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Collagen C Review – 8 Things You Should Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Collagen C is a formula advertised to preserve the health of joints, muscles and the body system, as well as to combat certain effects associated to aging. Alfa Vitamins developed this dietary supplement, with the purpose of helping people over a certain age improve collagen levels in the body.

Many beauty creams feature collagen in an attempt to minimize wrinkles, because skin is more than 50% formed of collagen. In fact, researchers have shown that collagen applied to the skin cannot penetrate deep, so you need to take supplements at the same time. Regarding the collagen’s action on the joints, it is important to note that this substance can be metabolized only with the action of vitamin C. So, the formula could be a good choice if you intend to start taking this kind of dietary supplement.

A strong guarantee for this product is the manufacturer’s excellent reputation. Alfa Vitamins develops these formulas in its own laboratories and manufactures a variety of creams, and dietary supplements as tablets, powders, capsules or liquids. Being a well-known American company, its products are very popular in stores and pharmacies, while the brand is exported in over 50 other countries. At the same time value to price ration seems to be quite appreciated by consumers.


1) Collagen C at a Glance

Collagen C is a combination between a vitamin and amino-acids. In rheumatology, collagen supplements are used to slow or stop the deterioration of cartilage, a phenomenon that occurs in osteoarthritis for example. In dermatology, collagen supplements are recommended as support for facial treatments, however some specialists state that cells of collagen in creams are too large to penetrate the skin. In both cases, collagen can be metabolized only under the action of vitamin A, which is not missing from this formula. On the other hand, the lack of testimonials on the Alfa Vitamin’s website is a disadvantage for the formula. The formula also features Vitamin C, which comes with therapeutic benefits of its own. Particularly it is known as a very potent antioxidant (being able to fight free radicals), while it also helps promote production of collagen and hence prevent a number of health conditions (scurvy in particular).

There are no contraindications for Collagen C on the manufacturer’s website, but we know that it is not recommended to take any supplement before consulting your doctor. It is possible that you might not need collagen in your body and if you over stimulate its production you will get negative responses.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Collagen C?

Collagen C contains the following ingredients: Collagen, Vitamin C, Gelatin from Capsule, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, and Titanium Dioxide.

3) Is Collagen C Right for You?

Collagen C is just a combination of its two core ingredients, Collagen and Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the body, as it is a cofactor in enzymatic reactions that speed up wound healing and prevent bleeding from the capillaries. Vitamin C is also known for its antioxidant properties in the food industry, being used as an additive to prevent oxidation. Its anti-oxidant benefits may also prevent free radical damages caused throughout the body, that may lead to numerous health conditions. Collagen, on the other hand, is known in sports medicine for allowing amino acids to be absorbed by the body more rapidly, which greatly improves nutrient delivery to muscle tissue. Collagen may also improve bone density, assist with heart and cardiovascular system health, speed up wound healing, and strengthen skin elasticity among others.

So far, no harmful side-effects have been associated with either Vitamin C or Collagen, and since Collagen C does not contain any caffeine or artificial stimulants, it can be considered to be quite safe for most users. Supplements that contain or promise to assist with collagen production in the body are common. Therefore, Alfa Vitamin’s product may not be unique, but its claims can be viewed as realistic. Vitamin C and Collagen Hydrolysate can indeed work together to produce and maintain cartilage health, assist with bones and muscle health and promote teeth and skin health.

Collagen C dosage for adults is two capsules per day, really which can be taken at once or separately. Nonetheless, they should be taken with meals to minimize the chance of an upset stomach. The product should reach its goal in forming Collagen reserves in the body, but the lack of customer testimonials and independent clinical research by Alfa Vitamins help make a case for this supplement.


4) Collagen C Benefits & Results

  • Contains vitamin c, so collagen can be easy metabolized
  • The manufacturer is an American company with a long history in the field, representing a guarantee for the product
  • If you will order Collagen C from Alfa Vitamin’s website, you will receive free shipping


5) Collagen C Product Warnings

  • There aren’t any testimonials on the Alfa Vitamin’s website, nor elsewhere online so there is no actual proof that this product really works
  • There is nothing mentioned about contraindications or possible negative side effects
  • There are no free trial offers or a money-back guarantee specified on the manufacturer’s website


6) How Much Does Collagen C Cost?

The price for Collagen C price is rather low. A monthly supply of this product may be considerably inexpensive. Since the dosage is two capsules a day, and a bottle contains 120 capsules, it is safe to say it can last you up to two months. Ordering directly from the manufacturer’s website is safe and easy, and you won’t have to worry about shipping charges since shipping is free worldwide. Depending on the products you purchase and the quantity of your order, Alfa Vitamins might also include some of their other supplements for free, randomly. However, their money-back guarantee will only offer you a refund under certain conditions, so choose wisely.


7) Collagen C Serving Size

Alfa Vitamins recommends taking two pills per day, preferably with a meal, as a dietary supplement.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

There is no evidence that this product will in fact produce the advertised effects. You can assume that this combination of ingredients may be successful, but there are no testimonials from satisfied consumers. The only solution for this situation is to ask your doctor if it is recommended for you to start taking such a supplement an din what conditions. It may help that Collagen C comes with an affordable price and that Alfa Vitamins is a pretty popular manufacturer who guarantees to a certain extent the potency and safety of the supplement.

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I feel like Collagen C is effective. I took it for my joint problems but I stopped the treatment recently because my doctor recommended me a pause. I am satisfied with it.

Robert Lawson

I take Collagen C for my joints. I suffer from osteoporosis and my doctor said that I have a lack of collagen in my body. This supplement is not his recommendation, but I enjoy using it.


I used many wrinkle creams and now I realized that none of them functioned for me. Somebody recommended Collagen C and I think that it might be the best solution for me.