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Orchex Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Mood disorders continue to hit millions of people across the world. These issues can have multiple causes and may lead to hopelessness, depression, and sadness, even leading to the development of suicidal tendencies. For all such people, Orchex can be a good addition to the daily life.

Created by Standard Process, Orchex is claimed to improve mental clarity and encourage the feelings of relaxation, even in stressful times.

Let’s look at this product in detail to gain more insight into its benefits, ingredients, price, and more.


1) What is Orchex?

Orchex is advertised as a dietary supplement that was introduced in the nutritional field in 1956 by Standard Process. It offers calming effect primarily for people with emotional imbalances. It is also viewed as a reliable way to support testicular health as well as functions linked to the central nervous system. The supplement is available in the form of oral tablets which are easier to consume and add to daily life. The ingredients list includes a handful of vitamins along with bovine extracts to improve brain health while positively impacting overall health.

2) The Company Behind Orchex

The company that has designed and is presently selling Orchexis called Standard Process and has more than eighty years of experience in the industry. Its creator, Dr. Royal Lee, has affirmed that his supplements differ from others due to their ingredients which are carefully chosen and processed. He believes that the source of an ingredient is more important than the amount used in any type of supplement.

A particular aspect of the Standard Process supplements is the fact that during their manufacturing processes, their ingredients are not disassociated into isolated compounds. In other words, the company ensures that even after being processed, these ingredients remain complete and intact so they can provide the body with needed nutritional support. Moreover, Standard Process also claims that their microbiologists and chemists work in laboratories where they conduct bacterial and analytical tests on the supplements, every step of the way so that safety can be ensured for the customers.


3) Orchex Ingredients

Mentioned below are the main ingredients found in Orchex:

  • Cholesterol: This waxy substance is a normal component of the blood. The human body needs it to maintain healthy cells and requires it in adequate amounts to synthesize certain hormones. Some studies also reveal that having cholesterol in healthy amounts can enhance mental processing, mental health, responsibility, social, skills, self-awareness, and self-control.
  • Niacin: Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is an essential part of the vitamin B complex. A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to disorders of the brain, kidneys, and skin. Moreover, niacin is also a precursor of many neurotransmitters that directly impact mood. Research has also confirmed that its deficiency leads to several psychiatric manifestations.
  • Vitamin B6: Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 carries multiple benefits for the brain. It plays a role in controlling Alzheimer’s disease while promoting a positive mood by balancing neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid.
  • Calcium Lactate: Calcium lactate helps improve muscular strength and bone power.

4) What Does Orchex Do?

Using Orchex can provide users with the following benefits:

  • The active ingredient of the supplement supports a positive emotional balance
  • The supplement also supports the functions of the testes
  • It boosts the functions of the central nervous system
Pros & Cons

5) Orchex: Pros and Cons

The following list of pros and cons can help you decide if adding Orchex to your daily life can be a good idea.


  • It features ingredients like bovine ochiric Cytosol which help nourish the central nervous system while also providing help for people suffering from emotional imbalances.
  • Most of its components have been tested to have reported positive effects.
  • No side effects on short-term or long-term usage


  • Vegetarians and vegans can’t follow this treatment because of the presence of animal extracts.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide 24/7 customer support or international shipment.
  • None of the claims found on the official manufacturer webpage were evaluated by the FDA

6) Precautions of Orchex Use

  • Keep the following precautions in mind while using Orchex:
  • Do not use the supplement if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or nursing
  • Consult a doctor if you are already taking any medications or have a medical condition
  • Keep the product out of reach of children
  • Stop using Orchex at once and consult a doctor in case you experience any side effects
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Orchex

The best place to purchase Orchex is by visiting its manufacturing company’s official website i.e., standardprocess.com. The supplement is available in two different types of bottles with 90 and 150 capsules each. Additionally, you can also purchase it from Amazon and other online retailers.


8) Orchex Price

The price of Orchex may vary depending on the platform you purchase it from. The official website is not a direct seller but can connect customers with local vendors in their area which deal with the distribution of this product at different prices. The price of one bottle of this supplement at Amazon is around $62.62 which is a bit higher than the price of other similar supplements.


9) Orchex Directions

According to the official guidelines, users must take one capsule of Orchex per day with a glass of water. The capsule must be swallowed whole through the oral route. The company strictly advises against increasing the daily dose as doing so may lead to unwanted side effects. The preferred time to take this supplement is with meals to enhance its efficacy and minimize side effects.

Does it Work

10) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Overall, Orchex is a dietary supplement that helps with the support and maintenance of the nervous system’s balance, health, and tranquility. The manufacturing company claims that it addresses the gaps in nourishment to enhance the functions and everyday operations of the brain. The product is readily available at affordable prices which means that a maximum number of people can benefit from it. The company’s manufacturing is reputable and has been working successfully for many decades, further adding to its authenticity. In short, Orchex seems like a good supplement to try for people who wish to give their brains a boost.

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Janet DeHoog

I started my husband on this a month ago. He has high-stress levels and anxiety because he’s a workaholic. He is SO CALM now. So much more in control of his emotions. I wish I had this 50 years ago! Yes, he’s been a stressful person that long. I’d give this a 10 star!!

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A life saver!
Have you tried this product?
Evelyn S. Edwards

I began taking this to help with my anxiety. I am a middle school teacher, so keeping calm is a must. Since I started taking it I have felt more calm, less anxious, and able to deal with daily life without getting frustrated

Alice M. McClure

My anxiety has been bad so I asked my chiropractor if any of the standard process would help, I already take for my thyroid, adrenal and liver support. I have Fibromyalgia and emotional stress is a bad trigger. Today I could not stop shaking again, whole body stressed and felt like could not hold back tears or stop the shaking. I took two and within 20 minutes was not shaking, not crying and calm.


Standard process Orchex works wonderful for me and calms my anxiety!!!! Also I am very happy with its more natural ingredients than these other so called good for you pills