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Xyngular Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Xyngular is advertised as an all-in-one weight-loss kit for everyone looking to control their weight. These supplements are produced by Xyngular LLC, a US-based MLM wellness company.[1]

Xyngular weight-loss kit contains four different so-called “packages,” each designed to “combat today’s most common health concerns.” Out of the four kits, Xyngular Ultimate is generally viewed as the company’s most advanced kit.

The company behind this weight-loss program has been in business for decades – quite a long time. According to them, this package is the result of many years of research and development. It includes “everything positive about weight-loss supplements.”


1) Xyngular Quick Facts

Our Xyngular review below includes an in-depth analysis of available clinical research, core ingredients, potential side effects & warnings, claimed benefits, effectiveness, best price, and more.

Xyngular LLC has been in business for decades. According to its official website, Xyngular weight-loss supplements result from many years of research and development.

The manufacturer also alleges that each system comes with a broad spectrum of health benefits, ranging from whole-body detox to advanced weight management and even support for optimal gut health.

Each kit consists of several different dietary supplements, plus resources such as meal plans, diet plans, guidebooks, and recipes, which can be downloaded for free once you buy one of the kits.

2) How Did Xyngular Start?

Xyngular LLC is an MLM wellness company based out of Lehi, Utah.[2] It is worth mentioning that all their products are sold via MLM marketing, and anyone interested in buying one of the kits has to either sign up for a membership or contact one of the many Xyngular “agents.”

How to contact Xungular LLC:

  • Website: xyngular.com
  • Email: member.service@xyngular.com
  • Phone: 801.756.8808

3) Xyngular Ingredients

Xyngular Global Blend contains the following ingredients:

  • Proprietary Hi ORAC Blend (white and green tea mixed with a wide range of fruit extracts) 6,400 mg;
  • Proprietary Adaptogen Blend (Panax ginseng root extract, Amla fruit extract, and Eleuthero root) 50 mg;
  • Proprietary Primary Complex (Glycine, L-Glutamic acid, and L-Cysteine) 30 mg.

If you want a weight loss supplement with caffeine, check out our OxyELITE Pro review.

4) What Does Xyngular Do?

According to Xyngular LLC,[3] all ingredients used in making their dietary products are all-natural and include protein, vitamins, stimulants, and minerals.

Many of the herbal extracts and amino acids used in this weight management supplement have been researched and proven beneficial when taken for weight loss[4][5][6].


Each Xyngular kit is designed to improve or support a specific aspect of your general health, so each kit has its composition depending on the final objective you want to achieve:

  • Cheat – appetite control;
  • Flush – gut health;
  • Spryng – active performance;
  • Trimstix – appetite suppressant, stamina, and metabolism;
  • Global Blend – daily health and antioxidant;
  • Axion – nutrition and everyday health;
  • Accelerate – energy, metabolism, and fat burn;
  • Advanced Omega – nutrition and everyday health;
  • Lean – appetite suppressant and meal/snack replacement;
  • Probiotix – gut health;
  • XR2 – appetite suppressant, sleep, and stress;
  • Xyng – appetite suppressant, stamina, and metabolism.
Health Benefits

5) Xyngular Health Benefits

Xyngular Global Blend claimed benefits include:

  • It contains natural ingredients with proven weight loss and weight management benefits;
  • A complete, all-in-one kit for weight loss;
  • It helps maintain overall wellness;
  • It is part of a complete 30-day program to help you meet your weight-loss goals;
  • Works best with included meal plans, and training support.
Adverse Effects

6) Potential Xyngular Adverse Effects

Just because supplements are 100% natural, it does not mean they are side effects free. The ingredients used in Xyngular products can, and do, impact some individuals. Therefore, some users may experience mild adverse effects,[7][8][9] such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Tremor
  • Insomnia
  • Bloating
  • Increased blood pressure

These Xyngular side effects might be infrequent, but there may be some concerns about using the products and maintaining the diet long-term.


7) Precautions of Xyngular Use

Both men and women can use Xyngular kits. However, these supplements are not intended for children, teens, and young adults under 18 years old. Do not take Xyngular if pregnant, nursing, or having a known medical condition. Do not take Xyngular or any other weight-loss supplement if under treatment with prescription medication.[10][11]

Buying Options

8) Where to Buy Xyngular in the United States?

Because a common MLM practice is selling products through so-called “agents,” there aren’t many buying choices other than signing up as a member or buying from one of the agents.

