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Dr. Clark Ornithine Review – 10 Things To Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Dr. Clark Ornithine is a unique dietary supplement put together to enhance the functioning of the liver and improve the sleep cycle. Manufactured by a company called Self Health Resource Center (SHRC), the product also claims to support users against occasional anxiety, restlessness, and stress while ensuring that all harmful toxins from the body are removed before they start hurting it. This single-ingredient product relies on a powerful amino acid called ornithine to fulfill its promises. Dr. Clark Ornithine has been labeled as pure and hypoallergenic and certified by relevant authorities for authenticity, ensuring the users a safe and effective experience without any side effects.

Does Dr. Clark Ornithine really live up to the hype? Can you trust this product with your money? Let’s take a closer look at this dietary supplement before reaching a conclusion.


1) Quick Overview

Dr. Clark Ornithine is an innovative product manufactured to provide multiple health benefits. Available as plant-based Tapioca capsules, this daily intake of this product is claimed to improve the quality of sleep, relieve stress, and promote liver function to trigger proper detoxification and cleansing. Interestingly, using a different dose of this very product claims to free the body from all sorts of parasites.

Each capsule of Dr. Clark Ornithine contains 500 mg of ornithine extracted from pure and high-quality sources. The supplement is free from additives, fillers, or synthetics to maintain quality. The manufacturing company claims it to be a potent sleep aid that can continue to be taken without developing any addiction, as with other pharmaceutical sleep aids.

Because there are no traces of animal-derived products like gelatin and GMOs, Dr. Clark Ornithine can be considered by vegans and vegetarians without any risks. The supplement is ideal for individuals above 12 years for better liver, immune system, sleep cycle, and overall health.

2) The Company Behind Dr. Clark Ornithine

Dr. Clark Ornithine is manufactured by a company called Self Health Resource Center (SHRC). The company was first established in 1993 by Geoff Clark, the son of Dr. Hulda Clark after whom all company products are named. Later in 2006, the company was purchased by Oskar Thorvaldsson.

Ever since its introduction to the world, SHRC holds a strong commitment to quality and purity in each of its products. Unlike the other alternatives present in the market, the products manufactured under the banner of SHRC are free from unnecessary and potentially harmful excipients and additives. The equipment used to manufacture supplements is specially designed as per the mandates of Dr. Clark so that there is no compromise on efficacy and privacy.

Nutrition Facts

3) Dr. Clark Ornithine Nutrition Facts

Dr. Clark Ornithine is a single-ingredient product. As indicated by the name, its primary component is ornithine present in a dose of 500 mg per capsule.

L-Ornithine is one of the most potent amino acids involved in the production and release of HGH (the Human Growth Hormone), a hormone that is believed to possess powerful rejuvenating properties. Although more research is needed, it appears that HGH may slow down the aging process and positively affect the liver, heart tissue, muscle growth, and stamina, as well as the immune system.

Additional potential benefits of L-Ornithine include its ability to relieve anxiety symptoms and support the body’s natural response to stress. Interestingly, the use of ornithine has been linked to a better sleep cycle. This property is owing to its ability to support the urea cycle and eliminate ammonia which would otherwise disrupt sleep.

Health Benefits

4) Dr. Clark Ornithine Health Benefits

According to the makers of Dr. Clark Ornithine, daily use of this supplement can provide users with the following benefits:

  • Better liver health
  • Deep detoxification of the body
  • Parasite cleansing
  • Better sleep at night
  • Improved immunity and overall health

The exact benefits may vary from one user to another and may take some time to fully unravel.

Adverse Effects

5) Potential Dr. Clark Ornithine Adverse Effects

Self Health Resource Center, the manufacturing company of Dr. Clark Ornithine understands that its customers depend on it to provide them with the most potent as well as the safest products. Hence, each one of the employees employed by SHRC takes this very seriously. A huge portion of the company funds is invested into the quality control laboratory to ensure that there is no compromise on product quality and safety levels. The manufacturing unit of SHRC has been recently incorporated under Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers Inc. and currently holds multiple GMP certifications along with an NSF warranty. It is also a member of the Natural Products Association which further adds to its authenticity.

All these certifications are proof that every supplement manufactured in the SHRC facility, including Dr. Clark Ornithine, is tested against GMO protocols. The manufacturing unit itself is audited by independently working quality organizations several times per year. As a result, the supplements are likely to be safe and can provide benefits without any collateral damage.

Feeling nauseous or experiencing stomach upset, especially during the initial days of use, is quite common. However, there is no need to worry as these symptoms are usually temporary and go away on their own.


6) Dr. Clark Ornithine Warnings and Precautions

  • Dr. Clark Ornithine is not safe for individuals below 12 years
  • Do not consume any product received with a broken seal
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and out of children’s reach
  • Pregnant and nursing women and people with coexisting medical conditions should consult a doctor before using the product
Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Dr. Clark Ornithine

When it comes to purchasing Dr. Clark Ornithine, you have plenty of platforms to choose from. Get it from Amazon or Walmart or place an order directly with the company at drclarkesotre.com


8) Dr. Clark Ornithine Price

One bottle of Dr. Clark Ornithine containing 100 capsules can be purchased at a reduced price of $18.23 instead of $21.45 from the official Dr. Clarke website. Subscribing to the auto-shipping program further weaves a couple of dollars off the discounted price, allowing you to save money.

How To Take

9) How to Take Dr. Clark Ornithine

Dr. Clark Ornithine can be taken by children above 12 years as well as adults. The maximum daily dose for this supplement is 8 capsules. The company encourages to start with 1 to 3 capsules of this product and gradually increase the dose as per the body’s requirement. The pills are meant to be swallowed whole with a glass of water, preferably 30 minutes before the usual bedtime.

If the purpose of taking Dr. Clark Ornithine is parasite cleanse, ingest 2 capsules on the first night, 4 capsules on the second, and 6 capsules on the third night. Then, users can take as many capsules as they wish on a daily basis while keeping the maximum dose.

Dr. Clark recommends taking 2 capsules of Ornithine on the first night of the Parasite Cleanse, then 4 on the second and 6 on the third. Afterward, take as needed. Take Ornithine 30 minutes before going to bed.


10) Our Final Take On Dr. Clark Ornithine

Dr. Clark Ornithine is a natural supplement designed to help the liver detoxify the body and cleanse it of parasites while improving the quality and duration of sleep. It comes from a renowned company that claims to hold a lot of certifications confirming its authenticity. The customer reviews present on the company’s official website are mixed but more on the positive side. The price of the supplement is affordable and can be considered for long-term use without disturbing the budget.

Overall, Dr. Clark Ornithine can be a good choice to incorporate into your life.

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I take Dr. Clark Ornithine for liver support, my doctor recommended it. Also, I have been noticing a lift in my mood. No side effects either!