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Joy Tonic Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Joy Tonic is an herbal liquid formation that helps in the treatment of states of irritability, stress, constant worry, anxiety, subsequent lack of sleep, and other similar conditions that lead to emotional imbalance. In addition, it may also be taken to reduce symptoms related to the women’s menstrual cycle. It is produced by Urban Moonshine.

Urban Moonshine is a small company from Vermont in USA thatspecializesin the production of bitters and tonics. It was set up in 2009 by an herbalist with many years of experience, Jovial King. The company is a small family business according to the official website thus in our view there may be a lot of consumers who have not tried their products yet. Urban Moonshine focuses on the production of handcrafted organic herbal remedies only, as it is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible.

The manufacturer advertises Joy Tonic as containing calming herbs that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and thus on our inner balance. Herbalists also say that these herbs are not habit forming as well. The product is aimed at helping individuals suffering from modern age conditions like anxiety and stress. It is also recommended to women in reducing symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome.


1) What is Joy Tonic?

Joy Tonic is an herbal formula which contains some herbs that influence the functioning of the nervous system. One such herb is linden. Linden has been used for hundreds of years in treating various illnesses such coughs and colds, anxiety, vomiting, heartbeat problems, and digestive problems. The plant contains chemical components that have antioxidant (contribute to new cell growth), astringent and anti-inflammation properties. There are a limited number of scientific studies on the efficiency of linden, despite its wide use in folk medicine.Animal studies and test tubes have shown the plant has diuretic and sedative properties. Side effects include heart damage (caused by frequent use of the plant) otherwise linden is considered safe if the dosage is correct.

The Joy Tonic formula contains a mix of plants whose effect has not been evaluated by the FDA. However dietary supplements do not need FDA approval. The manufacturer does not mention any side effects or possible interactions with other drugs or supplements. However, it does not recommend the formula to pregnant women.

Nutrition Facts

2) Joy Tonic Nutrition Facts

Joy Tonic includes the following ingredients: Organic Linden, Organic Motherwort, Organic Mugwort, Organic Rose, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Grape Alcohol, and Water.

If you’re not a fan of unconventional ingredients, we recommend checking out our Tranquilene review.

3) What Does Joy Tonic Do?

Joy Tonic is an herbal liquid formula containing several fragrant herbs which have tranquilizing effects on either the nerves or the muscles. Therefore, these plants are natural remedies that can help you go to sleep, fight stress or can alleviate PMS and menopause symptoms, among others.

Motherwort, for instance, slows down blood pressure, which increases when we feel stressed. There are some clinical studies which show that motherwort may help in slowing down the heart rate in hyperthyroidism. Moreover, it has a sedating effect on our nerves, which is especially useful in combating anxiety. Its sedative effect is also useful for treating insomnia. According to some herbalists, motherwort also contains a chemical substance with tranquilizing effect on muscles that is why it is sometimes used before childbirth. The plant is also a remedy against PMS and menopause symptoms like hot flashes.

The formula sold by Urban Moonshine has not undergone clinical trials on humans however this applies to many herbal remedies. The product comes in three types of bottles: a 15 ml refillable spray bottle, a 2-ounce dropper bottle and an 8.4-ounce refill bottle. The manufacturer recommends an intake of one teaspoon daily or 4-6 times sprays as needed. The product should best be used on a regular basis for maximum effect. It is not recommended to pregnant women, however.

There are online testimonials about Joy Tonic, although not so many. What is has been reported includes:

  • I slept so peacefully.

  • I tried Joy Tonic not expecting anything and were happily surprised.


4) Joy Tonic Claims

  • It contains plants traditionally used for their calming effects
  • It is made of organic products only
  • Shipping charges are affordable

5) Precautions of Joy Tonic Use

  • One month’s supply would cost around $25, which recommends it as a moderately priced to fairly expensive product
  • Both the tonic and the producer are relatively new on the market
  • It has few online customer testimonials

6) Joy Tonic Price

The average cost for one month’s supply would recommend Joy Tonic as a moderately priced to the relatively expensive product. However, this also depending on the bottle size as the larger bottle is cheaper (per ounce) than the other two containers. Joy Tonic can be purchased by ordering directly from the manufacturer’s website, but also from other online stores. Some distributors may offer smaller prices than the producer, and they may also have discounts available. Shipping charges are affordable. Moreover, the formula can be bought from some retailer locations which can be found on the producer’s website.


7) Joy Tonic Directions

The product comes in spray bottles of 15 ml (1/2 oz), dropper bottles of 2 oz and refill bottles of 8.4 oz respectively. According to the manufacturer, the daily recommended dose is either one teaspoon or 4-6 sprays.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

Joy Tonic is a fairly new product on the market of herbal supplements, therefore it does not have many online customer testimonials to back up its effectiveness. It may work though as it contains herbs that have been long used for their calming effects and that are relatively safe, meaning they might have only mild side effects if taken correctly. In our view, Joy Tonic is worth trying but we believe nonetheless that you should ask for advice from a healthcare specialist especially if you suffer from a certain illness, as the doctor may tell you if any of the herbs interact with your medicine.

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Seymour Walker

I tried Joy Tonic but I didn’t notice any significant effect.

Leslie J.

Very good as a sleep aid! Thanks Joy Tonic!