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Artichoke Extract Review – Is it Effective?

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Artichoke Extract is an herbal formula that may provide relief from some gastrointestinal problems, it may keep cholesterol levels under control and could promote bile production. The company that manufactures this formula is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a company from Oregon, US that produces herbal formulations like herbal oils, tinctures, elixirs, and capsules for various health concerns. In addition, its product range includes body care products, aroma-therapy formulas and a wide variety of bulk herbs. The company specializes in selling certified organic products or products made of wild harvested herbs. It distributes its products especially through its online store and offline retailers.

According to the manufacturer, Artichoke Extract is a tincture made of 1 part artichoke and 4 parts grain alcohol. The tincture is advertised as being more potent than capsules or dried herb extract. It also acts more quickly according to Mountain Rose Herbs.
Although the producer does not make any ailment claims (mostly likely as the product is marketed with having been evaluated by the FDA), the tincture should have medicinal properties based on the traditional uses of artichoke leaves. Thus, artichoke leaf extract is recommended to people who have problems with constipation, gas, kidney conditions or who want to cleanse their liver or lower their cholesterol levels.


1) Artichoke Extract Quick Facts

Artichoke Extract is based on artichoke leaves and grain alcohol which acts as a solvent. Artichoke is generally used as a remedy in the treatment of health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and gas, liver insufficiency, jaundice, kidney problems, and high cholesterol. Based on test tubes, it possesses diuretic properties and promotes the release of toxins and bile production. As artichoke may trigger gallbladder contractions, it is not recommended to individuals who have gallstones or gallbladder infections. Scientific studies have shown that artichoke may indeed help to lower cholesterol levels and it might also provide relief from constipation problems.

Artichoke is considered a safe herb generally; however, scientists have not sufficientlystudied its safety on nursing and pregnant women and on children under twelve, according to Mountain Rose Herbs. We would also add that people with allergies to marigold and daisies may also experience allergic reactions to artichoke.


2) What Are Artichoke Extract Ingredients?

Artichoke Extract contains the following ingredients: Artichoke dried leaf and grain alcohol.

This herb is also used in some quality nootropics. If you’re interested in how it performs in a multi-ingredient formula, read our NeuroFuel Review.

3) Is Artichoke Extract Right for You?

Artichoke Extract is a liquid herbal formulation based on a plant whose leaves have been used in preparing remedies since ancient times. It has been used to promote healthy kidneys, as it has diuretic effects; to treat liver conditions like jaundice and various other conditions of the digestive tract. According to scientific studies, artichoke may be used to treat hypercholesterolemia. However, it is uncertain which parts of the plant are useful in reducing high cholesterol levels. Some tests have also shown that artichoke may help to treat tumors associated with skin cancer. Also, its high dietary fiber content may render it effective in preventing or treating digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome. A preliminary study on humans revealed that it might treat constipation, stomach, and intestinal pain as well as nausea. Moreover, artichoke leaves may help with liver detoxification, as they may promote bile production. This means that people with gallbladder (where the bile is stored) problems or gallstones should use artichoke with caution because artichoke may cause gallbladder contractions. Mountain Rose Herbs does not recommend artichoke to people with gallstones.

Mountain Rose Herbs also mentions that there are insufficient studies as to the potential side effects of artichoke on pregnant women, nursing mothers as well as children under the age of twelve. Artichoke is otherwise generally considered safe having in view that it is often eaten as a vegetable.

The producer does not promote the tincture as being able to treat certain illness (as the product is not FDA evaluated). Thus it does not suggest a daily dose or serving size either.

We have not found online customer satisfaction reviews about Artichoke Extract; therefore, we do not know whether customers have been satisfied with it and what potential side effects they experienced.

Health Benefits

4) Artichoke Extract Health Benefits

  • It costs $ 9.25 for one ounce, which would recommend it as a moderately priced product
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee and no restocking fees are charged
  • It is certified organic

5) Artichoke Extract Warnings and Precautions

  • Shipping charges are relatively high if you order from the producer (more than $6)
  • Customer reviews on the Internet are scarce
  • It is not available in so many online stores

6) How Much Does Artichoke Extract Cost?

Artichoke Extract is sold in containers of four ounces and one ounce respectively. The four-ounce bottle is now out of stock on the manufacturer’s site. The bottles also come with a dropper. The average price-per-ounce would recommend it as a relatively affordable formula. Nonetheless, the total cost may go up when taking into consideration the shipping costs (those practiced by the producer are quite high).

The product may be ordered online directly from Mountain Rose Herbs (there are few retailers from which you can buy the tincture online). You may also order by mail, email, fax, or telephone.

You may return the product to the manufacturer within 60 days if you have not been satisfied with it. Customers get full refunds in this case. Nonetheless, the customer bears the return shipping fee.


7) Directions For Taking Artichoke Extract

Artichoke Extract comes in bottles of one ounce and four ounces, but the latter is out of stock on the producer’s official website. Mountain Rose herbs does not recommend a daily dose. According to specialists, a dose of 1.5 grams per day of artichoke leaf extract might help lower cholesterol levels. You should further investigate the matter with a healthcare specialist if you plan on using Artichoke Extract.


8) Conclusion

Artichoke Extract may be useful in treating various health conditions however we are cautious as to the popularity of the product as we have noticed it has a very small number of online customer reviews. Thus, in spite of the fact that in theory it should work, we do not have any empirical evidence. We believe it is worth a try as it comes at an affordable price.

The producer does not provide many details on its website regarding the use of Artichoke Extract, consequently we believe you should discuss with a doctor how to use and for how long to take this product.

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Maria Marti

I’ an older 77 y/ person that lived in 6 Countries and have knowledge ofproducts and brands of natural ancient remedies from Europe I owned and worked trought my life and liberaly studied aromatherapy and phytotherapy and many other metjods of body caremethods in Spain, France, Belgium and the USA that order woked in real Spa’s in Switzerland France etc…my masters were the old Doctors at that time that gave me tbe giftbof their knowledge and I love the products at Mountain Rose for their quality and the management knowledge have been a small but grateful costumer and I direct myself again and again to them for my needs only,now that I’m retired. from my trade ..you may purchase from Mountain Rose with the certitude they are intergal people devoted to their trade and well being of their customers.and peculiar about the quality of their products..Im also trusting them on my spices gor cooking verybimportant the quality organic for those who cook a lot with basic or exotic spices.
thank you Mountain Rose you made my life much easy and healthier….Happy new year! 20 23!!
Mariange Marti lake Charles Louisiana.

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a happy customer since many years ago1980 and up to now
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Barbara Camp

I use Artichoke Extract whenever I have stomach cramps and I feel better right away.

Frances C.

I’ve taken Artichoke Extract for two months to detox my liver. I really felt better afterwards and my GP also said my liver looks better.