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Bilberry Extract Review – 8 Essential Things to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Bilberry Extract is a certified organic tincture which can be used for various health concerns like managing blood sugar levels and treating diarrhea. The company behind this product is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs manufactures herbal remedies like infused oils, single herb and combination liquid extracts, salves, and capsules. Moreover it distributes herbs and spices in bulk especially to other firms. The plants sold or used in their formulations are generally organic or harvested based on sustainable agricultural practices.

Mountain Rose Herbs advertises Bilberry Extract as being obtained from organic fresh fruit and dried leaves. To obtain this tincture, the manufacturer used one part of bilberry with three parts of solvent (grain alcohol). The extraction process lasts for roughly two months. Tinctures are more powerful than capsules according to Mountain Rose Herbs. In addition, they are absorbed by the body more quickly. Bilberry is usually recommended for blood circulation problems, diabetes, eye disorders and diarrhea although we have to note that the manufacturer does not list specific ailment claims. This can be explained by the fact that the formula is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration therefore it is not intended to treat or prevent various medical conditions.


1) Quick Overview

Bilberry Extract is based on bilberry, an herb that may be used in foods, mostly desserts and drinks, but also as herbal remedy. Thus, Europeans use it for hundreds of years for the treatment of diarrhea. Moreover it is thought to improve eyesight (scientific studies on humans have shown mixed results), help in diabetes (it does lower glucose levels but clinical trials on humans are insufficient), and arthrosclerosis (its chemical structure and animal studies support this ailment claim but studies on humans need to be performed). Bilberry might interact with medication for diabetes and for improving blood circulation.

Bilberry Extract sold by Mountain Rose Herbs comes in bottles of one or four ounces with a dropper. The distributor does not suggest a maximum daily dose. According to specialists, the recommended daily dose for an average adult is 80 mg-120 mg of standardized extract twice per day. A standardized extract usually has 25% anthocyanidin. The ratio of the Mountain Rose Herbs tincture is 1:3. If you have diarrhea, the recommended dose is 5 g-10 g of crushed dried bilberry fruit in 2/3 cup of water (boiled then strained). You should not use this remedy for more than four days in a row. If you have an eye condition or circulation problems, you should take 80-240 mg in two or three doses throughout the day in capsule form.

What’s Inside?

2) What’s Inside Bilberry Extract?

Bilberry Extract contains the following ingredients: Bilberry fresh fruit and dried leaf, and grain alcohol.

3) Does Bilberry Extract Work and it is Safe?

Bilberry Extract is based on bilberry fruit and leaves which are used both in the kitchen and in herbal remedies. Bilberry is similar to cranberries, blueberries, and huckleberries; however, it is from Northern Europe. In traditional medicine, the bilberry fruit was used primarily for treating diarrhea. There may be a scientific explanation for this, as the tannins in the fruit possess astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. According to laboratory studies, bilberry contains anthocyanosides and vitamin C, which have significant antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are usually beneficial in preventing or alleviating symptoms associated with heart conditions and cancer. The anthocyanosides in bilberry may be useful in treating atherosclerosis according to some studies on animals. Clinical trials on humans are rather limited, though. In World War II, soldiers discovered that bilberry jam might improve night vision, which could be explained by the fact that anthocyanosides can protect the retina. Moreover, bilberry may help people with diabetes by controlling the glucose level in the blood, but more scientific research needs to be done.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, the bilberry fruit is considered safe, including for pregnant women. However, it may lead to stomach problems when eaten in too large amounts. Blueberry leaves may, however, have side effects and should not be used long term. Bilberry may lower your blood sugar levels, which would affect mainly people with diabetes under medication. There is no official for maximum dosage recommendations for women who are lactating, for small children and people with severe kidney or liver conditions. However, there are not any reports of toxicity whatsoever.

Mountain Rose Herbs does not give indications as to the maximum daily dose for the average adult. Specialists usually recommend 80-120 mg two times per day if you take a standardized bilberry extract (which has 25% anthocyanidin). The producer mentions that the Bilberry Extract Tincture has a ratio of 1:3.

We have not found online testimonials about the quality of Bilberry Extract.


4) What Bilberry Extract Does?

  • It costs $7.5-$9.5 per ounce mainly depending on the bottle size, which would recommend it as a relatively inexpensive product
  • You are offered a 60-day money back guarantee
  • It is certified organic


5) Bilberry Extract Product Warnings

  • Shipping costs are high (if you order from the manufacturer)
  • Bilberry may interact with some drugs (e.g. diabetes medication)
  • It may not be for long term use as it contains bilberry leaves


6) Bilberry Extract Cost

Bilberry Extract is sold in amber glass bottles of one ounce and four ounces. The bottles come with a dropper. The average price-per-ounce would recommend it as a moderately-priced product. The cost-per-ounce varies with the size of the container.

The product may be ordered directly from Mountain Rose Herbs. You could order online (they have a secure platform), by email, by telephone, or even by fax. You have to take into account shipping charges which may be expensive. The company offers, however, a sixty-day money back guarantee (customers bear the return shipping costs).

Bilberry Extract by Mountain Rose Herbs is not widely available in online stores.

How To Use

7) How to Use Bilberry Extract

The producer lists a few precautions regarding the use of bilberry. Thus, it says it should not be used in large amounts, it is safe for pregnant women, but there is no maximum daily dose officially recommended for breastfeeding mothers, little children and people with liver and kidney conditions. Moreover, it warns that the leaves may cause side effects and are not for long term use. It also says that bilberry lowers sugar blood levels so caution is advised in the case of diabetics who are taking medication.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Bilberry Extract by Mountain Rose Herbs may be effective if we take into consideration the long term historical use of the herb, as otherwise clinical trials on humans are relatively limited or have yielded mixed results. Therefore it might help you to improve eyesight, blood circulation or to treat diarrhea. However the effectiveness of the tincture depends very much on the extraction process. It would have been useful to find some online customer satisfaction testimonials to see whether the product is of high quality.

We like the fact that the extract is certified organic and it comes at a convenient price.This should convince some consumers to buy Bilberry Extract.

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J. Perkins

I usually take a few drops of Bilberry Extract whenever I have a stomach upset. It’s amazing!


I usually use Bilberry Extract in my tea as I spend a lot at time in front of the computer.