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Nature Made Zinc Review – 8 Facts to Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Zinc is promoted as a dietary supplement that is entirely based on the essential mineral which gives the product’s name. The company behind this remedy is Pharmavite, known for being the first that obtained the USP approval, thus offering the world remedies that have been recognized for their quality. This particular supplement is a part of the brand called Nature Made.

The manufacturer claims that Zinc presents no flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, fish, egg products, gluten or milk and can also be consumed by vegans or vegetarians.

In the past decades, Zinc deficiency has lead to the death of approximately 800.000 people each year, according to several studies, therefore represents one of the most important current nutritional issues. Due to the fact that the human body doesn’t have its own Zinc storage, consumption of Zinc based foods or supplements is recommended in order to avoid deficiency.


1) Zinc at a Glance

Being one of the essential minerals, Zinc possesses a large spectrum of beneficial effects for the vast majority of bodily systems, functions and organs. It generally plays an important role when it comes to regulating the metabolism or would healing processes. In addition, it helps the body to cope with stress better while maintaining a good nervous system and brain health.

It is regarded as mandatory for supporting the normal growth by being implicated in protein and DNA synthesis, as well as the proper development of the immune system. Moreover, it usually increases intellectual capacity and eye sight. When it comes to food, important sources of Zinc are: vegetables, cereals, meat, oysters and nuts.


2) What Are Zinc Ingredients?

Zinc includes the following ingredients: Zinc (30 mg).

3) Is Zinc Right for You?

Because Zinc is one of the body’s essential minerals, its usage is directly related to the healthy functioning of the majority of bodily organs, functions, and systems. It is a known fact that zinc is mainly important when it comes to wound healing processes, metabolism regulation and maintaining the health of the immune system. Moreover, it can help the body sustain normal growth and offer the necessary support to better cope with stress.

The mineral is also essential for the body’s development because it is involved in processes like DNA synthesis and protein synthesis, thus maintaining proper zinc levels is a mandatory factor for children and teenagers. Some of the studies revealed that this mineral could improve eyesight and increase intellectual capacity. This is why it is important to provide the body with at least 7 mg of zinc per day that can be taken either from foods such as cereals, oysters, meat, nuts, and vegetables or natural supplementation.

However, to avoid potential damage that may appear when the maximum zinc dosage required by the body is exceeded, people should be careful when following this treatment. Unwanted side-effects that may seem when consuming zinc based supplements include nausea, diarrhea, and stomach damage.

Some online testimonials are scarce, but reports mention:

  • This supplement helps the development of my child

  • It is easy to take

  • Taking this supplement helps me maintain my health


4) Zinc Claims

  • Zinc may prove a reliable supplement for solving cases of Zinc deficiencies that are one of the most troublesome current issues of the nutritional world
  • It contains no preservatives, yeast, artificial flavors, colorings, starch or gluten, thus the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans too
  • The manufacturer website offers a reward system for regular clients


5) Precautions of Zinc Use

  • The product is not FDA approved and does not intend to cure, diagnose or treat any disease
  • The manufacturer does not issue any side-effects or interactions
  • Zinc is potentially harmful if taken without an initial medical advice or improperly
  • There are no online available customer testimonials


6) How Much Does Zinc Cost?

Zinc is offered by the manufacturers in the form of bottles containing one hundred capsules. Because the suggested daily dosage is one capsule per day, a bottle is sufficient for approximately three months of treatment.

The product can be purchased either from manufacturer’s official website or other offline or online retailers. When it’s bought in larger amounts, retailers usually offer discounts and promotions. Also, members of manufacturer’s website can even take advantage of “wellness rewards.”

Free trial programs are not offered, and international shipment from the official website is only for customers from Mexico.

Suggested Use

7) Suggested Use

Even though it is generally considered safe for adult-usage, people following the treatment shouldn’t exceed the 40 mg per day limit. By surpassing the normal dosage, people may experience unwanted side-effects like: stomach damage, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea.


8) Our Final Take On Zinc

All in all, Zinc represents a dietary supplement that possesses a large spectrum of benefits for the bodily systems, organs and functions. On the other hand, surplus or deficiency of Zinc are considerably dangerous, hence the product should only be used based on medical recommendation and after a personal evaluation.

The manufacturers claim that this product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians because it does not contain any artificial ingredients or gluten. However, the product’s efficacy cannot be generally stated and it’s only based on manufacturer’s specification since there are no online client testimonials made available to the public.

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Johanna Meyers

I’m not a big fan of dietary supplements, but this one in particular helped with my zinc deficiency. I feel so much better after just a week of treatment. I recommend it to everyone who can afford it.