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Liver Kidney Formula Review – 8 Things You Didn’t Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Liver Kidney Formula is advertised to be a dietary supplement that was designed in order to nourish and support the liver and kidneys, offering a powerful antioxidant effect and also protecting the body from free radical damage and also stress.

The manufacturer of this product is called Organic India and operates both in India and the United States. Their primary concern is promoting holistic and sustainable development in order to help as many people as possible. They also present products of the highest quality and are set on continuously developing better and more effective organic food and supplement that address general health. The products manufactured by them include: Tulsi Teas, Herbal Supplements, Psyllium, Castor Oil and Ayurvedic and Medical Herbs, all the ingredients used in these products are cultivated, collected, processed, produced and sold by them.

In the human body the detoxification effect is sustained by the liver and kidneys, thus playing a key role in health, this formula sustains the maximization of the detox process and promotes general body health as well. Liver Kidney Formula is a kosher product that is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is free of gluten and any herbs that suffered genetic modifications.


1) Liver Kidney Formula Quick Facts

Liver Kidney Formula is a herbal dietary supplement that is the end result of a blending of herbs that have proven and powerful effects.

One herb used in this blend is Bhumyamalaki, which is a herb that is said to treat many disorders that affect the urinary tract, including infections, kidney stones and discharges from the urethra or vagina. This plant is also used as a liver tonic and aids when dealing with Hepatitis B. Some people use this herb to treat diabetes, gallstones, folic, flu, or anemia.

Katuki is another herb that is found in this blend and can be found in the Himalayan mountains. The Ayurvedic tradition presents this plant as a cure for disorders like intestinal worms, skin problems, blood disease or throat disorders and fevers. Modern pharmacologists claim that this herb has positive effects when dealing with tumors,inflammations,or virus infections, it also has an antioxidant effects and hepato-generation one. The manufacturer does not present sufficient information as to asses the long term use of this product.


2) Details on Liver Kidney Formula Ingredients and Uses

Liver Kidney Formula contains the following ingredients: Organic Bhumyamalaki whole herb, Katuki rhizome with root, and Organic Punarnava root.

3) Is Liver Kidney Formula Right for You?

Liver Kidney Formula is a herbal dietary supplement that blends three herbs that have a long traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine and promote health on many levels.

One of the ingredients used in this formula is called Bhumyamalaki and is a herb that is used to treat many disorders that involve the urinary tract like infections, pain button, and swelling, kidney stones, or discharges from the urethra or vagina. Other uses of this plant include a liver tonic effect when dealing with problems like Hepatitis B; people also use Bhumyamalaki as a treatment for diabetes, gallstones, colic, flu, or anemia and asthma.

Another ingredient used to blend this formula is Kabuki, which can be found in the North-West Himalayan mountains and it grows on bare hillsides as well as on the edges of rocks. Pharmacologists say that this herb has anti-tumor effects, anti-inflammatory effects, antispasmodic or antiviral effects, it also acts as an antioxidant. In the Ayurvedic tradition, this herb is said to be-be useful when dealing with disorders like intestinal worms, skin problems, blood disease, throat disorders or fevers and headaches.
No information regarding long term use or side effects is presented by the manufacturer on their website.

There are customer testimonials about Liver Kidney Formula. What is being said includes the following:

  • This formula helped me pass a kidney stone, and I’m very grateful.

  • My mother uses this product because she has some liver problems and she says that she feels great since she started.


4) What Liver Kidney Formula Does?

  • The ingredients used in this formula make it suitable for vegetarians.
  • The price is an affordable one.
  • The Ayurvedic tradition uses these ingredients for thousand of years.


5) Liver Kidney Formula Product Warnings

  • This formula does not come with a free trial or money back guarantee.
  • No information regarding long term use is available.


6) Liver Kidney Formula Cost

This formula is a highly affordable dietary supplement that comes in the form of a bottle that holds 90 vegetarian tablets. One or two capsules taken two times a day with food and water is the recommended dosage, and one bottle should provide one month’s supply. This formula can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website or from a variety of online retailers that may offer different solutions. Standard national and international shipping rates are applied. At this time no free trials or money back guarantees are available, but the manufacturer offers free shipping for orders that are over a certain amount.


7) Liver Kidney Formula Serving Size

This formula is found in the form of a bottle container that has 90 vegetarian capsules and the recommended dosage is one or two capsules two times per day with food and water.


8) Our Final Take On Liver Kidney Formula

Liver Kidney Formula seems to be an effective formula that sustains liver and kidney health, by providing nutrients that support the body’s detoxification process. The price of this formula makes it a highly available one and the ingredients use have an ancient tradition use that spends over thousands of years. This formula can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s web site or from several online retailers, none of the offering a free trial or money back guarantee at this time. Other dietary supplement that seem to offer the same effects as this one are available on the supplement market, in order to find the best suited one some research is advised.

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Selma J. Wilson

My mother uses this product because she has some liver problems and she says that she feels great since she started.

Margarette T. Sevilla

This formula helped me pass a kidney stone and I’m very grateful.


I am taking LKC for fatty liver. I have used other products of organic india such as shatavari and ashwaganda for a long time, and see good results. However, with LKC, am developing gas.