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Good Sleep and Worry Free Review – 8 Facts You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Good Sleep and Worry free is advertised as a stress reliever and sleep aid developed by Dr. Shen, a company originating in the USA which has a good track record and enjoys trust and success in the market of herbal supplements. The product is currently being manufactured by the same company, as they are willing to make sure that the capsules are being produced according strictly to the recipe and with all-natural ingredients.

The main goal to be achieved by the product is to support a restful sleep and relieve stress. It is also claimed that the product works against anxiety and support other body functions such as heart functions and help deal with digestive disorders. Good Sleep and Worry Free is willing to help people of all ages that are having the mentioned problems, either way they are caused by a bad overall health state, a stressful job or simply because the person is in a depression due to recent negative events in their lives. The capsules are prone to work not only towards helping those that use them in dealing with sleep and stress problems, but they might also be useful in tonifying other health issues related to the digestive and circulatory systems.


1) Quick Overview

Good Sleep and Worry Free is a herbal formulation, willing to supply and support the body without any artificial ingredients, colorants or other type of stimulants. The ingredients are all-natural, each and every single one being used before in the Chinese medicine with success, brought together in order to work in perfect synergy in order to deal with the issues mentioned above. There were no negative side effects mentioned so far, nor should any appear. However, considering that each individual is unique, the product might cause adverse reactions or allergies to certain individuals, so it is recommended that you proceed with caution before starting a treatment.


2) Details on Good Sleep and Worry Free Ingredients and Uses

Good Sleep and Worry Free contains the following ingredients: Good Sleep and Worry Free contains the following ingredients: Date Seed, Chinese Sage Root, Siberian Milk Wort, Arbor Vitae Seed, Atractylodes Root, Schizandra Fruit, Heart of Poria, Gardenia Seed, Bulrush, Ginseng Root, and Chinese Licorice Root.

3) Is Good Sleep and Worry Free Right for You?

Good Sleep and Worry Free is a herbal blend based on ingredients used in the traditional chinese herbal medicine. Each and every ingredient is aiming to support one specific function while overall trying to calm the heart and act as a very powerful stress reliever. Even if the blend is unique, it might be considered trustworthy since the ingredients should work together in good synergy, as the supplement even includes Chinese Licorice Root as an ingredient, a plant which is believed to work in helping the human body assimilate other herbs. The Chinese Licorice Root could be said that it has no effect on its own, but it acts as a catalyst for other ingredients and is considered the key ingredient because it improves the Effectiveness of the product itself by rendering the body more perceptive to the positive effects of other ingredients.

The product is said to be an all-natural blend, containing no preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, caffeine, stimulants or other unnecessary ingredients whatsoever. The claims of the product are realistic and considering the ingredients we can say that they are believable, even though the product itself has not been researched as a whole. The blend is a new, unique one, as there are no other supplements including the same variation of ingredients on the market at this very moment.

The manufacturer suggests that the optimum dosage is two to four tables taken two or three times a day, in case of sleeping problems you might add an extra dose in the middle of the night for increased efficiency.


4) What Good Sleep and Worry Free Does?

  • Natural ingredients
  • One month supply is easily affordable
  • Online purchase method is safe


5) Precautions of Good Sleep and Worry Free Use

  • There is no refund policy
  • Lack of customer testimonials
  • There is no free trial offer
  • Shipping charges are not specified


6) How Much Does Good Sleep and Worry Free Cost?

A one month supply is affordable, however the costs will vary greatly depending on the desired dosage of the product. A bottle includes 150 tablets, and you can benefit of a discount if you are going to buy 4 bottles at once. There is no free trial offer available and no money-back guarantee, and the shipping charges may vary depending on your location and the desired quantity of the product.

The online purchase can be considered safe since one can order the product directly from the manufacturer’s website and one has more payment options available to choose from.

How To Take

7) How to Take Good Sleep and Worry Free

The product is very likely to work if we take into account the fact that the ingredients were used before and they have given positive results, most of them focusing on supporting the heart and digestive functions, since it is believed that the heart rate and blood pressure have a great impact on the mood overall. By normalizing those, the general feeling of well being and the stress-relieving process begins to take effect. The manufacturer suggests that the capsules should be taken two or three times a day, from two to four capsules each time.

Bottom Line

8) Our Bottom Line

The product might or might not work depending on the person that is using it; however, there can be found few testimonials over the internet from persons that claim that the product has already helped them, so we might say that the product is very likely to work, since it has helped people before.

There are alternatives to this product, but most of all are including chemical ingredients, only a couple of them are all-natural, and the efficiency of those all-natural ingredient supplements is always a subject to discuss on, since different persons react differently to the same ingredients.

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I was experiencing a nightmare issue, I used to wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty and scared, but since I have started to use Sleep Good and Worry Free, the nightmares have slowed down… I’m still having nights in which I wake up without any reason, but I’m barely in the second week of the treatment. I really hope it will help me until the end and finish once and for all with these nightmares.


The product is quite effective, helped me get restful sleep in a matter of days. I recommend it to everyone!