this product.

Title for your comment
Shellfish allergy
Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Bobbie

Hi Bobbie,

According to Standard Process official website, Min-Tran contains the following active ingredients: Calcium, Iodine, and Magnesium. Under “Other ingredients,” they list the following: Calcium lactate, kelp, magnesium citrate, organic alfalfa (aerial parts), and calcium stearate. There is no mention of shellfish. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t contain traces of shellfish or other ingredients, depending on how and where it is made. To be sure, I recommend calling the Standard Process customer support department at 800-848-5061 (toll-free) and ask them about potential allergens.

Reply to  Bobbie

Possibly Iodine Sensitive? Product is vegetarian. Check out Standard Process website.


My Acupuncturist suggested Min-Tran, Niacinamide and 2 different Neurotropins after a bout of depression after losing both my dogs in the same month. The combination of all 4 gave me hot-flashes (I’m a male 55 yrs old) and made my hands shake.
After reading the ingredient list for Min-Tran (Alfalfa and Kelp), I eliminated all the others due to the odd things that were in them.
The acupuncture actually helped with the depression more than the supplement, but I keep taking Min-Tran because I have noticed that I’m able to focus better at work and seem to be more clear-headed in the morning when I wake up.
I’m going to try taking 2 before bed and see if it helps me sleep, as mentioned in a previous review.


What are the differences between Min-Tran and Cal-ma Plus? What problems would each be used for?

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Mari

Cal-Ma Plus supports endocrine, cellular, and metabolic functions. Min-Tran contains mineral complexes to help emotional balance and maintain inner harmony. According to Standard Process, the combination of mineral complexes in Min-Tran work together as a mild calmative to establish the balanced function of the central nervous system.

Hope this helps!


I love this product. It works well for me, in getting me to sleep and helping me taper off of a sleep aid. I believe in this product and so glad I found it!!!!

Nancy E. Bolognese

My chiropractor just prescribed Min-Tran.I have leg spasms and back problems due to a fall. Will this medication help this problem and will it interact with other medications?


I started out this week , and took only one pill ,was fine next day I felt like I had completely crashed barely could get out of bed , ,next day I took one pill in am,two in afternoon mood WA barely tolerable I didn’t feel with it lil I was fake…. ,fourth day same and worse just a total feeling of having no energy, depressed and couldn’t get out of bed zero enthusiasm ..so yesterday and today stopped the pill and feel my normal,which is fairly depressed.any one else this happened to ? Did I not give it enough time,or pills,idk.


I have been battling extremely treatment- resistant MDD or Bipolar II, d/o what psychiatrist you ask, for over 15 years now. I’ve even undergone several rounds of ECT t/x to no avail. Min Tran is one of the very few modes of t/x, pharmaceutical or not, that has been able to ease even some of the emotional anguish that I battle with every waking moment. Even as nurse, and very well informed consumer regarding treatment modalities for my illness, I am at a loss to explain why this product, out of all others I’ve tried, is one that makes such a significant difference for me. However, I feel very blessed to have found it regardless…and that something is able to ease the emotional anguish I battle with every day.

Lanee B.

It definitely does it’s job. I have to take it when I don’t have to work the next day because it makes me sleep very, very well. Almost too well, even with the minimum does.

Karen Ferguson

I have been taking Min Tran for a week and I feel so relaxed and calm. I can think a lot clearer too
No more anxiety.

Wynter H

I have been taking Min-Tran for 4 months now and I feel like a different person than when I started. I was taking a prescription drug that had me bouncing off the wall and I really believe that I would be a basket case had I not learned about Min-Tran. I feel great and my anxiety is gone. I was introduced to this product through Dr. Bruce West and he was truly a GOD send.

Michela K Allen

I have been taking mini Tran for 2 months now. I was a total mess before.. I thank god for allowing me to meet Dr. Stacy Ford… its really does work…

please email me if you have any questions,


I have been taking mintran for a week and feel more anxious while on the supplement than otherwise. Has anyone had similar issues or does it take a while for the body to get used to it?

Reply to  Katy

I took one three times a day for a few days and it felt like it made me irritated after I took it. It’s been a few months and I plan to try it again here in the next day or so.

Reply to  Katy

This product makes me anxious also, I wonder why.

J Powell

Thrilled to hear this. My daughter suffers every waking moment with anxiety and panic attacks!! Oh my God I pray this will help her.

Ciji Stecklein

I’m so skeptical about taking it. That’s how bad my anxiety is. I’m scared I will have a side effect. My anxiety has never been this bad before. After reading this…I have hope. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for 10 years now. I’m glad you are doing well. How long did it take to feel a difference?