Still, some Xyngular kits can be bought online from stores such as eBay or Amazon. The price won’t differ too much from the list price, and discounts rarely happen, but you may get some extra benefits such as free shipping or better return policies.


9) Xyngular Price

The cost of Xyngular weight-loss products differs based on the products, kits, and bundles you buy and personal goals.

Members receive a $100 product credit toward their next purchase and small discounts every time they buy one of the kits for themselves.

Typically, individual products’ price varies from about $30 (i.e., Flex or Genesis) to $400 (i.e., Xyngular Ignite Fat Burning System Kit).

How To Take


10) How to Take Xyngular

The daily recommended serving depends on the product or on the kit you intend to use.

11) Variations of Xyngular

Xyngular is a complex weight management system that includes several different “Starter Systems” and a number of individual supplements, kits, and bundles, based on your needs.

Starter Systems:

  • CORE4 Bundle
  • Ignite Fat Burning System Kit
  • Ultimate Transformation Kit with Global Blend
  • Ultimate Transformation Kit with Global Blend

Weight loss:

  • CORE4 – Cheat
  • CORE4 – Flush
  • CORE4 – Accelerate
  • TrimStix


  • Spryng
  • Xyng – Fuel For Life

Daily Health:

  • Genesis Capsules
  • Osteo Bones Support
  • Flex – Keep Your Body in Motion
  • Immune
  • Probiotix
  • Advanced Omega – Brain, Heart & Metabolism function
  • Xr2
  • Axion – Optimal Health Supplement
  • Cardio – Heart Health & Circulation Promotion

Hormone Support:

  • Prime – Hormone Optimizer for Man;
  • Shine – Hormone Balancer for Woman.

Personal Nutrition Essential Packs:

  • Xyngular Daily Essentials Bundle


  • Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend
  • Xypstix
  • CORE4 – Lean

12) What Users Are Saying

"This product causes your blood to thin. Caused severe bruising to my entire body and caused my platelets not to function! Sure seems like an unhealthy way to lose weight..." [Read full review]

---Sherri L. Pruce

"If I could give this product a zero, then I would. Overpriced and underwhelmed. I've been on it for a week, and I have been so sick the entire time..." [Read full review]


"I have only taken Global Blend and Genesis, two of the products. I have to say, "I started doing these two back in Oct, it is now July, and I have not had one sniffle or illness of any kind." [Read full review]

---Karen Jordan

Does it Work

13) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Xyngular is a collection of weight loss kits intended to help burn fat more efficiently and lose weight. However, these weight management kits work best when paired with a proper diet and daily exercises[12].

It is also worth mentioning that the Xyngular diet plan is quite complex and it combines over 200 different ingredients (across all kits and individual products). We advise caution and we recommend consulting a healthcare provider before starting on such a demanding weight loss plan.

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thomas dunkin

I have used this product and it works if you are knowledgeable about what this program is trying to teach you. My wife loves it and has had good results. It is not for everyone and for every negative feedback there is a positive one so be open-minded.

Title for your comment
not every program is designed for you, so don't be negative becuase it didn't work for you.
Have you tried this product?

I started taking this product on the eight-day kit. I was so happy with the fact that even though this company does not claim any of its products helps with the pain I have chronic widespread debilitating pain. Once the eight-day challenge was over I was so ecstatic with the lack of brain fog and increase of pain relief I ordered the three supplements that were I thought best for me in this kit which was the Xyng, The accelerate, and flush. After about two weeks, early one morning when I was sleeping, suddenly I had extreme eye pain in one of my eyes. I also had a horrific headache on the same side and the pain level was close to 10. I know now I probably should’ve gone to the hospital right away but we all tried to ride things out. I dealt with this for most of the day and the eye pain got a little better as did the head pain but I was still suffering in pain and it times a blinding headache just on that side. I started to notice that my left eye was bulging out and painful and unfortunately I tried to wait it out for about a month and a half while continuing to get these headaches. Finally, my right eye started to bulge as well and I woke up one morning and I couldn’t walk because I thought the whole world was on a tilt due to the fact that my hearing was gone in my left ear and my equilibrium was off. I went to the ER that day and found that, as someone who has low blood pressure, my blood pressure was 193/108 and the emergency room doctor said I was in the area of having a stroke. They found some kind of fluid in my inner ear they did not know what it was I did not have an ear infection and severe pressure on my eyes. While I sat there thinking about why this was happening to me I got on my phone and looked up if any of these products could cause high blood pressure and right away I found that the xyng had a product in it called Yohimbe bark that is known to cause extremely high levels of blood pressure. I quit taking the supplements that night they wanted me to stay at the hospital and I refused they were afraid I was going to have a stroke. Or worse. As the days went on after that and I was no longer on the supplements my blood pressure slowly came down the fluid in my ears started to dissipate and my eyes started feeling better. My blood pressure now three weeks out is back to normal my ear is back to normal but my left eye is still larger than my right eye and I’m afraid that it will never go back to normal.

