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Cho-Wa Review – 7 Things To Look For

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Cho-Wa is a type of green tea green tea which is advertised as an incredible traditional Japanese remedy. The tea manufactured by Kumato Labs is claimed to have been a highly exclusive remedy dedicated to the members of the Tiger Shogun family and later its descendants.

The tea apparently has miraculous health benefits including immune system enhancement, protection of the body from disease, assisting with optimal organ function, improving mood, curving depression and supporting overall mental and physical performance.

Kumato Labs is a company founded by Dr. Kumato, the person who apparently discovered the tea and received it from an old Japanese sensei and healer. Kumato Labs manufacture and distribute three traditional Chinese medicine products, including Cho-Wa. The product is dedicated to any adult seeking support for overall health or for particular functions or health conditions.


1) Cho-Wa at a Glance

Cho-Wa is a combination of herbal herbs, resulting in a green tea blend. The tea contains herbs which are widely used in Western Medicine, including Rhodiola Rosea, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Ginger, and Licorice.

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant originally grown in Russia, Siberia, and other Scandinavian countries. It is here where its original uses as an adaptogen and general tonic gained popularity. Scientific research, although so far with inconclusive results, shows that Rhodiola is extremely efficient in correcting mental and physical stress and in promoting an overall healthy stress response. Recent evidence shows that Rhodiola may benefit symptoms of depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, various anxiety disorders such as social phobia and social anxiety and emotional imbalances. Due to the fact that Rhodiola might interfere with blood pressure medication, caution is advised.

Ginkgo Biloba has been touted for a large number of benefits: some scientifically proven, while others mere suppositions. These include prevention of memory loss, claudication, macular degeneration, tinnitus, PMS, and others. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant and is widely used as a way to prevent illness, being consumed on a daily basis.

Nutrition Facts

2) Cho-Wa Nutrition Facts

Cho-Wa includes the following ingredients: Green Tea, Rhodiola, Ginkgo, Epimedium, Astragalus, Lycium, Euphoria fruit, Ginger, Tangerine, Licorice, Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake.

Pros & Cons

3) Cho-Wa: Pros and Cons

  • This is an herbal mixture of various plants in the form of a tea
  • The majority of the main ingredients have been part of various research studies
  • Generally positive consumer Cho-Wa reviews can be found online


4) Cho-Wa Product Warnings

  • A rather limited number of consumer reviews
  • The cost for a month’s supply may reach as much as $60
  • The manufacturer mentions a 100% guarantee, but fails to offer any further details


5) Cho-Wa Price

Cho-Wa is an expensive product. This supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or a number of online retailers.

Each box of Cho-Wa contains 30 packets, which should be enough for one month of treatment at a recommended dose of one tea packet per day.

The formula is available for purchase at international level, with delivery costs that depend on the buyer’s location.

Suggested Use

6) Suggested Use

The recommended daily dosage for this formula is one packet infused in hot water. Consumers generally agree that this is an effective product and claim it is able to enhance boost, memory, and mental alertness.


7) Our Verdict on Cho-Wa

Herbal medicinal remedies are generally cheaper and have fewer side effects than traditional medicines. This is why many prefer them to prescription or other drugs. The supplement is advertised as a tea with a wide spectrum of healing benefits, both as a way of preventing and as treating numerous health conditions. The Cho-Wa tea is claimed to have been the exclusive remedy of traditional Japanese Shoguns until it was made available to the public. Although Cho-Wa testimonials and consumer reports claim the product assists with a large number of health problems, there are no published scientific studies or clinical trials to confirm the benefits of this plant. The product contains coffee; therefore, extra caution is advised for caffeine-sensitive individuals.

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Mr. E

For the past 15 years I have had one cup of Cho Wa every morning. During this time I have not experienced any illness, other than may be a one day sniffles, my energy level in all areas stays elevated and my mind remains sharp. I am 68-1/2 years young and enjoy the company of many young women. All of which I can directly contribute to religiously taking Cho Wa. GREAT productI If you have serious health issues you will probably need 60-90 days of Cho Wa before you experience a marked improvement.

Robert G
Reply to  Mr. E

I wanted the reply to Mr. E. and ask if he atributes increased sexual abilities at 68* plus to Cho Wa? Thanks. Recently discovered Cho Wa.


I have been drinking ChoWa for some time now and really love the energy and vitality it seems to give me. However, has anyone noticed every feeling anxious or having anxiety after being on the tea for awhile? Just curious…


Yes it is expensive to buy 1 or 3 packages.
The year supply works out to a dollar a day.

I have used it for 7 years. Most people put me between 40-50 (most say if I dyed my gray hair they would put me 30-40) I’m 62 and lead a very busy life style.

