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Botanic Choice L-Lysine Review – 8 Things You Should Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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L-Lysine is advertised as a natural remedy whose principal goal is to maintain general well-being by improving immunity. Behind this supplement, there is a business called Botanic Choice that possesses a rich background on the natural supplementation market.

The company was created by a man who had a passion about nature and its qualities throughout his entire life. His name is Joseph E. Meyer, and despite the fact that he had to go through a series of difficulties during his life, he eventually managed to achieve his desires and find solutions for people that want to improve their overall well-being or some specific features of their bodies by taking natural supplementation on a regular basis, thus taking advantage of nature’s properties. Moreover, based on the idea of “Knowledge is power,” they want to inform the clients about the ingredients used for their supplements and the impact these have on the organism.

L-Lysine was created to contain an amino acid alongside two minerals that improves the time it takes for the results to be observed. It features approximately 500 mg of the ingredient that gives the product’s name, meaning that the quantity included is safe for usage and isn’t delivered excessively.


1) Quick Overview

Because L-Lysine represents an important ingredient for the processes behind enzyme and hormonal production, a lot of nutritional businesses have begun to include it as either a main or additional component in some natural supplements. This is how this remedy was born.

Seeking to improve general health by sustaining immunity, skeletal system, and, in some situations aiding in weight management, this ingredient has been utilized for quite some time by individuals all over the world. Studies revealed that the reason for its properties is the composition that contains Vitamin C and other nutrients needed by the body on a regular basis. For example, a deficiency of this ingredient can lead to problems such as chronic viral infections, thyroid hormone deregulation and abnormal growth.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Botanic Choice L-Lysine

L-Lysine contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Phosphorus, and L-Lysine.

3) Does Botanic Choice L-Lysine Work?

Because L-Lysine is an important component in the processes behind hormonal and enzyme production, many nutritional companies have started to include it as either a core or additional ingredient in a series of nutritional supplements. This is the reason behind the apparition of L-Lysine as well.

Meant to enhance general health by promoting immunity, skeletal system, and aiding in weight management processes, this component has been used for quite some time by people all over the world. Research pointed out that the reason behind its qualities is the composition that features Vitamin C alongside other nutrients required by the organism on a daily basis. For instance, a deficiency of this component can lead to problems like chronic viral infections, abnormal growth, and thyroid hormone deregulation.

Furthermore, this ingredient can help with some bone conditions such as weak bones or osteoporosis because it increases calcium absorption. If the proper dosage is taken on a daily basis, other positive influences such as a bettering of skin quality or migraine relief may appear. However, it is important that people understand the gravity of the condition or problem that determined them to take a supplement based on L-Lysine and if it is rather severe, contact a personal healthcare provider for further assistance.
Although in most situations it is viewed as safe, it sometimes interacts with substances, especially when consumed in larger amounts. Therefore, a deficiency in L-Arginine may be noticed, and if the usage is excessive for longer periods of time, increases in cholesterol and gallstone formations follow.

There are online customer testimonials about the presented product. What is being reported includes:

  • No headaches since I started taking this

  • It’s a top notch supplement


4) What Botanic Choice L-Lysine Does?

  • Its core ingredient has a connection with skeletal and immune system and improves certain areas such as the heart and bone density
  • It is safe to use and come in a tablet form that should be swallowed with water
  • The manufacturer offers a birthday discount or promotions for regular customers

5) Botanic Choice L-Lysine Warnings and Precautions

  • May interact with some substances if the daily recommended amount is exceeded
  • Shouldn’t be used by people who have liver or kidney problems until they contact a personal doctor
  • Pregnant and lactating women should be careful if they decide to use it, although it’s not suggested

6) Botanic Choice L-Lysine Cost

As most of the nutritional supplement, this product is sold in a capsule form through bottles that each feature sixty tablets. The daily recommended dosage is one tablet per day which means that a bottle may last for up to two months of usage. On a general level, its price is regarded as moderate, and if combined with the auto refill program meant for regular customers of this company, it becomes even more affordable. However, if outside the United States, people should carefully seek a provider if the shipping costs seem too large. A good feature of this business relies on the fact that they offer a birthday coupon for customers that make an account on their online web page and then call a number.

How To Take

7) How to Take Botanic Choice L-Lysine

Moreover, this component may help with some bone issues including weak bones or osteoporosis because it improves calcium absorption. On the other hand, during its use, some unwanted L-Lysine side effects or substance interactions may appear, specifically if the recommended dosage isn’t followed accordingly and there are constant excesses. Furthermore, people that suffer from serious kidney or liver problems and are taking prescribed medication should definitely ask for a specialized opinion before purchasing L-Lysine because it may turn out as harmful in the end.


8) Conclusion

As amino-acid blend that has additional minerals, L-Lysine desires to enhance the immunity levels, while also improving mood and keeping proper bone levels. It is mostly suggested for individuals who feel often tired and don’t have sufficient energy, thus they want to take something that may compensate for their unhealthy lifestyle. However, there are some who approach nutritional supplementation even though they have a healthy lifestyle because they want to make sure that everything is within proper levels and their bodies are working with optimal results. On the other hand, during its usage, people should be careful and don’t exceed the suggested quantities in order to avoid potential complications.

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Mary J. Eubank

I’m taking this for my bones and even though I haven’t noticed extraordinary results, I do feel better overall.