Title for your comment
These products could have caused me a stroke or even death
Have you tried this product?

Yes lost weight in 8 days, felt great, was excited, but then on day 9 a rash broke out on my stomach, and have abdominal pain. It’s been a week and not gone yet. They say it’s keto rash/keto flu. But it doesn’t feel good at all. Let my coach’s coach know but heard nothing back. My direct coach was too new to the product so no complaints there. Coach’s coach said she had this happen to other people but did not give me any advice from previous experiences. Just kept posting on all her new clients. Will be sending what I can back!

Title for your comment
Beware of possible keto rash/keto flu. Google it
Have you tried this product?
Brandi Olson

This product makes your heart beat really fast. I ordered the ultimate. You get to consume about 600 calories per day – awful – anyone can lose weight eating only 600 calories. I felt so edgy and gross. I tried it for 7 days then threw in the towel. I asked to return – I only used about 7 days of the 30 days supply. I was ordered to quarantine so could not get to the post office in time – was 6 days after the last postmark date accepted and they refused to give me my money back $600… The manager Kenzie said it was her decision and she thought it was just too far off of the last day (6 days with COVID-19 circumstances). Terrible and uncompassionate business and terrible for your body. It’s just a shock to your system…

Title for your comment
Don't waste your money!!
Have you tried this product?

This product for me WORKS. But hey to each their own. Everyone is different. Believe me; I’ve tried many other products on the market promising results. There is no such thing as a magic pill. I do agree with other comments. Xyngular does have many products and a bit pricey. But all the products work together as needed, and hey you get what you pay for. This system is not a FAD diet. Its a lifestyle change for good!! Anytime I had a question, I had answers within minutes from my coaches—no complaints with the business. Shipping was slow at first, but I had learned that COVID 19 slowed down the process, now it’s September, and I get my products within days, plus now they have my favorite flavor, pineapple orange Trimstix. They are awesome for energy! Give it a try!

Title for your comment
Have you tried this product?

Received my product in 5 business days. Lots of pills, yes. Dr. approved which made me feel a bit better. Lost weight, lost inches, and felt better overall. So for me, a success story.

Title for your comment
I'm satisfied.

Agree, this stuff ripped my stomach apart immediately. They offer a money-back guarantee. They then asked for me to ship everything back, which to me is frightening. Are they redistributing what you don’t use? Also, when I called they said it takes 8-10 business days to go through everything. I’m sorry, through what? You offer a 45-day guarantee. What are you going through? Again, are you counting all the pills that are left? Very odd behavior.

Title for your comment
Zero trust
Have you tried this product?
Raquel Juarex

Worst company to deal with!!!! I spent way over $600 my first order, you have to take like 500 pills no joke!!!! Lots of pills and when you run out of their protein powder for me to reorder is so expensive and it takes about a month for them to ship your products and they never ever answer they’re phones, the coaches they assign to you only check on you the first time you spend your whole check with And the second time is to tell you about you earning your money back by referring all your fam and friends to purchase products. Overall the worst company. Do not waste your money, time, and energy I only lost 8 lbs but probably cuz I was drinking lots oF water and exercising. Thumbs down. And when you try to return unopen products. No can do!!! Always an excuse.

Title for your comment
Xyngular-Rip off!
Have you tried this product?
Reply to  Raquel Juarex

Thank you! I’ve been on the fence about this plan for a month or so, but after reading the reviews, I’m doing this weight loss the old-fashioned way.

Reply to  Deb

Deb, I’m on the program too. To me it is ok. But with so little calories everybody will lose weight. I will finish (30 days) mine but would not buy it again. I assume that there isn’t a real money back guarantee. I didn’t try.


This is one of the worst companies I have ever worked with. Spare yourself the time and trouble and use a different weight loss system. It takes over a month to receive products and then you don’t even get all of your products.

Title for your comment
Horrible Company!
Have you tried this product?