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Double Strength Omega-3 Gold Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements are known in the health world for their ability to promote healthy cardiovascular, cognitive and joint function. Double Strength Omega-3 Gold delivers an incredible 1,400 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in each serving (per two capsules). This supplement is designed and manufactured by NutriGold  who uses only wild caught fish from deep ocean waters and claims that their product provides the highest concentration of omega-3 per serving compared to most regular omega-3 supplements on the market. It has several third-party certifications for safety, purity and labels accuracy. Further, it does not contain gluten, milk, peanut, shellfish, corn, egg or soy allergens.


1) Quick Overview

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to several body’s functions, but cannot be synthesized by the human body. Instead, to get the required concentration, they must be taken in from diet source. Healthy foods and regular exercise are essential, but taking omega-3 supplements is as good a way as any to increase your nutrition and just feel better.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in various see foods such as cod, tuna, salmon, halibut, algae, krill; and some nut and plant oils. They play a major role in supporting cardiovascular and joint health, are necessary for brain function, and are crucial for healthy growth and development.

Most Omega-3 supplements are either available in triglyceride form or ethyl ester form. Structurally, the major difference between the two types is that in triglyceride, the fatty acids are esterified to a glycerol alcohol backbone, while in ethyl ester, the fatty acids (EPA & DHA) are esterified to an ethanol backbone. Double Strength Omega-3 Gold is made up of triglyceride form and unlike most fish oil formulations that contain fish oil sourced from China or Peru, it features fish oil sourced locally from deep sea water Alaskan fish.


2) Details on Double Strength Omega-3 Gold Ingredients and Uses

Double Strength Omega-3 Gold contains the following ingredients: Fish Oil (molecularly distilled and concentrated) (EPA 500 mg, DHA 250 mg, Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids 60 mg) 1,250 mg.


3) Double Strength Omega-3 Gold Claims

  • It plays a significant role in supporting cardiovascular and joint health.
  • Help reduce inflammation and pain associated with joint disorders and improve joint health
  • Independently tested, molecularly distilled, and guaranteed by a third party lab to be free of toxins, heavy metals, and dioxins.

4) Double Strength Omega-3 Gold Warnings and Precautions

  • A bad aftertaste, intestinal discomfort, and nausea are common side effects associated with this supplement.
  • It is comparatively pricier than most other Omega-3 supplements on the market.

5) Double Strength Omega-3 Gold Serving Size

This supplement features 750 mg per serving of exceptionally pure DHA and EPA. The fish oil is processed on FDA inspected vessels and is IFOS 5-star certified to meet objective potency, purity and safety standards. It is manufactured in the USA to industry-defining quality standards and is certified by the International Fish Oil Standards and Marine Stewardship Council, approved by ConsumerLab, and was awarded a remarkable 78 out of 100 rating by Labdoor.

Final Thoughts

6) Final Thoughts on Double Strength Omega-3 Gold

                    Double Strength Omega-3 GOLD provides 750 mg of DHA and EPA per soft gel concentrated from certified sustainable, exceptionally pure, cold water fish sourced off the coast of Alaska. It is the ultimate in quality fish oil health supplements. It has proven to possess several valuable benefits in numerous clinical evaluations. It supports and enhances good health of the brain, heart, and joints and can also help stimulate the immune system thanks to its right concentrations of EPA and DHA. In the end, this product is certainly the best option if you want to be 100% sure of what's in your fish oil supplement.

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