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Sambu Guard Review – 7 Facts You Need to Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Sambu Guard is advertised as a herbal and mineral blend developed by Dr Dunner, a doctor from Switzerland who has developed several healthcare and nutritional supplements over the years, having collaborations with several famous brands food and healthcare brands that have proven to have successful outcomes. Dr Dunner has manufactured hundreds of products which are sold all over the world even nowadays. The main philosophy of Dr. Dunner is that all healthcare products should be manufactured in such way that they ensure the greatest purity possible, with the highest quality while also maintaining maximum effectiveness. Sambu Guard’s main purpose is to support and fortify the immune system by providing the body with antioxidants and vitamins, also claiming that it might help a lot of people of those that suffer from allergies. The product targets people of all ages, children and adults, both male and females. The capsules are also said to be helping people’s general health state due to the fact that it blends both mineral and herbal active ingredients in a composition that wants to supply an individual with all the necessary of vitamin C and zinc, as well as antioxidants that they need throughout the day.


1) Details on Sambu Guard Ingredients and Uses

Sambu Guard contains the following ingredients: Sambu Guard contains the following ingredients: Echinacea Extract, Elder Blossom Extract, Vitamin C, Zinc, Cane sugar, Acerola fruit powder, Cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate, Natural elderberry and cherry flavors.

2) Does Sambu Guard Work?

Sambu Guard is being advertised as a powerful blend of herbs containing antioxidants, Zinc and a rich source of Vitamin C, supplying the body with the daily recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. One of the main active ingredients, the Elder Blossom (Sambucus) is known to be used in medicine for hundreds of years, having a soothing effect on health, alleviating allergies, treating flu and boosting respiratory health. Be aware that Sambucus is a species of berries, even if Sambucus is edible on its own, the plants from its kind are known to be poisonous in certain situations, accumulating cyanide in the body, so mild toxic effects might be encountered even in the case of Sambucus. Be aware of this and conduct your own research before starting to take any supplements containing any kind of berries.

The product is an all-organic blend, however there are used several non-medicinal ingredients aiming to improve the taste and smell of the product, by doing so making it more user-friendly and easier to administer. Sambu guard does not contain any kinds of caffeine or other stimulants. The recommended dosage is as it follows: for adults up to five tablets daily, for teenagers of age 15 to 18 up to three tablets daily, for children between the age of 12 and 14 up to two tablets daily. It is not recommended for use of children under the age of 12 due to the fact that various negative effects have been observed on children of lower age. Also it is not recommended for use while pregnant or nursing.


3) Sambu Guard Claims

  • Free shipment for larger orders
  • All-natural product
  • Developer of the product has a good history
  • Ingredients support the product claims


4) What You Need to Know Before Taking Sambu Guard

  • Not so many Sambu Guard customer testimonials available
  • Possible unpleasant side-effects
  • No free trial or money-back guarantee policy


5) Sambu Guard Cost

A one month supply is affordable, however the quantity of pills you need may vary from the person that the product is administered to, varying from 3 blisters (for children) and up to 7-8 blisters (for adults). One pack of the product contains two blisters of twenty pills each. There is no free trial offer and no money-back guarantee; however, there is a trick on the shipment, being able to receive free shipment for larger orders. Note that the shipment is only available to USA, and it might vary depending on the region you are currently ordering the product from.

How To Take

6) How to Take Sambu Guard

Sambu Guard tries to blend both vitamin C, minerals and herbs that provide antioxidants in order to create an all-in-one blend that aims to replace that load of pills that you would normally need to take in order to supply your body with the same amount of beneficial factors. One of the main active ingredients is the Echinacea, a plant that has been subject to a lot of discussion when it comes to medicinal effects, being believed that it has a lot of positive effects, but also quite a number of side effects as well. Overall, the plant was not studied in depth, but the conducted research shows that it is quite effective for supporting and improving the immune system. Vitamin C and Zinc are common ingredients in the industry of healthcare, both being proven to have positive effects and known to be effective.The formula is advertised as all-vegetarian, free of gluten and preservatives, however we still have some non-medicinal ingredients such as the cane sugar, the acerola fruit powder, cellulose and silicon, having no significant effect on healthcare, but rather focusing on giving the product a pleasant taste and smell, by doing so making them easier to take. The manufacturer suggests the following values as optimal use for the product: adults 19+: up to 5 tablets daily, ages 15-18: up to 3 tablets daily, ages 12-14: up to 2 tablets daily.

Bottom Line

7) Our Bottom Line

Considering the researches made on the ingredients, Sambu Guard should work and accomplish its goal in fortifying the immune system, however there are not so many customer testimonials available so we are not sure that they really work towards helping people or not. There are several alternatives, but whether they are better or not is yours to decide, since every product differs from another in one way or another and you might be allergic to a specific ingredient and benefit greatly from another one, due to the fact that every individual is unique. It is recommended that you consult your healthcare practitioner before starting to take these supplements and stop taking them as soon as you get any adverse reaction from it.

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Kimberly W.

Noticed some headaches at the start but they are gone, not sure if it was because of the product or just a natural reaction of my body to certain ingredients, however, they are gone now and everything is fine.


All the warnings related to this product are meaningless, there are no side effects. Works great.


I love sambu Gaurd. It has saved me many times when I felt like my immune system was low and I was catching something. I stay well when I take it while everyone around seems to get sick.


Snake oil, placibo effect.
Knowing herbal medicines are usually nonsense I drank a whole 175ml bottle. After trying some at my mothers. This is simply elderberry juice, literally.
Dont buy unless you want to make a cocktail.


I do highly recommend this vitamins. I have been used it to build up my immune system. I never had a side effect.


Awesome product. I have a dayhome, so frequently the kids I care for come down with a cold or flu. This keeps my own kids and family from catching whatever bug is going around. It has worked everytime! I love it and highly recommend it.