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Neurotrophin PMG Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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The significance of the brain in the human body cannot be denied. It not only plays a role in regulating memory, learning, and mood but also helps regulate other body parts. So why not do something to take care of it?

Neurotrophin PMG by Standard Process is a product that claims to support the health of your central nervous system. But can it really provide the benefits it promises? Is it a good investment for health? Let’s find out in this product review.


1) Neurotrophin PMG at a Glance

Neurotrophin PMG is advertised as a formula based on Protomorphogen extract created to maintain healthy functioning of the cognitive system. It was released in the nutritional field in 1953 by a business called Standard Process.

The product is available in the form of oral tablets that must be taken daily with water, making it easy and convenient to use.

Using a unique profile of peptides, nucleotides, and minerals, Neurotrophin PMG claims to improve memory, learning, and cognition in general.

2) The Company Behind Neurotrophin PMG

Neurotrophin PMG is manufactured by Standard Process, a family-owned, multi-generational nutritional supplement company that has been operating for the past 90 years. It was initially established by Dr. Royal Lee and is currently working under Charlie DuBois, the most recent CEO. From the company’s CEO to its employees, everyone has collaborative and purposeful relationships, mutually driven by their shared passion for changing others’ lives.

Standard Process first came into existence when Dr. Royal Lee, the founder, recognized the drastic impacts of the Standard American Diet on health. He firmly believed that overconsumption of fast food is depriving us of the nutrients we need to thrive and grow. Hence, he dedicated his entire life to manufacturing and perfecting whole-food supplements. Today, his efforts have bore fruit as Standard Process, his brainchild, continues to serve customers worldwide with authentic and highly effective products.

At Standard Process, the founders and the team of professionals go to great lengths to fulfill their mission of changing people’s lives. All products created under their banner include ingredients taken from certified organic farms to ensure that they are nutrient-dense. The company puts an unwavering focus on testing and quality, which allows them to keep a close check on the safety, consistency, and purity of its supplements. It stands firmly by the quality of its products while ensuring that whatever goes into every supplement every step of the way is in accordance with the SOPs and highest standards of efficacy and safety.


3) What Are Neurotrophin PMG Ingredients?

Neurotrophin PMG is based on photomorphogenic extract. Protomorphogens include extracts of the nucleic acids taken from the nucleus of body cells. In the case of this product, the extract has been taken from the nucleus of brain cells.

Over centuries, people have consumed animal organ meats to benefit from corresponding organs in their bodies. Hence, using this extract which includes nucleic acids from the cells of porcine, has been claimed to benefit the brain, regulate its functioning, and boost its everyday operations.

Pros & Cons

4) Neurotrophin PMG: Pros and Cons

The following list of pros and cons of Neurotrophin PMG can help you decide if this product can be suitable for you in the long run.


  • Neurotrophin PMG features porcine brain PMG extract, which has been clinically proven to have a positive impact on the brain.
  • Most of the customer feedback is positive.
  • The product has more than fifty years of experience in the nutritional market because it was released in 1953


  • There can be some side effects, especially because of long-term usage or if an overdose occurs. These side effects are mainly because of calcium.
  • None of the statements posted on the manufacturer’s official website have been approved or tested by the FDA.
  • People from outside the US may have some trouble getting this product

5) Neurotrophin PMG Product Warnings

  • There can be some side-effects because it features calcium, especially on long-term usage or if an overdose occurs
  • None of the statements posted on the manufacturer official website was FDA tested or approved
  • People from outside US have to order this product from other online or local suppliers
Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Neurotrophin PMG

Neurotrophin PMG is readily available for purchase from standardprocess.com. Additionally, you can get it from Amazon and Walmart.


7) How Much Does Neurotrophin PMG Cost?

One bottle of Neurotrophin PMG is available for purchase at the price of $24.20. Each bottle contains 90 capsules and is enough to last for an entire month for a single user, making it an extremely affordable supplement for brain support.

The official company is also offering it in installments if you purchase at least $50 worth of bottles at the same time, making it more affordable and accessible to the majority of people. Customers will also have to pay a flat rate of $8 on every order; however, the service becomes free of cost if your order cost is more than $49. The company aims to ship its local products within 5 working days.


8) Directions For Taking Neurotrophin PMG

Neurotrophin PMG comes in the form of oral tablets. According to the company guidelines, one tablet of this product must be taken thrice a day, preferably on an empty stomach. The company recommends not exceeding the daily limit to avoid side effects. If you feel like three tablets a day are too much, you may consider starting with one tablet per day and gradually working your way up.


9) Conclusion

Neurotrophin PMG is touted as a natural approach to having a healthy brain by using animal extracts. It is a moderately-priced product often suggested to people who recently had brain injuries or are suffering from medical conditions that directly affect brain function, such as Lyme disease, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. The formula is based on porcine PMG extract that has been clinically proven beneficial in keeping a healthy cognitive system, even at a cellular level. A downside of this product is the risk of side effects for some users.

All in all, Neurotrophin PMG can be an excellent product to try if there are no better alternatives.

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Yvette S. Stanley

A very well known holistic veterinarian recommended Neurotrophin PMG. My dog has been taking it for six years for a variety of health reasons. Although I can’t pinpoint the advantage of this supplement, it has contributed to her good health for many years.

Charles E. Ramirez

I have inflammation in my brain from Lyme Disease and parasites. The inflammation causes a myriad of problems throughout my body. I took Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG for several months and found decreased seizure activity and had less paresis.

k pinel

i just bought min chex. it has porcine brain in it. is that safe

Sharon Trafford

My cat has been taking two Neurotrophan PMG tablets a day as prescribed by his vet. Yesterday a blood tests indicates a dangerously high calcium amount in his blood. Vet says probably cancer and is having a cancer screening performed. From the information I have gathered I believe the Neurotrophan “caused” this condition. Your feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Sharon Trafford


I’m no medical professional, but I suspect you are definitely onto something. Did you tell the vet about this? Maybe your cat has a problem with absorbing the calcium. Thus it’s building up in its body.