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Hypo-Aller C Review – 6 Things You Should Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Hypo-Aller C is a dietary supplement that contains not only vitamin C as a compound, but also other mineral nutrients that aid in the assimilation of vitamin C. This buffered form of vitamin C is presented by the manufacturer in the form of an effervescent powder. It is intended to increase the intake of vitamin C and other essential minerals it contains.

The formula is developed by Nutribiotic, a renowned American company. They manufacture nutritional protein supplements from whey and rice, as well as other dietary supplements that contain vitamin C. The company also has a division of body care products, most of which are made from natural plant extracts. They started working with vitamin C in the early 80’s and have since then produced a wide range of products that include this essential nutrient as a main ingredient.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that the human body can’t produce, so the intake of this nutrient is sometimes advised to be increased throughout the use of supplements for people that don’t have a diet rich in vitamin C. It is well known for its support to the immune system and good health. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine, it has antioxidant properties and is a good enzymatic cofactor.


1) Hypo-Aller C Quick Facts

Advertised as a dietary supplement, Hypo-Aller C is an effervescent crystalline powder. The formula combines a variety of nutrients and minerals with vitamin C as a main compound. It is destined for prevention of low levels of vitamin C as well as regulating the deficiency of this essential nutrient. It is also meant to increase the intake of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

Studies along the years have concluded that vitamin C is one of the best nutrients that support of the immune system. It has antioxidant properties, therefore it can help the human body to fight agains a wide variety of diseases. Some well known diseases that are caused by oxidative stress are heart failure, myocardial infarction, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more.

Another important compound that can be found in Hypo-Aller C is magnesium. It is one of the most important minerals in the human body and it is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions. Aside the fact that it also supports the immune system, magnesium regulates blood pressure and keeps a steady heart rhythm. It regulates blood sugar levels, and since 50% of total magnesium in the body is found in bones it also helps keeping the bones strong.

Nutrition Facts

2) Hypo-Aller C Nutrition Facts

Hypo-Aller C includes the following ingredients: L-ascorbic acid USP-FCC* (C6H8O6), magnesium carbonate-USP, calcium carbonate-USP, potassium bicarbonate-USP, and zinc sulfate-USP.

Health Benefits

3) Hypo-Aller C Health Benefits

  • Hypo-Aller C delivers a high amount of vitamin C to the body
  • It is good to improve the immune system


4) Hypo-Aller C Warnings and Precautions

  • There is a limited number of online testimonials from people that have used it

How To Take

5) How to Take Hypo-Aller C

Zinc is the third most important compound in Hypo-Aller C also. It supports normal growth and proper sense of taste and smell.


6) Our Verdict on Hypo-Aller C

Nutribiotic recommends this product as a dietary supplement. It delivers high amounts of vitamin C to the body. A serving size of 2.5 g of Hypo-Aller C, that is 1/2 teaspoon, delivers 1300 mg of vitamin C which is more than 2000% of the daily value. No clear daily value has been set, but depending on the individual, the daily requirements differ from 90 mg to as much as 2 g. Hypo-Aller C also delivers 44% of the magnesium daily value per serving as well as 20% of the zinc daily value and 18% of the calcium. It is therefore a supplement that delivers a good amount of essential nutrients and minerals that are very important for normal body functions and it has a low price.

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C Dayton

I started using Hypo-Aller C a few years ago when I wanted to monitor my pH levels. I found I could easily control my pH with this vitamin C. It absorbs well and very quickly, providing a quick relief to allergic reactions.