I hope that helps

Sabine Lucas

I have used Cho-Wa for many years and may have been one of the first users in the US. Originally, the tea came with detailed instructions about how the tea was to be used and that it should be embedded in a tea ceremony in order to be fully effective. I have followed these instructions religiously, knowing that this formula has spiritual underpinnings. The tea exudes powerful energy, which is palpable to an energy sensitive person. This energy cannot be explained with the listed ingredients alone. There must be something else in the formula, something of a more subtle nature.
I will drink this tea as long as it is available and I am alive.

Neva Rhyne

I find this tea very interesting. Cho-wa has enhanced my smelling abilities and my tasting abilities. also Cho-wa quiets the tremor in my hand . it puts me at rest with alertness at the same time. only took it three days so far


I bought three boxes of Cho Wa a few years ago when I was having stomach pains. It helped tremendously. I used about 1 1/2 boxes and put the rest away after the issue was resolved. Recently my hair started falling out in gobs and I suspected it was stress related. Even though the Cho Wa box had an expiration date of a year ago, I started using it again. The exact day I began drinking it, my hair stopped falling out. I thought it was a coincidence or just great luck until I saw my acupuncturist who muscle tested Cho Wa on me and it was extremely positive. She also said that some of the ingredients are good for kidneys and that the kidney meridian is connected to hair. Aside from my hair not falling out any longer, I feel calmer and more centered when I drink it. I am very sensitive to caffeine and Cho Wa doesn’t make me jittery at all. I can’t drink it on an empty stomach though. I wait a couple hours after breakfast.


red wine or green tea are the best known anti oxidantsdecaf cold green ice tea at the store .. sold in large packs, seitemmos carbonated with lemon or lime extra flavoring as well maybe

Ma Satya

My experience with using Cho Wa tea and in sharing it with others is that some people notice positive benefits from drinking it right away and others, don’t notice anything. The first time my fiance and I drank the tea, we both noticed an euphoria come over us within about two minutes. I also, noticed a mental alertness with improved energy as I have some “fatigue” issues. My fiance drinks it as it helps keep body pain down. We drink the tea almost daily and wouldn’t be without it; however, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. I’ve never had any problem with any billing company affiliated with the company; we buy in bulk about twice yearly to save money.


I’ve been using Cho-Wa for years and I really have to say I’ve never found anything else that works so well. God knows I’ve tried, too, ’cause the stuff’s expensive. I justify it by noting that it costs way less than getting Starbuck’s every day, yet makes me feel way better – you feel really light and fresh with lots of energy, but there’s never any jitters or crash like with caffeine. The flavor was kind of off-putting at first, but I couldn’t help noticing how revitalized I felt, so I made myself give it an honest try. Pretty soon I got used to it and now even like the taste. It’s earthy, but refreshing. I drink it cold and I have an oversized mug that I use for it, which helps because it makes it a bit more diluted. I also find that it mixes better if you begin stirring the water first and add the powder a little at a time.


This product work for me in loosing weight (178lb) to (155)lb in about 4 months and I drink the tea
everyday. It also gave me energy and it is sooooooo awesome.



i have been using Cho Wa for about 3yrs and i have to say it is a unique product in the sense as to how it makes me feel. I notice that it is more effective if taken at about noon on an empty stomache. the instructions say to take it in the morning when u wake. I have not gotten much of an effect doing that. For me if i wake up and feel crappy, cho wa will not help me feel any better but if i wait until i feel better and am awake at about 11 or 12 noon then it really kicks in and gives a potent effect. i am not that concerned about the caffeine becuse green tea is only one of quite a number of ingredients. i researched all the ingreients in this formula and euphoria root might be what gives the endorfin effect, or combined with the caffeine in the green tea. I am very familiar with the effects of caffeine and this is not a typical caffeine “high”, there is a temporary euphoric effect that is interesting. I wish there was some research on the long term effects on different health conditions, because i am quite confident that for me it has had an addictive quality to it that i cant totally understand and i find myself drinking it just to feel good. It must have some effect on long term health but i am not sure about what that would be. Bill


Angela when you get the herbs to make your own version of Cho Wa,could you post here the rite amounts and the ingrediances on how to make your own.That would be really cool,thank You

Angela Horner

The products works wonders for me!! I have diabetes and am very low energy, I only bought a one month supply and it was like night and day!! It even improved my mood. I can’t afford to buy more, but with the help of local herb stores I’m making my own.

Lamar K.J.

I had trouble concentrating during the afternoon because my energy level would be too low. I’ve tried everything. This tea seems to do a great job in picking my mood up and keeping me energized for at least 4 hours.


I’ve had troubles sleeping ever since high-school. I believe it is because I am almost permanently controlled by this anxiety and nervousness. This tea brings me some comfort, but it would not be half as effective if it wasn’t for the other herbal medicines I am taking at the same time. All in all, this is ok.

Cheryl Burrell

I get up in the mornings feeling refreshed and I do seem to have more energy early in the day. I cut down on caffeine, which I think it’s great for my health, too. I feel more alert and focused. However, I do wish Cho-Wa wasn’t quite that expensive.